Ran-My paint on the wall

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Ciao a tutti

-Ran-My paint on the wall -


I hadn't been drawing for a few months, with the opportunity of good weather and some sprays, I decided to go to one of my favorite walls .....
I am quite happy with the final result ... even if it is really inaccurate ....... I chose a color on yellow and black outline and a fuchsia pass to detach from the dark background .... also very simple the lettering
... .





Used sprays:

Montana colors Hardcore

Step by step

Many photos against the light ..... the sun beats enough, I don't have a good camera (I use a cell phone) ..... however, many photos are taken quickly ...
Starting from the track to finish the final touches ... go Ran


2 (1).jpg





Other photo





My graffiti
My photo

Prozac+ - Diversi

Diversi ad aiutare chi non ce la fa più... diversi dentro e fuori ...diversi da curare ...diversi dai diversi dai sogni e dal reale
Diversi a vomitare.... diversi a pensare ...diversi a prendere quello che non si ha ....diversi a muoversi diversi a ridere.... diversi in tutto anche a rubare e a uccidere.....

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Magnificent! It's no longer on paper it's for real. Great work

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Thank you very much ... finally i paint on the wall :)

This is unbelievable I wonder how long it took to paint this @ran.koree?

Thank you very much ..... it didn't take much about 10 hours..me took it very calmly :)

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Really cool, @ran.koree ! I love the colours and the design for the fonts :D And it is great to see the stages of how it comes together, too !!! :D

Thank you so much for stopping by my blog ... :)))


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Keep up the great work!


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Thats a nice job!

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Grazie mille Yan :)))

Gran bel lavoro davvero, caro ran, complimenti, una meritatissima e gustosa !BEER

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Grazie Mad..troppo gentile :)

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