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The Buddy Up word for this week is INTEGRITY.

May sound really easy, but if one does a search on all the meanings of the word, then this is what one can find,

as per Google:

"the quality of being honest and having strong moral principles."
" the state of being whole and undivided."

Honest, that is rather straight forwards.

Yet, here comes the part that I found to be a real bitch.

"having strong moral principles"


because of the word "moral".

If it had said "sticking to ones principles" I would have without a doubt considered all this a piece of cake.

However, the people "defining" the words in the online dictionaries had to throw that word "moral" in there.

So integrity is based on ones morals, as per the definition thrown out by Google.

Don't believe me?

Don't have to , there is the proof.

I am not saying that I agree with it, all I am saying is that is what Google threw out. Don't kill the messenger!

Poor dude with those ear rings in his eyebrows, guess it wasn't fun being a mailman back in the day!

Now for those reading this and who are still wondering why I am so stuck on this, as it is defined and should be easy to work with, here is where I am stuck.

What morals?

No, not to suggest that there are no morals out there. What I am saying is that different people, different generations of people and by all means different cultures have all got different sets of morals.

Now think about it.

Do I go by my morals?

The morals of yesteryear in which loyalty was a major foundation in everything, or do I go by those morals of todays modern day world which I am not too familiar with and find to be hard to understand as I am obviously obsolete.

Yes, loyalty, loyalty to ones family, friends and fellow human being.

Many may say that it is still very important. I fail to see it any more, at least not anywhere near the same level of importance it once had when I was growing up.

Maybe when SHTF again it shall once again become a very important factor in the general life of people on this earth, idk.

If you see where I am coming from, then you may understand what I am saying about "integrity".

As per the definition given online, it ends up being a very individual thing, based upon what morals the individual lives by.

Guess a cannibal has integrity every time it honestly comments on its food!

See my point.

So rather than try and do a write up on something that obviously has no "right or wrong" as each individual lives by their own set of morals, what I will do is try finish off with what I have been known to say many a time:

"Don't judge, try to understand"

When you understand, it is very straight forwards when seeking the answers to "Why?".

& once you have those answers, then you know where everyone involved truly stands.


For those of you reading this and who are maybe interested in taking part in "The Buddy UP WORD OF THE WEEK", contact @penderis or @thehive on Discord and find out where and how to get on board.


Yours truly,

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I think I may have an answer for you on "morals" being included in Google's definition. In my piece, I wrote about how those with little to no integrity, like Google, will try to make integrity have multiple meanings. It's a method they use for "watering-down" meanings they want to make debatable, that never have been, until now.

For example, if you define integrity as being even partially based on "morals," then it could be said that even the most despicable scammers in the world have a "level" of integrity, because they followed their personal moral code. It looks like another attempt to change the true meaning of a word to include more unworthy types.

I am just going to ignore the whole moral aspect as that screws everything up.

Although with morals I do think there has to be a universal baseline and is beyond the scope of integrity. If they were to include morals it should be in reference to providing or a supporting component with the product being acceptable morals. !tip 0.2

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