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RE: Some facts about the FUTURE + !!! FREE GByte GIVEAWAY !!! - One of the greatest inventions on STEEM Blockchain

in #drugwars5 years ago

I think it was a great idea to introduce the token. Over time it will gain more use cases and I'm sure we will all help it evolve. So I've finished the thing with the steem attestation bot. Can I claim my future token from my drugwars account?

Here's my byteball address byteball:KRXKR5TJKJX35O5C44WTBP2DTPD7KC5N

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Yeah, I think so, too... just scroll up to the reply I gave to @potplucker :-)

If the devs don't mess it up and are not in just for short time profit, we propably will see a bright FUTURE :-)

You can claim your FUTURE Tokens from your drugwar account, soon there will also be the possibility to deposit.

As they are right now working on it you might experience some problems withdrawing them now.

I would recommend just to try it with 1 Token snd check if they've reached the wallet :-)

Yes thank you, they have the funds to create a long lasting differentiated game experience that could affect the way players choose the games they play based on their initial 6 month experience with drugwars. Loads of untapped potential I'd love to see realized. Thanks again for sharing 😊

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Thumbs :-)

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