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RE: Weed vs. Wax

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Great post!

I personally prefer to add a bit of wax (or another concentrate) on the top of my weed before lighting up. It melts into the flower nicely, and intensifies the high. The flavor is great, too!

What I find the most interesting about wax is how it’s made because that’s what gives it that weird texture. It begins as an amber liquid that comes from butane extraction. Once it’s heated up, it becomes this opaque, sticky substance that can range in consistency from peanut butter to earwax.

The molecular layering is such a jumbled up mess, unlike others like shatter, which have a neatly stacked structure. So, it gives it that weird consistency.

I’m a big fan of wax, and love how powerful and long-lasting the high is.

(I do dispensary marketing, and tend to geek out about cannabis.)



I enjoy that too, I just always feel like I'm wasting wax lol, but I've always been interested in that too. Mainly because I hate dealing with wax so much, especially with a vape. When it gets too hot it becomes a gooey mess which will stick all over your fingers if you so much as brush them against it, and when it gets too cold it'll shatter into a million pieces all over the floor if you break it wrong. Some wax can be infuriating.

I apply the wax with a small metal thing, and that keeps my fingers nice and clean.