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RE: In-game wallet implementation and more...

in #drugwarslast year

Ability to exchange BTC and Future already. And listings on exchanges. DW wallet s, and FB logins without having to have a Steemit account....THATS A LOT OF PROGRESS!!! GREAT JOB GUYS!!! Keep all all your hard work....but don't forget to sleep. 😁😁


Sleep is overrated ;) Thank you for your support and encouragement. 😁

Hello @hightouch and @zen-art

Is there aleady, or will there be, functionality for us to know how much FUTURE we earned on each day, and the closing price per FUTURE token for each day?

For the USA we need to record all cryptocurrency gains even if it is a few pennies. Our tax season begins January and all USA players would need the ability to see that information.

Thank you!

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