Some facts about the FUTURE + !!! FREE GByte GIVEAWAY !!! - One of the greatest inventions on STEEM Blockchain

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I hope you already play Drugwars, one of the greatest inventions on STEEM Blockchain ever !!!

But let's take one thing at a time :-)

And don't forget the FREE GIVEAWAY at the end of this post !!!

1. Drugwars

Drugwars is a free-to-play-browser-game,

where you can earn some STEEM for/by building your own little Empire.

There are many haters out there calling it a "PONZI"

but they seem not to really have understood the vision and mechanics.

It is a freemium-game, that means you can play at absolutely zero cost but you can also invest some STEEM.

2. The first big thing - FUTURE Token!!!

Drugwars introduced and airdropped a new Token called FUTURE last Saturday midnight.

This FUTURE Token is going to be part of the Reward System of the game.

Further it will be used as an in-game-currency to upgrade your Empire (Buildings, Troups etc.)

FUTURE Tokens are also tradeable on a Currencywallet/Exchange wich is listed on Big Crypto Exchanges with an worth of ~ $40 US per unit (!!!).

The Drugwars developers also plan to take their FUTURE Token to big Cryptoexchanges.

3. Wallet for FUTURE Tokens

You can create a Wallet to receive and trade FUTURE Tokens here

4. Some Facts about the FUTURE !!!

At Airdrop 1 FUTURE ~ $ 0.0025 resp. ~0.005 STEEM resp. ~0.000016 Gbytes resp. ~160 000 Bytes

Future Tokens will be limited to 1 000 000 000 pieces

The project supporting the Token is already listed on big exchanges noted at ~$ 40 per unit

Steps ahead in technology - FUTURE Token runs on DAG ~ "Blockchain 3.0"


To cover the fees to trade FUTURE Tokens you will need some units of the Exchange Currency.

Everyone who upvotes and shares this post

and drops his Wallet adress in comment section

will receive 100 000 Bytes of this Currency absolutely for free

(this will cover the expenses of 100 orders

as average fee per order currently is 1 000 Bytes)

This offer is limited to the first 100 Voters&Resteemers.
I will edit this post when limit reached :-) resp. Please check comment section after 100 ---> finito :-)
Fake accounts have no chance to receive the reward !!!

If you have any questions, feel free to ask :-)


Before investing some money in whatever
always make sure you have read and understood
the TOS of the service you want to invest in

check out @drugwars for latest announcements





I voted and resteemed.. and if i got this right my steemadress should be connected to my byteball wallet?
Is this enough for the transfer?
And thank you!

To receive the reward of that little giveaway you have to upvote & resteem it (what you actually did)...

and drop your Walletadress here in commentsection (where should i send the bytes to ?) :-)

nothing more, nothing less :-)

If you play Drugwars and want to receive FUTURE Tokens (this option will soon be implemented in the game) or want to deposit FUTURE Tokens to the game your Wallet, you must attest (connect) your Wallet to your Steem-Username...

There are many tutorials on how to do that...

Hit me up if you need help :-)

already did that.. THX..

but because I attested my wallet to my steem username publicly I thought my steemusername would be enough..
here is my byteball adress...
THX again

I guess the Steem-Name is just important for receiving Tokens from Futureshock (or any other Steemapp running on O-Wallet)...

This is just a giveawaypost and I am not too much into coding...

But I guess you are right, with some coding skills I somehow could have used Steem API and O-Wallet-API to automate that whole thing :-)

Anyway, your bytes:

THX a lot... got it

byteball address

your bytes:

Another fact : you can get free upvotes :D+ They Have proved us that it was not a ponzi scheme :D. Awesome Points @honolulu <3 :)

Yeah, I forgot that fact, because I did not already made use of this option.

I try just to talk about things I have experienced myself :-)

Why you not resteem and leave your wallet adress to receive some bytes :-) ?

Sure .I Do not mind getting some free bytes :P

Thank you before for everything
Lets Start The Party...

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I hope DW & FUTURE is a reason to party and they won't just party alone :-)

Wow I got now some...nur still not have The FUTURE a hard way

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My byteball address byteball: HBQQNGTUIYNU5TFFG5S27XQYRK3H32QL

Sorry, you will need to upvote&resteem the post in order to get the reward like described in the post :-)

Thanks for your efforts promoting. I am eager to see the game grow, improve and become an income steam. Bonus: I really like playing games.

I am confused on some of the information given. Was reading another post that valued Future at 4000 tokens are trading for about $1 dollar. Your post seems to suggest 1 Future token is worth $40 dollars. Using that math my airdrop is worth a generous gift of greater than $187000 dollars. That would come in handy to pay off most of the mortgage.

Have you heard the idiom "If something is to good to be true, it probably is". Still, I do enjoy the thought of it being valued at that rate. It's the same daydream that sells lottery tickets. To be the multi-million dollar winner.

But your offer of 100K byte. That I do look forward to that as real. Thank you


Thank you for taking the time to clear my confusion. I do feel silly that I read that so poorly. I'll have to work on attention to detail when looking at the numbers and what they are assigned to. I am surprised at what GB is selling for. It would be great if Future was to climb to the rate of steem or gb. It will be interesting to see how the market moves.


I think it was a great idea to introduce the token. Over time it will gain more use cases and I'm sure we will all help it evolve. So I've finished the thing with the steem attestation bot. Can I claim my future token from my drugwars account?

Here's my byteball address byteball:KRXKR5TJKJX35O5C44WTBP2DTPD7KC5N

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Yeah, I think so, too... just scroll up to the reply I gave to @potplucker :-)

If the devs don't mess it up and are not in just for short time profit, we propably will see a bright FUTURE :-)

You can claim your FUTURE Tokens from your drugwar account, soon there will also be the possibility to deposit.

As they are right now working on it you might experience some problems withdrawing them now.

I would recommend just to try it with 1 Token snd check if they've reached the wallet :-)

Yes thank you, they have the funds to create a long lasting differentiated game experience that could affect the way players choose the games they play based on their initial 6 month experience with drugwars. Loads of untapped potential I'd love to see realized. Thanks again for sharing 😊

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Thumbs :-)

Hello @honolulu, I hope to be just in time for the party. Greetings and thanks for all <3.

Enjoy the drinks :-)

Hey, I have done the upvote and resteem.
Thanks for the bytes. :)

Thanks, done the transaction:

btw. nice walletadress ending with "FREE"

Thank you for your interest in Drugwars. This post is dope and we wanted to show our gratitude for your involvement with an upvote. Hope that you’ll keep enjoying the game and we have much more surprises for the Drugwars players. Don’t hesitate to report bugs, give suggestions and feedbacks.
See you on Drugwars as a friend or an enemy…

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