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RE: Storytime animation Intro part of the video? And some crashing expirience (PREVIEW)

in #drawing3 years ago

I don't know anybody who likes crashing.

Oh wait, yes I do. Coders maybe, as I know when I was coding I would sometimes deliberately try to make things crash so I could figure out how to make it not crash and then I would get mad when it doesn't crash when I was expecting it to XD

That elastic animation style is hilarious, I love it XD I can totally understand why you find the dialogue weird seeing as you are essentially talking to yourself, just wanted you to know it sounds fine and it's pretty funny XD And keep breaking that 4th wall it's hilarious XD


HAHAHAH coders do that? I didnt know about that it sounds really cool though.. And yeah crashing is such an abysmal smh

Also thaaanks atleast it sounds right and nice for the dialogue
Thanks for commenting ryi as always ❤❤⭐

And yes break the 4th wall until its broken mauhahahahah