I feel you! So many places to go but not enough resources lol! It says in your profile Thailand/USA. I have only been to Bangkok once and I want to go again. There are still many places to visit.

Yes yes ... I am original from Thailand and I am a 100% Thai who live in America now. And yes for me personally Thailand is always beautiful and has many places to visit. Really want to go back too. 🤗

When was the last time you went back to Thailand? Maybe the next you do go back you can tour me around your country lol!

You know what!!!
That’s awesome idea !!! (Big smiling face)
I really want to go this year in August and planed already but I have a big show coming and this is the main reason that I have to cancel Thailand trip this year. But 2019 for sure !!! Will keep in touch and let see if we could make it happen .. great great idea!!

Good luck with the show and with all your plans.

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Thank you bro!! 😃