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RE: Some facts about the FUTURE + !!! FREE GByte GIVEAWAY !!! - One of the greatest inventions on STEEM Blockchain

in #drugwars5 years ago

I voted and resteemed.. and if i got this right my steemadress should be connected to my byteball wallet?
Is this enough for the transfer?
And thank you!


To receive the reward of that little giveaway you have to upvote & resteem it (what you actually did)...

and drop your Walletadress here in commentsection (where should i send the bytes to ?) :-)

nothing more, nothing less :-)

If you play Drugwars and want to receive FUTURE Tokens (this option will soon be implemented in the game) or want to deposit FUTURE Tokens to the game your Wallet, you must attest (connect) your Wallet to your Steem-Username...

There are many tutorials on how to do that...

Hit me up if you need help :-)

already did that.. THX..

but because I attested my wallet to my steem username publicly I thought my steemusername would be enough..
here is my byteball adress...
THX again

I guess the Steem-Name is just important for receiving Tokens from Futureshock (or any other Steemapp running on O-Wallet)...

This is just a giveawaypost and I am not too much into coding...

But I guess you are right, with some coding skills I somehow could have used Steem API and O-Wallet-API to automate that whole thing :-)

Anyway, your bytes:

THX a lot... got it

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