Overwatch art dump + 2 speedpaints!

in drawing •  2 years ago  (edited)

Decided to post twice today due to my previous lack of content :p Here's a bunch of drawings I did of overwatch characters!

A Genji I drew to warm up before starting on some schoolwork

My most recent one, trying out a different colouring style (also you've probably noticed I draw Lúcio alot)
ow my eyes.jpg

A friend of mine wanted me to draw Fareeha in some traditional clothes
its her.jpg

Practicing painting metal
metal boy.jpg

Drawing Genji wearing my friend's clothes
tumblr y.jpg

Zenyatta again because I found out robots are fun to paint
its them.jpg


Aaaand Lúcio again

+speedpaint :p

Thanks for sticking with me for this art spam, see you guys next time :o

sign off.png

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Welcome back . i missed you.

Just an advice kindly confirm if the videos are yours on youtube by putting your steemit username in the video on youtube

Thank you I'm glad to be back ^^
And thank you for the advice! Will do c:

nice painting

thank you! :o

These drawings are awesome. Keepup the good work.

Thanks for sharing.

Thank you very much ^^


Love your style, what kind of program do you use to draw?

thank you! I use paint tool sai c:

Would be nice if you share recent videos. Also, kindly put your steemit link in the description of your youtube videos. thanks

I will start sharing newer stuff soon! c: I've added my steemit link on the links part of my youtube channel, but I will start linking it on videos as well :D

Awesome stuff. You have a lot of talent! Followed, and I hope to see more of your work soon!

thank you for the support! ^^

very cool drawings! love the play of colors.

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thank you! c:

Nice stuff, love Overwatch! Need more artists on steemit, keep up the awesome creations :D

Thank you, your speedpaints are awesome btw! :D