In-game wallet implementation and more...

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"Even I have my purpose?" Marty was not sure if the boss was only kidding with him.

"Yes Marty, even you. We all have a role to play and you are playing yours perfectly."


Our Easter egg hunt is finishing tomorrow and we still do not have the winner. Just to remind you, there are 10000 Future tokens or 100 steem waiting for you as a prize (your choice what you will get) so maybe think about digging a bit further to find those ten eggs. All the info about the contest can be found in our post DW Easter egg hunt: WIN 10000 FUTURE TOKENS! If you are busy with looking for those special eggs, this post with some info on our next developments will come in as a nice break from your detective work.



We are working on implementing in-game wallets that will store your Future tokens (and cards in the future). They will be secure and easy to use with the option to directly transfer your tokens to your wallet that you can easily generate in-game. Once we come to the stage of expanding the game outside steem and allow login with facebook, google etc. these wallets will be the first encounter with cryptocurrencies that many people will have. A person will not need to have a steemit account to log in, he or she will be able to acquire one, of course. The expansion outside steem will enable market growth and a new wave of players that will not only enjoy the game but come in contact with blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. To many people all over the world, a possibility to play a game and earn money seems impossible. We are here to change that. If you were to ask an average Facebook user, who plays games on that platform, about his interest in earning money while playing, the answer would not be a big shock.

The majority of people on this blockchain are pretty much crypto-educated and know their way around cryptocurrencies, blockchain technology, and steem. All those people are, however, still a minority when it comes to internet users in general. Drugwars in-game wallet will provide the first contact to many who are yet to discover the use of cryptocurrencies.



Most of you have probably seen "Reduce the population and get rewarded" line in the game. We have told you before how we will reward you for your fights and we will. The more units you kill, the bigger your battle reward will be.

There are 3 ways you get rewarded in Drugwars:

1. Daily prize for drug production
2. Daily prize for battles
3. Daily heist

Each unit is worth a specific supply, for example, Big Mamma is 6 so if you have killed 200 of them, you have killed 1200 supply of that unit. Total population in the game is the number of units multiplied with their supply. When you divide that total population with the supply amount that you have killed, you will get your killed supply. Your reward for battles that you will get is calculated by subtracting the ratio of the daily_fight_prize and the killed_supply from the future rewards for battles. Up until now, we have been using 4% of the daily pool for the fight percent in the calculation of the future rewards for battles but we are changing it to 8%. We are doubling your battle reward! Here is the math:

total_population = total units x supply
killed_supply = total_population / defender_lost_supply
future_rewards = (game_pool / 100 * fight_percent) * steemprice / 0.005
reward_for_kills = future_rewards - daily_fight_prize / killed_supply

Reducing the population means you have to kill units and reduce their total supply that is in the game. Your reward will depend on the amount of supply you have killed and your daily fight prize. It will be bigger, twice as bigger because we are changing the calculation from using 4% to using 8% as the fight_percent.

Aditionally, since we are adding 5K FUTURE each day to the pool so do not be surprised to see bigger and bigger rewards.

Speaking of battles... Every player has his offensive power before the battle, depending on the supply of the units. With that power, the player goes into the battle and creates damage. 60% will be the minimum of the offensive power, it will not be able to go below that.



The Future token is beginning to grow, expand, and slowly become visible on the market. After Obyte, we are now available on where Future token is for the first time available for trading with bitcoin. You can trade Future for BTC or BTC for Future. More exchanges will come soon as we are currently working on getting listed on other exchanges and pretty much excited about it. Future token will soon stand side by side with other cryptocurrencies and be available for trade in many different locations. This listing and the possibility to trade Future for BTC and vice versa is a huge step in a great direction. It is providing security, trust, and growth opportunities. The game is becoming more sustainable with each day.


Marty was not sure if he liked his role once he became aware of it but he was puzzled by the fact that even someone like him can be useful.

"Are you not happy with your role Marty?" the boss smiled because he already knew the answer but he needed to ask it anyway.


Ability to exchange BTC and Future already. And listings on exchanges. DW wallet s, and FB logins without having to have a Steemit account....THATS A LOT OF PROGRESS!!! GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Keep all all your hard work....but don't forget to sleep. 😁😁

Sleep is overrated ;) Thank you for your support and encouragement. 😁

Hello @hightouch and @zen-art

Is there aleady, or will there be, functionality for us to know how much FUTURE we earned on each day, and the closing price per FUTURE token for each day?

For the USA we need to record all cryptocurrency gains even if it is a few pennies. Our tax season begins January and all USA players would need the ability to see that information.

Thank you!

@hightouch, I really hope to see DW succeed wildly, not just by opening up it's own crypto to the market, but a widely adopted game and app.

Nevertheless, do find a way to honor all the early Steemian supporters, beta testers, and the best way todo this is to bring back some recognition to the Steem blockchain.

Help provide Steem accounts that DW can freely claim from Fundition SP. Make it a periodic promotional reward (while accounts are available) for those new players from outside say when they make a minimal $2.50 Future token purchase or higher (or even perhaps if they reach a certain level of gameplay, for those who did not pay to play) to automatically and instantaneously qualify to claim their free Steem account from DW (1 Steem account per DW account).

It does not have to be for all outside players getting Steem accounts, but even 10% paying players or active players getting their free Steem accounts would greatly honor the support Fundition and DW got from thousands of Steem stakeholders, as well as community supporters.

Thanks for listening. Hope DW keeps growing massively and side by side with the Steem and it's supporters.

Don't worry about the FUDers and normal critiques, and the frustration is perfectly normal, it's not easy to be first few games using the Steem protocol, it was hard for SM, it will continue to be challenging for the next few games launching on the Steemblockchain. Thanks for spearheading innovation on Steem and again big congrats on launching Future's crypto!

Once we come to the stage of expanding the game outside steem and allow login with facebook, google etc

Make it and I will donate you 50 Steem! Public promise.

A person will not need to have a steemit account to log in

Renaissance and Enlightenment. Europe spent 1000 years in the Dark Age, Steemit only 3

After Obyte, we are now available on where Future token is for the first time available for trading with bitcoin ... ...More exchanges will come soon ...


Make it and I will donate you 50 Steem! Public promise.

Hahahaha, wow, ok, we will take you up on that promise :D

Seriously, I can't imagine how those Steemit related developers have no clue that login must be simple.

Every single serious website has that option.

What were they thinking for 3 years?!
The whole story was managed so badly that I'm surprised that it's still alive.

On the other hand, 5 serious people could turn the tide in just a few months. The platform is "printing money" and it's not able to pay a decent developer, a decent marketing person and one "I'll tell you the truth guy/girl"

There are a lot of reasons for the delay in time for signing up. Imagine giving away stock shares of your company for free. Resource Credits and mined SP is required for an account. is epic!


제목 없음.jpg
Today's TOTAL prize is ONLY less than 47 STEEM LOL.

LMAO... But don’t worry, they will add another 5K of their shitcoin.... 🤣

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How is it they had the ability to pay out thousands of STEEM a day before, but now we are supposed to be thrilled when they add 3.6 STEEM (approximate market value of 5000 future) to the daily payout?

I'm certainly thrilled by the additional 3.6 STEEM lmao


3.6 steem is 1.2 dollar lol

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I’m pretty sure they are only pretending to care about rewarding us... They know nobody cares about these tiny rewards anymore. Or maybe they just can’t do basic math...

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Here's your DRAMA. Don't spend it all in one place!

To view or trade DRAMA go to

Coin? No way Token LOL.

Whatever you wanna call it lol 🤣

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47 steem is 16.5 dollars

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They did say or 100 steem...

Okay, so You got steem from us, now giving back future tokens with funny rate and after all you are giving, for people outside of steemit play and register with FB? You must be joking :D maybe You have some benefits for early investors and players? Or some respect?

I don't like the new coin, or a lot of the changes, but if you were an early player (or "investor"...) you should have already made a decent amount. In systems like this the early people should have a very easy time making money, and people who join later are basically screwed. The benefit of being early was when you were making money off of all of the people who joined/paid after you.

I agree the new tokens/exchange rate is a joke. There just isn't really a way to make money out of this now. It's not worth the time you could spend doing something more profitable.

"I agree the new tokens/exchange rate is a joke. There just isn't really a way to make money out of this now. It's not worth the time you could spend doing something more profitable."

In this case, why new people should come and play this game? :) there is other games like this :)

Basically, they are killing this game and drugwars name :)

Not true because this is an opposite piramide scheme, people at the top are screwed the hardest. Because upgrading your buildings becomes more expensive in relation to the resources it produces.

You had to be early to the game and most important don't invest to much steem. No single top 50 player is in profit right now.

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What’s really ridiculous is the exchange rate... They are charging WAY more $ in Steem to “buy” future tokens inside the DW game and then when you want to swap them out the rate is wayyyyyy off. Totally ridiculous, and now they vote themselves using fundition and also want you to vote their witness too, like how much money will ever be enough? @drugwars is just looking greedier and greedier every day... and then in this post they say “don’t worry we will add 5K future to the reward pool” and that isn’t shit compared to the amount of money they have made... Which seems to never satisfy them.

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@fotomindo, we have announced the will to switch to FUTURE some weeks ago. Even if the exchange rate seems to be a joke now, it's not, let me explain you why.
The actual price permit us to pay all players who are playing drugwars or holding FUTURE tokens.
All others solutions would leave half of the players without the guarantee so the possibility to change their tokens.
I'm open to suggestions and if you have any idea which guarantee a fair price for all players I would like to hear it.

If you tought that you could make a salary with drugwars I can't say anything except that you should not consider the game as a work, but day by day the value of FUTURE is increasing and the game is becoming sustainable in the long term. At least you should be able to recognize that ;)

@alexvanaken greedy? How much money did we made? how much fees do we have? do you have any idea of that? Unfortunately it's not worth as you and many others think. We may have made 25-30k with drugwars (or even not but let say that we made 30k), running the game and paying the team cost at less 5k per month. Beside that we are regularly making events , promotion and adding steem to the pool from our own pocket, while also powering up a big part of the Steem that we got. So please consider to analyse the situation by looking to the facts next time and not repeating things that you have heard somewhere else or that you have no idea about.

Ofc we can also be upset etc, but I trust that our team have a lot of respect for players but not only, we are acting the same way with everyone (even when they missrespect us or our work and even when they lie and try to to use imaginary things as fact).

@hightouch: if you just had an crypto economy expert in your team... you and your team would make more money in a sustainable way in the long run and you would have happy players..
.. to rescue what is left find someone who can make some decent cryptonomics modelling.. not sure if it is too late.. I still think you could turn around this thing...

@hightouch drugwars also announced, that there will be possibility to chose what reward player wants (steem, future token or 50/50). Also, You didn't announce, that rewards will be decreased by so much. Why You still accepting steem payments for upgrades and for so bad rate? You think this is honest from players side?

And that marketing trick with exchange..? Some shade exchange where I am not recommending to deposit any funds. No volume, couple of trading pairs...

One more think, all you did in total silence and without any explanation, only some kind of egg game :DD

I recognize that we have choosed another path for the payment system, and I also understand that can look sneaky, but this is clearly for the benefit of the game and so the players. It's hard to understand it but we are thinking about tomorrow when we are going to open the game to the public and link other blockchains.

We are accepting steem payment and we will continue to accept it beside all other cryptocurrencies. It's only a bad rate if you see the game only as an investment purpose. You can also choose to buy those tokens on Obyte or Cryptox to pay them with a greater price until we fix the shop and use the market price.

I agree that the reward is now lower (if you don't see any value in FUTURE or in the game), but it's definitely more sustainable for the players. Would you prefer to obtain 0 rewards with the time? You should also notice the fact that each time that someone is buyin tokens on our shop, it's increasing the value of FUTURE and so the reward obtained by each players. Do we get more benefit? Nop.
Does the players get more benefit when the price of FUTURE increase by 10-15% in the exchange (like it did in the last few days)? Yes.

So you should give us a bit more time to see what we try to do.

And I don't get what you mean about marketing trick. I would also like to see FUTURE on bigger exchanges but being listed directly on binance with a small project is clearly not possible.

@Hightouch I think, that Your bad is that drugwars gived big rewards at the beginning and then drastically reduced. Many players left or leaving game for that reason.

Its not looking sneaky but it is sneaky. First collect all that steem and give a hope for those people that they will get back at least initial inveatment and then cut down all rewards saying that this will be better for game.

This game is not so special (it was with steem rewards), that people would buy upgrades, troops or future tokens to kill other virtual troops for nothing :)

So, let's be honest, if its looks sneaky, feels sneaky then it is sneaky.

Sorry for my english.

@fotomindo Sir, pls consider that there are ppl earning $50+ worth of STEEM from the rewards pool for (simply) sharing fights:

They made a tough move, but it's still for the better; clearly wasn't sustainable at the start. If it works out, everyone who started playing early will be rewarded by multiples. We should spur them on to continue pushing the game forward.

@hightouch, thanks for starting with STEEM and giving us the opp to be early birds!

PS: ignore my memes; sarcasm/satire.


Screenshot 2019-04-28 at 2.00.00 PM.png

You did'nt get a point :) so here is game of sharing fights on steemit?

No, my point is that those are rewards that are not accounted for in-game but are pretty extensive 😉

Personally, I'd rather a cookie than a point. Left my ego by the roadside some years ago, and I'm definitely not here to whine and (beg) for STEEM 😎👍

Don't forget how much BTC was given for that pizza...

If something is lucrative, it's probably way too late to join ;)

"Would you prefere to receive zero rewards over time?"

I rather not get scammed again by drugwars when paying for in-game upgrades and your game glitches again. Normal developers would refund their players when made a mistake. Drugwars tells them to just fuck off. You think people will forget this? It's not only me who had this issue.

"It's only a bad rate if you see the game only as an investment purpose."

Oh really? That's probably why you marketed the game just like that since the beginning. You created the high expectations yourselves by telling everyone they can earn steem with the game. And now they are suddenly the ones who are greedy? Wtf.

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You are only just now being public with these “facts”. How would we know, until you tell us?

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Dear @fotomindo, this is the result of anarchy, people come across steemit, use blockchain to earn money and after say goodbye!!
We have no any safe, so i clap them as they are using steem blockchain and regret to have such managing of steemit!!

Seems like drugwars took other people's steem to fund there game without those investers actually knowing what the game was doing.

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really after i have played it --- i can say in full mouth and load voice THANK YOU - I HAVE ENJOYED THIS GAME AS A STEEMIT MEMBER .

at the beginning i was not enjoying the scheme of the game but now i am

thumps up and keep the hard working


Congratulations on the achievements. Impressive amount of progress in very little time! Keep rockin'!

A positive update after long. I thought the game is dead after the change of rewards from steem to future. But this sounds promising now.

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I don't know how much you want to earn from us...

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Okay so I have earned 40 future in 1 week. 1 future is 8 satoshis. I earned 0.00000320 btc in a week. Before creating future coin i was making 0.000100000 a day....

Can you delete future token and just use steem?

lol. This is a game. Not a job, Look at all the aspects of what thsi game is doing and how it will seep its way into the mainstream pool.

Still have Easter? Yep...Drugwars have...thank you bro

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Hi @xplosive!



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