Yes it looks like under the help section is where you will find your referral code to pass to friends. You obtain 5% of all their gains.

Yay! This is the very first time I have been able to upvote you. I have often noted your acts on the chain, and the benefit you provide.

Post stuff from time to time so I can more often contribute to your impact.


Thanks i so much appreciate

Great. I just started yesterday to play this game. It is really funny I will give a chance to it. Thanks for share that information @thejohalfiles !

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Thanks for the info

yeah nice heres what the referal links look like if anyone wants to take em apart put their own user name in there lol heres mine!/ref/@ackza

you can also add your referere, oh man i want @dlux-io to show these players territory in 3d, i hope theers all sorts of clones of these games and steem based tower defense games etc...

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