Ship concept (Dwarven Bomber)

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Was it made by the Dwarves, the elves, or some un-categorized interdenominational beings? I haven't fully decided yet but at the moment I'm thinking it's an ancient Dwarven war machine.
ship cpncept 3.jpg

Anyone who knows how to fly it died hundreds of years ago. The Dwarves sealed themselves away in the mountains, deep underground while the bomb blasts swept through the land. Their technology is still a marvel but it is a shadow of it's former self.
sip concept 1.jpg
The sandy wasteland is the last resting place for many Dwarven war machines. The sentinels may still roam the sands, but the skies are free once again
ship cpncept 2.jpg
Let me know what you guys think of this design. Does it look too similar to another ship you've seen? I'm hoping it's original but sometimes you can copy a design without realizing it. Thanks!

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Cool! Following you and waiting for more. :)

Thanks for giving it a look :)

Very cool. Reminds me a little bit of some of the concept art from Thor 2, which I like. Nice use of the flying wing idea.

Thanks I'm glad you like it

I really love the idea of dwarfs in a spaceship. I don´t know a ship like that, but I don´t know every spaceship in science fiction history :) Yours looks a bit like the top of a hammer, what perfectly fits the story...

I'm glad you like it. Ah I should think of a hammer related name for the ship type. Thanks for the idea :)

Hi. I saw this on my art feed and couldn't resist checking it out.

It looks good, and no doubt it would look good too, as a 3D model. And yeah, I agree with your concern about accidentally copying a design.

I don't know though, if yours looks like one I've seen before, but my superiors often remind me that there's no such thing as an original design, esp. when it comes to sci-fi spacecraft.

Every cool spaceship design out there has been influenced by many others that came before it.

Oh, btw, I'm a 3D artist, and you can check out my stuff in my intro post, as well as my second. I'm following you so I can see when you update this design. :)

Thanks for checking it out and thanks for the feed back. Good luck on steemit :)

I quite like that you add ideas to your posts, instead of just posting the images.

Looking forward to seeing more of you creations!

Thanks I plan on doing more posts like this, just ideas and doodles.

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Thank You! :)