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dude, you got them stolen, thats part of the game! you didnt invest in any defense!

oh dammit

Dude! Why did Magic Dice hit you up with a $9 upvote? Nice!

@infidel1258 @magisdice do a random upvote to all Magic dice players hahaha 'was just a lucky one lol

In fact, we could have built DrugWars on it, and it would possibly have made more "profit" than what it made today ;) and everybody who knows me a bit here can tell you that I handle both Tron and some other blockchains without any problem, but the fact is that I spent all my time without sleeping to make Steem better and to attract people on it... for 2 years now. Each minutes (that make a lot of minutes) trying to make things better.

Why do they flag you?

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