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RE: 𒀭𒀫𒌓

in #drawing5 years ago

Always nice to see you post, @william-syrus :) Is it not near fire season again where you are? Downunder, we are swinging into our winter cycle...

Your layered borders certainly have become very signatorial to your artworks <3 I love 'em. Their textures and gradations DO transition our eyes from our 'realm' into the realms of your surrealistic scapes <3

And .... i love the motif of the bulls in your pieces, too <3 Here it seems there is a proud calf, red and peerless, under the sun :)

Gorgeous post <3


@veryspider Our fire season started this month. I was actually thinking of going to Australia in our off season to fight fire year round. chasing the sun they call it. Thanks for the kind words as always :)

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