Mavic 2 Zoom Black Hole Sun - Cinematic 4K Footage - NorCal

in drone •  last month

The beauty of Northern California captured over a few weeks in late Winter. The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is portable and discrete. It is quiet and non-intrusive. It is my first choice for a hike. No transitions in this , only hard cuts.

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Wow, that was pleasant and rejuvenating. You did a great job in making the sea waves appear miraculous. It was refreshing to watch and the music also worked so well !!!

I'm gonna tweet it. Thanks for sharing and have a great day! :)


Wow! Thank you. My steemit account has not seen much attention. I came back to thousands of up votes. Thanks for taking a minute to watch!

Really great video and loved the one bit with the birds flying under the drone. It gives you so many more options now having this tool to capture things from above. This is not easy to do this and takes loads of practice and you seem to have perfected this art.

I really like this, @willliamtangofox. The more I see people posting their drone videos, the more I know I have to get one. Then, maybe I'd get out a bit more so I could actually record something to post. :)

Great images, choice of music and the hard cuts enhance it all.

Very much deserving of a curie. Well done. :)


Thanks! The drones give me a motivation to get out there and hike. They are a win-win.


So, what about drone use laws where you live? Generally urban areas are more of a no-no within certain limits, but are there any issues to keep in mind like in wilderness areas? I know we have some designated flying parks or areas around here. I'm just not sure how it works in public places outside of a city or town or something.

Those were some minutes worth watching. Absolutely fabulous.
Blessed be all the brains that contributed to the development of drone technology, especially for this use. We should know all their names and statues should be erected in their names.
But, like any other artistic medium, we know that it is the artist's ultimate merit to put the tools to good use, and you had combine different technological, artistic and aesthetic vehicles to convey something sublime.
How much time can it take to finalize a video like this one?

The DJI Mavic 2 Zoom is one of the most amazing tools a filmmaker could have in their hands, is so smooth and easy to handle that almost puts to shame previous drones, the shots you got there are absolutely amazing and the choice of music made me tear a bit lol, thanks for sharing!

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Thank you! Your words mean so much more than a simple up vote!

Love the video and the back ground music. Enjoyed the scenery, especially over the sea.


Thanks for taking the time to watch! Much appreciated!

This was an amazing piece of video creation. I didn't realize that drone footage could be that smooth. At times I felt like a soaring eagle looking down on the scenery and other times I felt like I was walking along the beach or standing barefoot in the surf. You have captured nature at her best and accompanied her with beautiful music. This would make an excellent meditation piece.


Thank you for the kind words, they made my day and they go a lot further than a simple up vote. It is hard to find appreciation for this stuff, but when you get it, it comes as a grand surprise!


I know what you mean. It's nice to just have somebody stop and reflect on your work and let you know they appreciated it. My vote isn't worth much, but maybe my words are worth a little more. :)

This video is a very nice surprise for me. That place is a dream, who wouldn't like to spend time there? The music was an even bigger surprise. I know this song in another interpretation, played by Soundgarden. If you know the video, you know that it's very far from this peaceful interpretation you have in your video and doesn't match the lovely place you're presenting :)
Anyway, it's lovely to see such a nice place, too bad i can't be there but thanks to you, i got to see it, so thank you for that :)


Thanks for taking the time to watch. Norah Jones sang this version right after the singer from Soundgarden passed. She has a dreamy quality to her voice. The words of the song are harsh but she coaxes out the full beauty of the work. The reason I used this particular song was because of one single clip of a kid flying a kite on the beach in the distance. The image is surreal and lighting reminds me of the Blackhole sun video.

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