Drugwars? More like Drug Bores...

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Drugwars, I was probably one of your biggest fans, even after you changed the payouts to be non existent for big 'investors' at the start.

I wanted to play the game and for a while, it was fun.

Last night however, you made a huge mistake in my eyes if you want to keep any active players at all. Changing the attack mode so that only 1 person can send troops to a target, which then activates a shield for 6 hours, was a kick in the teeth to everyone who plays.

Before, we could send troops in and if there was anything left over to steal, we could get a piece of the pie. Now only the fastest bots can get to the targets fast enough. Anyone with a slower connection or who spots the shield down seconds too late, doesn't stand a chance.

You say this will get rid of the 'ninja bots' well yes, but you also just lost all your active players too.

I personally spent way too many hours on this game, but I loved it so I didn't mind. It was fun. You have sucked all of the fun out of the game.

If your intention is to get rid of all the players so you can retire quietly, well done.

If you wanted to produce a game that more people will invest time and money in; you just lost the war.

To all my fellow players... It was fun...

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Lol at the title! Sad that you felt you wasted your time. I never played it, I don't do drugs and don't do wars so the name kinda determined my approach to this haha. At least you have experience of being a drug Overlord now, something to put on the old CV 😂

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hehe it is going right at the top under recent employment! xD

I should damn well hope so 🤣

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Drug bores?!?!?! Already! Haha... give in to the internet rage!

xD it was doing so well! then they tried to get clever... lol

I don't think they meant it to be a good investment for players at the beginning. They apparently care more about making more profit than making the game fun for long-term. The game is still in constant development, but they don't seem to be doing things in the best interest of players. The strategic game play which is supposed to be what the game is about became who can develop the better bot to reap more rewards.

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yea they really aren't doing the game any favours. It could be so good and attract a lot more attention, but they seem hell bent on killing it off for whatever reason

Game is being ruined unfortunately it has amazing potential and I actually think it would overtake steem monsters but the way this game is being run is dreadful I didn’t notice any changers to the game until going in battles and stuff wasting stuff there has been no announcements from the team. In my eyes any game with a tiny update needs to announce it imaging a console game like here’s an example Call of duty imagine they nerfed popular guns without letting anyone know people will get frustrated the game is being run completely run and is badly turning “Pay2Win”. Thanks for the great post I enjoyed reading it 👌

I’m glad I didn’t invest any steem at all

You are right, it does have amazing potential! They should be nurturing the active players, not trying to stop them from doing well in the game. It just feels wrong to me, but hey, I am down 200 steem, they have made a fortune so who's the stupid one? lol

There is something oddly poetic about the change from Drug Wars to bot wars, seeing as how it is on Steem and bots run the normal world on that place.

Build a better bot, be a better player? Not so much for me.

Yes it was inevitable I guess. The dev team don't seem to think through their changes before implementing them, they are knee jerk reactions to situations, without thinking it through properly. oh well, back to photography xD

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Haha... yeah, totally took all the incentive to keep on playing. I'm torn between completely abandoning the whole thing and try to at least take my daily 1,5 steem... eventually my account will end up as bot food I guess :-/

yep, we will all be bot food in the end... xD

I won't say I told you so...

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I upvote and read posts about it but have never played.
You are probably not the first or last to be upset. Hopefully, they will listen to you.

I doubt it, but you never know!

That sounds like a big mistake for sure. I'm sorry you lost the passion for the game sweetie.
I only just begun I'm at level 3 and I honestly haven't done a battle yet, I'm focusing on building right now. But this makes me a bit... Should I? 😜
I play steemmonsters most anyways but has started more and more to be in drug wars.

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend and thank you for sharing this with us 🌹

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Hi Hunni! I have to say I was one of their biggest advocates but now I really don't know what they are trying to achieve with the game. Its almost as if they made their money, now they want us to go away. Such a shame, I was really enjoying it... probably a little too much though if I am honest, losing way too much time to it! xD

The title made me chuckle... there's a game in there?

I didn't know that.. but it does give me around 50p every night just for a few minutes 'work'..

lol I think all the accounts will eventually become farming accounts instead of game playing. but the funds will run out fast so there will be nothing to farm unless they keep the game alive by encouraging active players. they just cut off their income stream

It will die if there's no income.. I honestly don't know where this 2 STEEM per night is coming from. Someone must be pumping cash into the game. They would do better using the STEEM based voting system, that refills at least.

the 2 steem per night is coming from the wallets of the original investors who will never get their money back :/

You raise a good point i do not often to attacks well I havent done any yet to be honest, that does seem a strange change to add

yes it was an odd move, especially if they want the game to thrive

I am sure it is a mve some will like and some will hate I wonder where they will move next

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Yes. I feel the same to you. Steem has bots problem. They have to change something different. Previously we can attack someone and get a portion. "Something is better than nothing". Now we can not even attack. We are finding targets minute by minute but we can not attack finally. We can not fast enough to beat the bots.

yes it is very annoying. I dread the next instalment of 'changes'

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thank you pennsif!

Para sempre La familia
you can run but you can't hide, soon you'll be back playing haha

hahaha xD hey fam ;)

They are trying various stuff, nothing is set in stone yet. I'd say, give them some time and check it again later if you don't want to do so now.

By the way, a lot of that frustration we experience comes from sticking to the easy targets that are known to everyone already. But a feature to pick better fights and fight for something that matters may come. I am still hopeful.

Not everyone had fun. I do not have a large account, the resources do not exceed the warehouses ... but all the troops constantly bring me down. That is, just come and beat, without loot. And this is not fun.

I should check out the game to understand this. It is great that Steem has games like that though! Snax wants Steem to grow, and to become larger than ever before. We want to help Steem by letting people earn more money on their posts, with Snax and without leaving Steem or other socials:

Six hours? Oh, boy! I was never into games, I don't have the patience for it. Even the incentive wasn't enough to convince me to start playing. ;0)