Dream Diary - 8/1/18

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Morning Steemit!

I feel dead to the world today. Last night I went to bed at 10pm. It didn’t matter how many times I tossed and turned or fluffed my pillows, I just couldn’t get to sleep. I think I did manage to doze off at 1am. I have only just woken up and managed to drag myself out of bed and make myself a coffee. Caffeinated of course! I only had one dream last night. Here it is.

Monday 8th January 2018

I dreamed I was at a restaurant with all of my husbands friends. It had been a while since we planned this get together. There were 8 of us in total. We were sat at a long wooden table which had a black centre to it. Everyone was sat at one side of the table on a long bench and I was sat on the very end of the bench at the bottom corner of the table. I was not comfortable at all! All the food that was ordered started to come out. As the plates were being placed on the table, I could see there was not going to be enough room for my plate. There were spaces on the other side of the table, but the only way I could sit there was if I could get to the spare chair that was by the other table that was next to us. I looked for possible ways of getting to the chair, but there was no way. Then everyone started to shuffle round the table so I literally had enough space for one ’bum cheek’ and my bottom is petite! The others knew I wanted to move, but they chose to ignore me and carry on with their conversation!!

I was pretty pissed off and I decided to get up and leave the table, I whispered to my husband ”I’ll be back shortly”. I had a face like thunder and I strutted away from the table. I was going to make my point! I walked outside to the garden area and I saw my friend from school. He was smoking a cigarette. I walked up to him and asked him if I could have one. He did give me one and he told me his father had made it. The cigarette was definitely hand made and it was pretty fat. It looked like a cigar! My friend gave me the cigarette and he also gave me the one he was smoking, so I could light the other one.

I walked back into the restaurant and all the way down to where I thought the exit was. I had walked too far. As I turned back, I saw the table that I was meant to be sat on with everyone. One of the ladies waved at me. I walked back to the table again and whispered to my husband ”I’ll be right back”. I think everyone was getting fed up with me not going back to my seat. Well, if they were the ones shoved in the ’naughty corner’ seat, they would understand why! I pretty much swerved any conversation with anyone and I walked outside the restaurant to smoke.

The cigarette was rubbish! It fell apart! I looked across the street and I saw a small newsagents. I walked over and into the newsagents. It was very tight on the inside. There was barely any room for anyone to walk past each other. There was a lady being served. She was asking for cough sweets. The man who was serving pointed to them. She bought 2 packets, but she told the man they were stacked upside down. The man said he would take them off and re-stack them. Another man came over to serve me. I asked for some cigarettes and a lighter. Then he looked at me and asked me ”Was it you who went camping a few years ago and you came in here to buy cigarettes?” It took me a long, hard time thinking about the answer. ”No”. I replied. He must have got me mixed up with someone else.

Then I asked the man for some ’chilled chicken wings’. He gave me some and I put them in my handbag. I went back to the restaurant and I sat back in that ridiculous place with a stern face. Nobody said anything to me. I pulled out the chicken wings from my handbag. They were frozen!!! This was the icing on the cake! I was very angry by this point. Then I shouted ”I told him I wanted chilled chicken wings, not frozen!!” Then I took one of the frozen wings and proceeded to keep banging the side of the table with it.

Well Steemers, even though I only had one dream, it had a lot of content to it. I am due to meet my husbands friends for a weekend away in a few months time. I hope they don’t put ’baby in the corner . That would really annoy me. I don’t know why I dreamed of cigarettes because I don’t smoke! The funniest thing was dreaming of the chicken wings! Yes I do always have food on the brain but why would I dream of frozen and chilled chicken wings??? This dream is crazy!

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Very interesting dream story . when I started reading interest developed more and more so I read all . its good written and posted pic aand videos nicely therefore I will read every time when ever you post. Thanks a lot


@thedawn Thank you for your kind words

enjoyed this dream of yours going to read diary


@jacoboram Glad you liked it :-)

it was a sensational dream, but really effective. :)


@mrskatie Thank you. Glad you liked it :-)

good job dear @platinum-blueI li
#I like your post dear


@alamgirl1001 Thanks! :-)

I gotta admit, I hate not being able to get off to sleep, and the worst thing is, the more you get frustrated the harder it gets, what a vicious circle eh...... I find mindfulness meditation helps, there's loads of videos on YouTube, I usually do a body scan.....love hearing about your dream, and them darn frozen chicken wings lol.....thanks for an awesome post 😊


@max-winner It's horrible isn't it? What is a body scan? Yes those chicken wings! I was not amused! lol :-)

garfield my childhood sketching :)


I love Garfield :-)

I hope you always have a good dreams at night.


@gvincentjosephm So do I! I love a good dream :-)