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Sometimes, when I don't know what to paint I will begin with the border. The creation of the border is a mostly mechanical process. It will take some time to construct, so it doesn't matter that I don't know what i'm painting yet. The border needs to be completed regardless.

57388198_2280077988915260_4666758044296859344_n (2).jpg

Construction of the border is tedious yet meditative. A great deal of it can be created without much thought. I find that this period in the creative process gives the mind time to stir and for inspiration to strike.

IMG_20190503_013505_142 (2).jpg

The layered border has become a staple of my recent work. It acts as a sort of portal into the scene, a segue from canvas to painting.


Sometimes a still feel the need to go deeper. I want the illusions to compound and to sometimes contradict the scene. I try to create something beyond the original scene itself. I enjoy this aesthetic of torn paper because I want the painting to feel peelable. I want the viewer to feel like they can go as far into the scene as they want and pull back as many layers as they like.


𒀭𒀫𒌓 Calf Of the Sun


Thank you for viewing.


william syrus for posting.jpg


It is a great piece of art! Well done. :)

Why thank you :)

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wow, this is a really good tip... love your artwork too :)

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This is one of the greatest "Surreal" art that I have seen in last days. Bravo

The frame creates an amazing depth, like you ve cut endless layers of pages:) If you like you can start posting artworks at nTopaz platform https://www.ntopaz.com/ It is a very supportive art community and your amazing artworks will get a lot of attention:)

Always nice to see you post, @william-syrus :) Is it not near fire season again where you are? Downunder, we are swinging into our winter cycle...

Your layered borders certainly have become very signatorial to your artworks <3 I love 'em. Their textures and gradations DO transition our eyes from our 'realm' into the realms of your surrealistic scapes <3

And .... i love the motif of the bulls in your pieces, too <3 Here it seems there is a proud calf, red and peerless, under the sun :)

Gorgeous post <3

@veryspider Our fire season started this month. I was actually thinking of going to Australia in our off season to fight fire year round. chasing the sun they call it. Thanks for the kind words as always :)

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Great one! Reminds me Z. Beksiński's art, but you have your own distinctive style for sure. Bravo!

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