Storytime animation Intro part of the video? And some crashing expirience (PREVIEW)

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Heyoo I haven't posted here for like.. A while XD sorry, I'd join more contest but got distracted on doing puzzles and making the actual video.

Now this is just the intro to the video and rendered all, I MIGHT have changed somethings on this but you all just get to see the intro of it.

Maybe you guys can like.. Criticise about it, one thing that I'm taking note of that the dialogue feels weird, but I guess I'm trying more, I don't know how to talk to myself LEL.

Also.. Ehem.. Let me tell you about my crashing expirience

Who here hates crashing? Well nice because I HATE IT AAAAAA. I'll explain it all in detail cuz AAAAA

1st crash

So I was just trying out premiere pro. And I havent been on it for like.. Years. So it felt very new but familiar at the same time.

And I got into 30 seconds of it and for me its long and BOOM 3 hours of progress of that. Gone.

Turns out that my autosave wasnt on?? So I'm like ok fine.


2nd crash

I turned on autosave.

So ok, I was back at 30-ish seconds, and I'm like damn I worked on it faster, and yknow what happened, THATS RIGHT IT CRASHED.

and you might be like, aw damn, well atleast you autosaved but when I try to reopen my premiere pro,.. DIDNT EVEN AUTOSAVE.

NO FILES WERE SAVED I HAVE TO START OVER AGAIN AAAAA, turns out I think its because of my dads PC running out of memory so.. I had to kinda manually save by myself. Yknow.. Ctrl+s. I mean yeah there is still crashes but its not severe as the last two since it's last saved something recent like 1-3 minutes ago, and just spam ctrl+s key too much.

So.. there is no way that nothing will mess up, right? I mean come on by this its already over right?

The crash finale

I swear it never ends '-')

Now this is a different crash, after I finished all the video, I was very proud of it, but then.. It crashed.

Oh pff, thats fine, I already saved it all, what could possibly go wrong.

I clicked on the file and.. It crashed again, whenever I opened the file.. IT CRASHED. I WAS SO MAD. WHAT THE FUCK, I panicked like holy shit.

And thank the fuck god this holy boy named @/turtledancedaily fuckin HELPED ME. With some weird explanations about the overdrive, like damn I'm just listening or.. Reading and I still have no idea what was going on cuz I'm not a computer hardware guy.

And hes just like "restart your computer" and.. IT FUCKIN WORKED what the hell XD

Turtle thanks or else I'd still be mad at myself.

The end yay (hopefully theres no more.. Why are we still here jsut to suffer..)

An another thing is like I'm trying to make it more original I guess? And likeable characters, theres also a deleted scene, but maybe thats for an another day. Hehehe

One thing I'm really trying to imrpove on is the look of my videos, not the animation, but like the colors, and also the writing and likability of the characters since thats one main thing I need to focus on.

Since you are here I'll show ya some screenshots and sprites I guess (I don't know why I'm handing ya'll the power to get my sprites or if I should even give them at all haha)

Blue Maya thinking emoji (HMMMMMM swirly effect)

This isn't in the preview but its for one of the parts of the video. Its only like.. For a split second but hey the prettier it gets amir8 hahahah

This is the first version of Red Maya, I thought she'd be even more rude and edgier and just plain out mean, but I'll tone it down to just a girl who just wants to die and not live a.k.a my generation.

Now this is part of the video. Hueeueuhe idk how long it all took


That is certainly a lot of work, Maya! If this is your first time making animation, then that's pretty great. And I guess you voiced both characters? XD
The crashing sounds pretty bad but I can't help because I know nothing about animation stuff. Just save often and persevere? ^^
I'm looking forward to see the finished work =).

Yayayay! Thanks scrawly senpai! And yep I voiced both of them (duh) XD

And yes ofcourse save often kids, itll .. SAVE you alot of time XD

Hopefully i can finish it at the end of the month :)

I'm so sorry about your technological troubles.

This is so cool and funny. Thanks a lot for sharing!

PS: I see you are having a great success in SteemIt. Very nice. Keep up with the good work!

Haha dont be sorry, its not your fault anyways that premiere dissapoints me in everyways possible LEL.

And thanks for commenting and watching I'm glad yoy enjoyed it!

A great success? Yaayyaya idk what that means but YAY! XD thankyou

You have almost 100 STEEM already... and after this post, you'll be near 150 STEEM. Most people in this platform can't earn that much in 2 years, let alone 2 months. :-P

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I don't know anybody who likes crashing.

Oh wait, yes I do. Coders maybe, as I know when I was coding I would sometimes deliberately try to make things crash so I could figure out how to make it not crash and then I would get mad when it doesn't crash when I was expecting it to XD

That elastic animation style is hilarious, I love it XD I can totally understand why you find the dialogue weird seeing as you are essentially talking to yourself, just wanted you to know it sounds fine and it's pretty funny XD And keep breaking that 4th wall it's hilarious XD

HAHAHAH coders do that? I didnt know about that it sounds really cool though.. And yeah crashing is such an abysmal smh

Also thaaanks atleast it sounds right and nice for the dialogue
Thanks for commenting ryi as always ❤❤⭐

And yes break the 4th wall until its broken mauhahahahah

Sometimes, some shit happen @maya525, LOL, keep going then

omg so much crashes ! poor maya-chan ! :O

maya's avatars are so cute though! very expressive :D

Aaaa I know spidy senpai >~<

And thankyouu!atleast i know that im doing something right heueh

haha the video was funny! About the crushing i get how frustrating it is but think positive, at least you are alive :P

Youre right filo! Atleast I'm still alive and not die from the fires of my mind LEL thankyoy very much for commenting! ❤ and hey atleast ur alive too huh XD

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Thanks curie! And whoever submitted this :)

Ah yes, the infamous crashes, I definitely know how that feels. This video was really good @maya525 san. Made me laugh. ʕ ▀ ਊ ▀ ʔ

AAAAAA thanks rai! '3') ❤❤❤ im glad you liked it anyways XD

And yes smh crashing is rlly hard to deal. And I'm glad it made you laugh! Atleast im doin somethin good yayaya

So many crashes? I feel sorry for you. I would probably react like you did :D BUT you managed at the end and this is what counts :) I like your double character and I'm looking forward to the real story as you said that this is just an intro. Congratulations on the curie vote! You deserve it for all the trouble that you went through :)

Thankyoy delish treats! And yah the crashing seems like its never ending x3x

And thanks idk what to say with curie but be thankful :D

Great video!

Oh Crashes!
I got used to CTRL+S now that everything I do in my computer, my mind will press CTRL+S automatically.

That was really interesting animation story, I like it, it is natural, funny and I love both characters, although obviously they are one but like two side of one medal. You did a great job, really enjoyed your description :)

Ah thanks stef1! Im glad you enjoyed it!

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Oh hey!!! :O
I didn't realize you posted this onto Steemit already xD
Was looking for a way to comment on your video and YouTube wasn't a platform I used much for that haha! :P

Oh! And freaking hell!
:O :O :O
Nice upvote you've got yo! :)
Glad all your frustration turned out well (This nice chunk-a upvote!) xD xD xD

Oh, and I assume that, that is you speaking in the video? :)

This is really great I mean like wow! Better subscribe to you Youtube now, clicked subscribed xD. I don't like the apps crashing for me its just in photoshop and for you in adobe premiere I mean wtf that's even worse I know I complained in mine which is just a single picture or a comic but in your video that's really horrible I want to find the one who invented the crashing of apps and punch him oh wait I got so far here, anyways continue on what you do we will wait for your next upload here or in Youtube.

Aaaa thanks looser sorry i didnt reply to this yet XD i didnt see this comment!

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