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I Propose a Test

Integrity is a word that, no matter the context, implies strength; whether it’s the strength of character in a person or the structural strength of a building, machine or bridge. Simply put, a person with integrity embraces personal accountability, is always honest, never lies, and refuses to do anything which could bring their character into question. An inanimate object has integrity if it is so structurally sound, that it will not fail if manufacturer guidelines are followed.

In my opinion, the one, (and most important), job in a free society where the admission of people of proven integrity should be a requirement, is in the governing of that free society. I ask, why do we not test people on their level of personal integrity as the ultimate determiner of eligibility before one is even allowed to run for political office; let alone, hold one? Politics also involves lawyers.

Would any person with integrity oppose such a mandatory test? Probably not, but it’s a sure thing those devoid of integrity would fiercely oppose such a requirement for all political candidates. When it comes to integrity, human beings are not even close to being equal to all other human beings.

Again, this is just my opinion on this point, but I believe it’s impossible for a greedy person to have integrity. Why do I think this way? It’s simple. A greedy person will do anything to satisfy their hunger for more, more, more. If telling a “little white lie,” for example, would earn them a dollar, they’d jump on it. If perjuring themselves could earn them ten dollars, they’d lawyer up first and then jump on it.

Those who have little to no integrity would likely start their actions against the test by condemning it, claiming the test is unable to take our “differences” into consideration. This would also provide them yet another opportunity to lie about their being all about “diversity.” They’d say what integrity means to one, may not be what it means to another, even though its single meaning for all humans is crystal clear.

Corruption doesn’t mix well with honesty, so like everything else, the corrupt would simply refuse to acknowledge there is but one way to describe a person with integrity.

Those without integrity would attack the integrity test as an attempt to “divide us.” They’d make use of the tactic of attempting to redefine what integrity “really” means, (which would be opposite of what it does mean). They would likely say that only allowing people of proven integrity to hold office, is discriminatory toward those who haven’t yet had the “opportunity” to prove their integrity.

As they reject a test to prove integrity - the “opportunity” for proving they have integrity.

They’d also likely complain, “Just because someone has a criminal past, doesn’t necessarily mean that person has no integrity,” (even though it would, until there’s actual proof they’ve abandoned their criminal past). Because, while a criminal may succeed in cleaning up their act, the only way they could prove they’ve got integrity, would be by passing the test, just like everyone else wanting to serve the people with a position in government.

The meaning of integrity, is like Kryptonite to those who lack integrity, especially if they hold a position of power and control. The fact is, if we restricted government office holders to being people of proven integrity, every single one who’s in office today would be disqualified. Does anyone doubt that there is not a single politician who has not lied to their constituents or taken money from lobbyists?

Is there one American politician who doesn’t do the bidding of those lobbyists waving money in their face, rather than the people? Only the most naïve among us would actually argue that a certain politician isn’t on the lobbyists’ payrolls. This would usually come from a person who is all about their “party.” A person like this just isn’t very informed. We could logically say they are cultists, and definitely not critical thinkers.

In fact, if we all studied our own personal views on the importance of integrity and the role it plays in our lives, and whether we toe any party’s lines, maybe we’d be more unyielding to what politicians and political parties try to sell us. Many (if not most) politicians today are lawyers. Some people claim there is evidence that a 13th amendment to the U.S. constitution, prohibits lawyers from holding government office and was ratified in 1819, then illegally removed from the constitution during the Civil War.

Whether this is true or not, I don’t know, but it is claimed there are copies of the constitution that have this amendment. If true, the copies could uphold the integrity of this claim.

This amendment AND its removal would make a lot of sense. Think about it. What professions lure the most UN-trustworthy people around? Many consider those who have law degrees to be trustworthy individuals. This is hardly the case. Lawyers routinely attempt to redefine the truth in order to win a case for their client, who, in many cases they know, or strongly suspect, to be guilty. It’s actually their job.

I have personally, for many years, had my own little list of careers in which I’ve rated jobs from the worst, most corrupted ones, down to those that are the most innocent. Which job is the number one choice of those who wish to become wealthy by any means possible? You guessed it – politics. And if the political landscape’s already corrupt, they vote to make it more corrupt. It’s in their best interest.

But, why is a career in politics so well-suited to debauchery and illegitimacy? It’s rather simple, really. A political career is, without a doubt, the easiest of ALL professions, once you’re IN, to fully remain unprincipled, and to increase your personal wealth. It is the “King” of corrupt careers, because the people they work for, (us), actually expects them to lie and do other rotten things while on the job without consequence! Just try digesting this truth for a moment, if you can.

With lawyers holding government positions, they manipulate the laws to be in their favor as lawyers, rather than in favor of citizens. This proves there is zero integrity in politics, and that it’s impossible to be successful as a political office holder with integrity for any length of time, if; by chance, one just happens to get elected.

Why do we allow politicians the label, “Honorable?” I can count on one hand the number of politicians that I, personally, would label honorable, and I’d still have ten fingers and two thumbs uncounted. Undoubtedly, in my opinion, the jokers gave the “Honorable” designation to themselves, as I can’t fathom any actual person with any honesty or honor, thinking these vultures are honorable in any way.

So, what career do I have as second on the list? If you are thinking used-car sales, you are correct. This is another example of a corrupt career that employs people who are dishonest and who have absolutely no integrity at all, just like politicians. The difference is, used-car sales is the career for people who aren’t smart enough to hide their smarminess from the public well enough to be gifted a political career.

How about third-place? Well, in all likelihood, we’re going to find people with little to no integrity getting into regular careers that aren’t seen as being prone to scammers, liars and thieves. Lots of them bounce around the minimum wage job opportunities, which restrict their bad behaviors to some extent, until they “mess up” and get fired, and then move on to the next one.

Third place though, would have to include multiple careers, with construction and real estate being up there, at or near the top of the third-place position. This is the career area where scammers have managed to infiltrate otherwise legitimate careers which just happen to be easy for dishonest people to make a killing from, thanks to their lack of integrity.

If you read and/or watch the news, stories on fraudulent activities involving these two vocations are featured abundantly and often. In real estate, fraud is likely perpetrated upon unsuspecting buyers. For example, an agent might know that information on the property you’re considering is wrong, but then doesn’t inform you the information is wrong. Even some “trusted” agents, likely commit this fraud.

The construction industry has lots of opportunities for a corrupt individual to succeed. As a matter of fact, industries that rely mainly on government contracts are rife with corruption. It’s been going on for eons. This is like mobster type stuff, involving compromised union leaders and corrupt politicians. A match made in thieves’ heaven.

The thing is, If a career offers opportunity for corruption involving money, it’s a pretty good bet there will be corruption, and very little chance there will be many with integrity working there.

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Integrity 😍😍

Love the idea of implementing a test 🙏

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It would be a wonderful initiative, but I don't think they'd be inclined to participate. :)

Many like to say things are not always "black and white" yet when it suits them they present things as "black and white".

While in reality, almost everything is in fact black and white.

The truth is always the one and the only, yet we are in todays day and age being brainwashed to accept and even promote that "there are many truths".

So, in a world like that, is it any wonder that the term "integrity" has been twisted into anything and everything that it never was intended to be!

Rather logical sequence of events as you outline through your post.

Thanks Jack. I think it's all related to the move to eliminate responsibility. It was about 30 years ago when I was first exposed to the idea that criminals are actually victims, because the reason criminals are criminals is due to chemical imbalances in the brain, and therefore, they aren't really responsible for the crimes they commit. If you think this sounds ridiculous, so do I, as I did back then when I first heard of it. But it's obviously an ongoing thing.

Great writeup on the word ‘Integrity.’ I think you nailed who are the most corrupt. 😊

Thanks! The politicians will always be the most corrupt. They've made sure of that with many protections they've given themselves. I think it can only get worse. We need term limits badly!

Pretty much fucked.

It does baffle me why there is not just a major refusal to work with the government and to refuse the current structure. No need for war anything just a global fuckit.

I worked at marketing place and unfortunately for them their biggest client was gov before I left I was quite happy that eventually I got them to have those people pay cash before any work happens as they constantly tried pulling moves. The mayors secretery always spoke as though I was supposed to be impressed with their bullshit and eventually tried going over my head.

I just think that scum is scum no matter the title. Nice writeup had to laugh at the poor used car sales but 100% again on the infrastructure and building tenders being as corrupt as they are. !tipuvote 0.5

For 12 years of my career I worked for a company that had a government contract with the FAA. For the first several months, I had to fly to New Jersey every Monday and then back home on Friday. It was a pain because testing was always going on with the company's device at the FAA headquarters. Lots of rules and security and all that stuff to put up with. At that level of government, I have to say the FAA people knew what their jobs were and did them well, and I was glad actually, that they were so stringent, considering what they were testing for us.

I liked going to the casinos in Atlantic City there after work to play craps, and sometimes blackjack if I could get on a good table, so the weekly travel wasn't all that bad.

I've also had to deal with people like you have before as well. Those people are generally a pain. I always thought of them the same as the HR (human resources) department and its employees. A total waste of money, IMO, for companies to have as part of their operations.

On the used car dealers, it's just a fact of life that if you aren't at least somewhat dirty, you won't do well selling used cars, because it's difficult to try to unload a piece of junk on someone, for way more money than it's worth, and not feel like a POS. So, just like trying to be a politician - I don't think a person with integrity can do it. Thanks for the tip! :)

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Can't remember if this was answered in the post, but what do you consider to be the most honest or integrity-based jobs/careers?

I didn't offer information on the careers/jobs that would be on my list of those I consider to be the most "innocent" in the post, beyond just mentioning their existence. I think we'd need to look at the types of careers/jobs that don't present a literal ready-made opportunity to engage in corruption, in order to identify the most innocent ones.

I was a software engineer for over 30 years. Not once, during all of those years, with 3 different companies, (one being a government contractor), was I presented with a situation where I could use my position to illegally increase my personal net worth. I would say that most careers that aren't involved with control of money and/or power would occupy this category.

The projects that I worked on, and the companys' products, had no ties to anything related to accessing money, power or control. If I'd worked in software development for say, Google, obviously I could have gotten involved in some really shady stuff with censorship, AI, etc., without even trying. So some jobs could fit into the "high potential for corruption" category, working for certain companies, while for other companies they wouldn't.

At one point, I would probably have jumped at a job at Google, but it didn't take long for me to feel the exact opposite way, soon after that.

A political career has always been the easiest career for unprincipled people to illegally enrich themselves, without breaking a sweat. The fact that we recently learned that our congress has had a secret taxpayer-paid hush fund for years, just to payoff the scumbags' sexual assault accusers so they won't talk, should be all anyone needs to know about the corruption of politicians. ALL politicians. It's in their blood. The trick is being enough of a scumbag, that your acts don't keep you up at night. Pols have that trait nailed. As do used car salesmen.

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