I love rosin, it's just more expensive. As for backwoods? I tend to avoid blunts in general, but every now and then a honey bourbon backwood is great

not expensive if you make your own press! I made one with ~$200 of supplies and have fresh pressed all the time. Also i think natural tobacco is good for health, especially mental/emotional/spiritual health.... I think mad ppl afraid of tabacco cuz of all the propaganda but the propaganda is about the chemicals and additives in marlboro's... not dry aged full natural tobacco leaves . And my fav flavor is sweet aromatic :)

A friend of mine used to make his own frequently. He used a hair straightener, and was even able to smoke the flattened buds after, so I'm sure there's plenty of value to making your own. I've just never gotten into it, I may have to try one day. Also, I doubt that it's in any way good for your health. Although I'd have to agree that the additives in traditional cigarettes make it far worse for you physically, there is plenty of research which suggests that the damage caused from smoking tobacco isn't all from said additives. I do enjoy smoking tobacco every now and then. I'd just rather smoke say a backwood without rolling it into a blunt. If I'm smoking tobacco anyway I'd rather get the nicotine buzz, which I never have from blunts.