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RE: Storytime animation Intro part of the video? And some crashing expirience (PREVIEW)

in #drawing3 years ago

I'm so sorry about your technological troubles.

This is so cool and funny. Thanks a lot for sharing!

PS: I see you are having a great success in SteemIt. Very nice. Keep up with the good work!


Haha dont be sorry, its not your fault anyways that premiere dissapoints me in everyways possible LEL.

And thanks for commenting and watching I'm glad yoy enjoyed it!

A great success? Yaayyaya idk what that means but YAY! XD thankyou

You have almost 100 STEEM already... and after this post, you'll be near 150 STEEM. Most people in this platform can't earn that much in 2 years, let alone 2 months. :-P

Keep up with the good work... and remember to Power Up your earnings. (Or invest them into @steembasicincome, @upvoteshares or @minnowbuilder)

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