My Dream Vacation Destination is Cappadocia!

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This is my entry to @nuoctuong's My Dream Vacation Destination is... Writing Contest - Over 20 SBDs Prize Pool.

I first came to know more about Cappadocia when I read @sweetsssj's post about Museum Hotel in Uçhisar, Cappadocia. I was enchanted by the beauty of (sweetsssj) the hotel and all the antiquities in it. It is stepping back and time. My jaw literally dropped when I saw those photos in her blog. The way she presented her blog have made me put Cappadocia on top of my bucket list.

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It has a rich history that if I was there I could sense it within those walls and caves. Aside from antiques, there are arts and wonderful arts everywhere you set your eyes on. You can also taste traditional food served in the hotel. The view is exceptional and if I had the means to go to this place at the time I have read the post, I would have done so.

sweetsssj posted as much detail about the place accompanied by photos and videos which made me want to go and travel to that place. I suggest you visit the post of sweetsssj about Museum Hotel in Cappadocia and I assure you, you will be fascinated by that place. It is also notable that most of her travel posts are excellent and you can see just how much appreciation she has of the places she travels to.

Since we are talking about dream vacation destination, it is but normal that it must be a place that we have not been to yet because it is a place that we have only been desiring and wanting to go. Therefore, all photos are not mine.

Hot air balloon is a thing in Cappadocia. Just look how they add more colors to the landscape. Even without those balloons, just look at those rock formations. It just makes one go and explore them.


There are underground cities in Cappadocia totaling 36 cities. The deepest can be found at Derinkuyu up to a depth of 60 meters. The widest cit can be found in Kaymakli. These cities date back to hundreds of years ago.



Who wouldn't want to visit these so called fairy chimneys? Anytime of the year is just perfect to visit these structures.



I hope someday I can visit this magical and historical place.

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Wow awesome look and great content u write awesome blog posts appreciate it

Luuuh nalimutan ko sumali!!!

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Wow! It is quite beautiful! I think I also want to visit there now lol.

Where is the magic carpet when you needed it? lol!

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Tell it to come pick me up when you find it!

howdy @leeart! amazing photos and scenery my friend, great job! I watched that video by @sweetsssj and that was one gorgeous place!

So many places to go and visit :D Have you checked her other blogs? Reading her blogs just makes you want to go to where she has been to.

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howdy @leeart! yes sir I looked at a few of them, they are very well put together, I can see why she is ranked so high. quite a beautiful video. you could do that someday also, right?

That's a beautiful place! I hope you'll see it one day!!

Let's hope for it and hope that steem/sbd will rise again lol! Maybe when that happens we can all go together haha!

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Haha yea I like your thinking!! :)

" Nature's beauty is a gift that cultivates appreciation and gratitude " Louie schwartzberg (y)

Wow! This is one beautiful place!

Truly amazing. Sana makapunta tayo kahit minsan lang :D

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I hope a dream could be changed to be a plan in one day !! Really love it!!

I feel you! So many places to go but not enough resources lol! It says in your profile Thailand/USA. I have only been to Bangkok once and I want to go again. There are still many places to visit.

Yes yes ... I am original from Thailand and I am a 100% Thai who live in America now. And yes for me personally Thailand is always beautiful and has many places to visit. Really want to go back too. 🤗

When was the last time you went back to Thailand? Maybe the next you do go back you can tour me around your country lol!

You know what!!!
That’s awesome idea !!! (Big smiling face)
I really want to go this year in August and planed already but I have a big show coming and this is the main reason that I have to cancel Thailand trip this year. But 2019 for sure !!! Will keep in touch and let see if we could make it happen .. great great idea!!

Good luck with the show and with all your plans.

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Thank you bro!! 😃


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Thanks for taking us here, @leeart.

One day I can be there for real :D

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Wowow! Where is Cappadocia? Looks fantastic indeed! Maybe I will write something too. Huhu i wanna go all over the world!

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It's in Turkey.

One destination at a time :D

Uy gusto ko rin pmunta s Turkey eh. Isa s mga plan ko puntahan. Haha. Pangarap na lang ba ang mangibang bansa? Lol.

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Tara haha! Sana nga tumaas na ang value ang steem/sbd ng todo para travel kung kelan gusto.

Naku tumataas n kung kelan d n ako gagala. 😂😂😂 Iipunin ko n lng ulit.

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Sana itodo nya kahit one day lang haha!

Tapos withdraw lahat, uy bagsak steem. Hahahaha.

Wow ganda naman ng lugar na yan sir, makakapunta ka dyan for sure... Ikaw pa.....

Have a great day. 😘😊

Balang araw :D Sana talaga tumaas na value ng steem/sbd para makapunta tayo lahat hehe

Amen to that!! 🙏🙏👍🏻

wow... makasali nga..pwede pa kaya?

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binasa ko ulit.. hangang 21st pa pala..yey

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Yup hehe! Pwede multiple entries. Try ko kung may maihahabol pa na isa hehe.

Thanks sir try ko mamaya

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Go go go! :D

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Pwede pa gang July 21 pa siya :D

Looks great and enticing but I'm sure it will be very expensive to go there but I'm not closing my door to possibilities who knows someday....

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By the way maraming salamat sa steembasic...di ko pa siya masyado naintindihan, i'll sponsor you soon...

Malapit lang Turkey jan, sir :D

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