DRisers | COLLAB-4 - Ft. @clixmoney🔥

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Hello Everyone,

We are back with another COLLAB but this time we are here with a very special person who is helping the dtubers a lot and contributing his part to enhancing DTube's platform. Rather being my mentor he is also the founder of @dcooperation.

He just achieved 5000 followers, and he is none other than @clixmoney

So guys we have Clix with us in this COLLAB have a look and see his thoughts about DTube and more...

Join His community @dcooperation for any kind of support and help.

Thanks For Watching

Keep DTubing
Keep Rising


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Yesterday was @clixmoney and @enjoyinglife and today is @drisers and @clixmoney. Bright future ahead for DTube and also rising and growth for Dtubers. :)

Great job @drisers. Thank you for sharing @clixmoney. 🌄


Yup, the only way is UP ! We agree with your thoughts completely @iamjadeline.


Yeah, and tomorrow you will see me with ned. lol


I was kidding. lol But who knows, maybe that will happen, because I already told people in steemfest, that I will contact them by zoom, maybe someone will show me ned there. lo l


Okay sorry. Didn't get it that it was joke. That is a good vision. And yes who knows, that will happen :) have a great day ahead.

I will watch few times coz I love to see the smiling faces from both of you. I smile all the way while watching and my son wonders who am I watching. Such a great collabs. Great advice here. Great points. All DTubers will have alot to learn from. Especially me - so much to learn from you guys.


It's very good to hear that and this must be naturally programmed within ourselves to be happy as when we are happy we can work perfectly and even add many more values and if we feel the opposite, the reason might be either we don't like the work else someone is forcing us to do that.

Stay Happy
Keep SMiLiNG :) :) :)


It great to hear that you've got to learn something, that is what we aim for and try everyone gets their question answered.

Thanks For Watching

Hey @drisers
You got @clixmoney the man who interviews, to interview
You did great :D


Indeed it was a big feat for us to achieve. Having Clix with us was very exciting.

Thanks buddy for watching

So many good things bought up in this collaboration. Like when @clixmoney first started he said he did like 60 videos without an upvote. When I was invited to join @Steemit by a friend. I must admit the the draw card was getting paid for my content. When I started out I got votes here and there but no real strong upvotes so I was making like 0.05 cents per post . So I’m not surprised that new comers find it hard . On the good side our community is full of people that want to work together and money is not the only motivation. It takes hard work like was said in the video and becoming part of the community here on @Steemit. As people see you can be trusted and are working towards the same goals you become part of the community. If you are just uploading videos with poor content like the ones mentioned in the video then don’t be surprised if you don’t get upvotes . @drisers is just a new community here on @Steemit but it is already making a difference, with great ideas like training camp that will be aimed at helping new dtubers start their @Steemit journey of on the right foot. As mentioned their is not a lot of tutorials on @dtube at the moment and hopefully as @drisers grows that issue will be fixed. Great video @steemersayu907 and @clixmoney for @drisers . Have an awesome day!

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Yeah, @dcooperation will support more communities created and improved, we are working on that. I remember when I interviewed @steemersayu907 the first time and invited him to our community. I'm really glad he learned so fast and created his own community. It's hard to fit all the communities and ideas in one. I see it better to have more interesting communities to diversify the content. We need more communities on @dtube because I think we have enough of them on steemit. That will make the video content more attractive. Thanks for the nice comment, you made me think. ☺


Yep, It was @clixmoney who introduced me to DTube and adopted me in his community @dcooperation where I met many great people and I got to learn many things from their.
My roots are from @dcooperation and my dear role model @clixmoney, Thanks Sir for every thing that you did and doing for me. I'll always be with you



Absolutely many newcomers draw up here with the motive of earning money, I too had the same in the beginning but I must say it's very to work upon here if you have only the motive of making money and hence you get frustrated.

The only thing you must do is that share what you have, teach your audience and most importantly judge what your audience wants from you then you would be able to get appreciations and get in the spotlight.

Yes, there are communities and growing communities here and the main motto of each of them is to HELP others and grow together in their journeys.

We also hope that the remaining issues would be fixed ASAP and can be available for the audience to get their required info.

Thanks For Watching Bud

Cheers !

Watched the whole interview and I really enjoyed it!!

I'm excited for DRisers!!!

Keep up up the good work :)


Thanks Sir,

It was really great for us too.. Having @clixmoney with us was an awesome feeling.

More excited content on the way.... :)


Looking forward to it :)))

very nice job @driser. Collaboration and engagement is very important in blockchain. @clixmoney you guys very talented and make a lot of fun. Keep it up @driser. Hope for the Best.


Exactly ENGAGEMENT is really very important which helps you get many facilities such as ATTENTION/HELP/TiPS/GUIDANCE/EXPOSURE and many more.

Thanks Buddy for watching...


Thanks, we did our best. :)

Present us another nice and meaningful collaboration, Thanks Drisers.

Great work! @clixmoney you rock! Good interview @drisers! Subscribed. I look forward to future content!


Thanks @zainenn,

It's great that you noticed us and we assure you would be enjoying our future contents too..


Thanks, maybe in the future you will see me in BBC. lol

Wow, I really enjoyed this collabration video and the presentation of these two are really fun and thanks to you to open a beautiful community where we can easily share many things.


Thanks @mamun123456,

The community which we have made has the foundation with you guys only by helping whom and supporting them we are giving our efforts to prepare you guys to enhance DTube.

Thanks For The Appreciation too... :)

Very engaging and interesting clip. Keep it up guys.


Thanks @starkemmy,

Indeed it was interesting for us too with Clix..

Wow it's really wonderful video. Enjoy it @drisers.