Weed vs. Wax

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      Weed and Wax.... both have their merits. Is one truly better than the other though? That depends on your situation. I'm here to juxtapose the two, and give my opinion on which one is the superior way of ingesting good 'ol THC.


Weed has a very strong odor, and in this day and age nearly everyone knows the smell. If you're out at the park smoking a joint, you can be sure that those people 3o yards away can smell what you're doing. The good thing about weed smoke though is that the odor it leaves doesn't smell for nearly as long as tobacco smoke does. It dissipates quicker, but while it is there it has a much stronger smell. Wax on the other hand, doesn't have nearly as abrasive of a frangrance. If someone's right next to you they'll smell it, and depending on your concentrate it'll probably have  a slight weedy undertone, but to anyone not experienced with the drug they likely won't know what it is you're doing. In the past I've taken 3 - 5 dabs in my room with my very anti cannabis parents one door over and they were none the wiser. Just make sure you open a window! Now if you can get your hands on some CO2 extracted wax that's even better, as 95% of them will smell absolutely nothing like weed, and will dissipate almost immediately.

And the winner is... Wax


I'm in the minority here, but I absolutely despise the taste of wax. Certain strains are worse than others, and generally shatter will be harder to take than anything else, but it tastes like cleaning chems to me. A lot of people love the taste though, but I'll take the flavor of a nice bowl any day. Weed isn't the greatest tasting thing in the world, but it's a hell of a lot better than wax is, and some strains are even enjoyable.

And the winner is... Weed


As long as you don't have a completely excessive tolerance, you can just take one or two hits off of a vape or a rig and be good. This is far more convenient than sitting down and smoking a whole joint/blunt or bowl. When smoking weed though, part of the enjoyability is the ritual of breaking down your herb, and rolling/packing it before sparking up. So if you're in a rush, then oil is definitely the better option to medicate with, but there's nothing quite like having a nice smoke sesh with some friends.

And the winner is... Wax


There's no question that wax packs quite the punch when compared to straight cannabis. It can be overwhelming to the inexperienced, and your first few times dabbing after smoking only weed in the past can feel similar to your first couple of times smoking weed. But to someone like me who uses concentrates regularly, it's more of the same. However to newbies, wax can be very anxiety inducing if you're prone to it, and can keep you high for 4 - 6 hours. So it's best to keep that in mind.

And the winner is... Draw

The High

I've always found that waxes tend to give more of a sativa esque head high regardless of the strain. This is part of the reason I prefer it over flower. As I can enjoy the sedative effects of a strong indica while still having the headspace only a sativa can provide. Concentrates do this job even better than a hybrid bud would in my experience. So if you like enjoying the full spectrum of effects the plant has to offer, then wax may be for you.

And the winner is... Wax

Value for the Price

For me, there's absolutely no question as to which gives the more bang for my buck. Living in California, with access to medical marijuana, I can get a gram of high quality wax for $20. Most people don't have the luxury of these prices though, oftentimes paying an upwards of 40 - 60 dollars for a gram of oil. So if that's you, I'd stick to flower if price is a deciding factor. If you have cheap product available to you though? A gram of wax will last far longer than a couple of grams of weed. That is if you refrain from going overboard of course. Low tolerance users can take the tiniest puff of a vape and be blasted into another dimension.

And the winner is... Wax


This is probably the most subjective category on here. I know people who can dab all day and still get extremely stoned off of a bowl or two. Yet I also know people who can no longer get high from bud due to having such a heavy tolerance from wax. I used to be one of the latter, but now I've found that no matter how much concentrate I smoke I can still get a satisfactory high from flower. I feel like a lot of THC tolerance is mental, if you have it in your head that what you're smoking won't get you high then you're predisposing yourself to that outcome. With that being said though, there's no question that wax will raise your tolerance much quicker than weed will. So if you're looking to still be able to smoke 1/4th of that joint and get stupid high, then smoking wax may not be the best idea.

And the winner is... Weed

And the overall winner is... drum roll... Wax


If its a good wax made with vaccumeoven.
I'll take that over weed any day

wax from phyto in many difrendld flers wuld be nice^^

When you vape instead of smoking this is not really an issue anymore. Vaping doesn't really smell much. I use this vape and it's also a lot healthier: https://amzn.to/2ZFiloZ

great post !
I am more the bud user, guess I am more the old school smoker.
For travelling I totally agree the vape pens are great. They don't smell and are easy to carry. But the taste is by far not as flavourful and I kind of like the ritual to roll a joint and enjoy it, let it turn off and light it up again.

Great post!

I personally prefer to add a bit of wax (or another concentrate) on the top of my weed before lighting up. It melts into the flower nicely, and intensifies the high. The flavor is great, too!

What I find the most interesting about wax is how it’s made because that’s what gives it that weird texture. It begins as an amber liquid that comes from butane extraction. Once it’s heated up, it becomes this opaque, sticky substance that can range in consistency from peanut butter to earwax.

The molecular layering is such a jumbled up mess, unlike others like shatter, which have a neatly stacked structure. So, it gives it that weird consistency.

I’m a big fan of wax, and love how powerful and long-lasting the high is.

(I do dispensary marketing, and tend to geek out about cannabis.)


I enjoy that too, I just always feel like I'm wasting wax lol, but I've always been interested in that too. Mainly because I hate dealing with wax so much, especially with a vape. When it gets too hot it becomes a gooey mess which will stick all over your fingers if you so much as brush them against it, and when it gets too cold it'll shatter into a million pieces all over the floor if you break it wrong. Some wax can be infuriating.

I apply the wax with a small metal thing, and that keeps my fingers nice and clean.

naaah , weed is better without a doubt :)
pretty impressive post! looking forward to see more from you!
let's follow each other @mirage

lmao, thanks man appreciate it

First of all, great post! It was an interesting read. What are your thoughts on live resin vs wax as far as taste and value goes?

Rosin all day boiiii

rosin all day. or backwoods wit a1 top shelf bud. stopped smoking butane in 2012 lol that shit is old

I love rosin, it's just more expensive. As for backwoods? I tend to avoid blunts in general, but every now and then a honey bourbon backwood is great

not expensive if you make your own press! I made one with ~$200 of supplies and have fresh pressed all the time. Also i think natural tobacco is good for health, especially mental/emotional/spiritual health.... I think mad ppl afraid of tabacco cuz of all the propaganda but the propaganda is about the chemicals and additives in marlboro's... not dry aged full natural tobacco leaves . And my fav flavor is sweet aromatic :)

A friend of mine used to make his own frequently. He used a hair straightener, and was even able to smoke the flattened buds after, so I'm sure there's plenty of value to making your own. I've just never gotten into it, I may have to try one day. Also, I doubt that it's in any way good for your health. Although I'd have to agree that the additives in traditional cigarettes make it far worse for you physically, there is plenty of research which suggests that the damage caused from smoking tobacco isn't all from said additives. I do enjoy smoking tobacco every now and then. I'd just rather smoke say a backwood without rolling it into a blunt. If I'm smoking tobacco anyway I'd rather get the nicotine buzz, which I never have from blunts.

Ive been smoking for awhile now and you are very right. Wax is the best, and cleanest form of THC. Although smoking wax does make the tolerance high.... see what I did there...


Its a shame... my last visit in amsterdam i was so hot for a dab of good shatter or wax but ... its still rare in my spheres :( looks so yummy ... 420 guys, regards from germany :)

Really nice stuff broo!! Where are you?? I am a new cadet here, enjoy cryptovalues :))


well it depends which oil or cannabis you use if you do a large dab of oil it can do a cloud such as if you do it with bud , but if it is Co2 like you said it wont smell like marijuana so you wont get caught bye your parents mid way through doing it .

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