Your use of black and thick line is genius in this one! It has a feel of 1890s poster art which I am obsessed with!

I'm inspired by your showing the drawing in pieces each time. I think you might have influenced how I share drawings from now on. I love that we all influence one another in so many ways. Also I love your drawings and seeing your progression.

I've been feeling like I can't keep up with Steemit of late, but I always make sure to see what you are up to!

Your comments are precious Donna! I really enjoy reading them, it's like eating a yum little snack and I like snacking a lot hahaha.

I don't know anything about 1890s poster but now I am interested. Maybe I will spend some time looking for them.

And I think your fans would be glad if you show us more details in your creation process. Honestly I don't really enjoy making step by step because I need hours to make a detailed post, hours that I rather use for drawing instead. But I know some people like looking at them, so I do it when I can.

You've been here since last year, Donna. It's really commendable that you're still so productive and active also, I will try to have your strength and perseverance.

Thank you :).

I was just saying in @veryspider latest dtube video of drawing I always mean to do this. And I've asked many times how it's done, but then I never try and do it. I suppose I should just look up a youtube tutorial on capturing the video of your screen and make one.

I'm glad you like my rambling comments. Sometimes I wonder if people think, "Now, what is she on about!" ;)

Nice one. Glad I bumped into you. You got yourself a new follower! ;-)

I hope you will continue to enjoy your visit ^_^.
Thank you very much!

Your artwork is exceptional.

I followed your link from Discord

Thank you again momzilla ^_^.

Wow, @scraly, that's some very impressive Master Assassin. Love the illustration and I'm especially fascinated by the outfit and hairstyle. ^.^ <3
Good luck in the contest, dear! ^.^

It's always a pleasure to read your comment.
Thank you katalina :).

She is master, she is perfect @scrawly, and that touch with whole story wrapping around your drawing, great, just great!

I have always loved the kind of stories where people overcome their weaknesses, so I make one for myself. I'm glad you like it as well Dunja <3.

I think it's important that we keep up in shape our imagination, it's essential for art, and not to forget to dream with eyes open @scrawly :)

In David Foster Wallace's Infinite Jest there is a clan of French wheelchair assassins. The initiation rite is to play "Le Jeu du Prochain Train," which involves trying to be the last person to jump across the tracks in front of an oncoming train - hence all the leg-removing injuries. They strike horror into the hearts of several of the other characters, for whom the last thing they hear is the squeaky wheel of a chair.

It's a very clever book, although to be honest I only made it halfway through the 1600 pages.

Wow a wheelchair assassin clan? I would have never imagined such a creative idea in my mind. Thank you for telling me about the book, though I don't think I can read anything with 1600 pages. I haven't even finished War and Peace and I think that's the longest book I've read so far.

Well, the fun thing about Wallace is you can pretty much pick up and leave off wherever and still have a good experience. War and Peace, though, I suspect you have to read the whole thing. Good on you for giving it a shot. It's been on my "to read" list for years.

Love the story and design @scrawly! I think it would be cool if her prosthetics were visible too. It would be like she's so badass, she dares you to look at her legs and underestimate her. :o

Hehehe that's true. Maybe she can play around like that occasionally though she will make sure the person who sees her fake legs doesn't live to tell the tale ^_^.

Thanks midlet.

Great character ! I like the overcoat, I can even hear the "fffcheeeew" it makes in the silence when Andrijana is falling on her target... :)

Yes, definitely there will be that swooshing wind sound when she executes her moves on her enemies.

Thank you Djac :D.

She might have no legs, but she has awesome hair!

To have awesome hair is always a plus, isn't it? Though I rather have legs and crappy hairstyle instead XD.

That's true. Legs > hair.

Woah!!! Looks really gorgeous <3
I love it so much XD

I'm glad you like it :).

waaaaaaaaoooooh she's so cool ! i love her outfit so much <3 that sleek white cape on top of her black assassin outfit is so awesome * ___ * and her prosthetic leg/ high boots design is amazing <3 Love the metallic finish on the parts around her knee <3 <3

The pose is great also, she's definitely armed and she looks like she knows how to use both the retractable blade and the spear like a pro :D

And that hair is so very nice <3 I love her looks! The close up of her face is probably my favourite from this piccar, she's so stunning * ___ * her lower eyelashes are magnificent * ___ *

good luck in the competition, scrawleroo <3

Hehehe I had fun drawing her boots. In the beginning I planned to draw even more elaborate design on her shoes, but it would be weird if they're too gaudy. Also I am happy to announce that they're flat boots as it is more comfortable for fighting and sneaking around than wearing high heels.

I love your comment spideroo and good luck to you too in the competition. Your entry is really awesome and I love it :D.

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Awesome drawing @scrawly, I love the character and all the background you did for it!, here you have my upvote and reesteem. Congrats for your work.

Seeing the figure of Andrijana and reading your text have made thought of Gothic feminism. Love it!

Wow! really Nice work!
Her eyes seems to be alive!!
Your original idea is also really wonderful! respect!🤗

I am glad you like the character. Thank you, ryo-san :).

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Wow so clean. Wacom eh? I really need a tablet. 😭

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You should look into owning one, I think they're not as expensive as they used to be. Though I also hear a lot of good things about the iPad pencil too, that would be my next acquisition when I have enough money ^_^.

Thank you.

Actually I need to buy a new computer first before a tablet? Uhm... I haven't decided yet. Let me earn some money first. 😂😂😂

I even bought a mouse pen however my laptop is old and has some issues so... Haha.

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