Daily Warmup Sketch No.14 (Final)

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This is the final "daily warmup sketch" I will be uploading. I've decided 2 weeks is enough of a trial for me. Daily uploads aren't really something that fits my lifestyle. Although it's a very fun challenge, it ends up trapping me in an invisible prison of my own making. I love drawing every day, but there's a very simple reason why I can't continue to upload every day. It's that thought of "Oh I need to upload a sketch tomorrow so I can't spontaneously go on a camping trip". Ok I'll be honest, I haven't been on a camping trip in years, but I feel like this is an example that illustrates my point quite well... The fact is, sometimes I just don't have an internet connection or I might want to prioritise friends and family over making sure I do a sketch EVERY single day. I'm obsessed with creating artwork and I have a burning desire to work my ass off so I can get better, but sometimes I just really need a day without art so that I can properly refresh my brain. Goodbye daily uploads, your life was short, but it shone bright. Now time for a snowboarding trip! I'll have plenty more sketches in the future, they just won't happen every day. Hope you like this final "daily warmup sketch" based on a photo of @ djharu.doll (model on instagram).

Daily Warmup Sketch No.14




Let's have a blast, come follow me! :D

I think I'm coming up on a month where I've been posting everyday. I try to balance it by throwing in old stuff when I either don't have time, or don't feel like making something, but yea if you already burned through old stuff or just don't want to share old stuff, I hear ya. It's rough to make something new everyday that you feel like is an honest representation of your skill, AND have a life.

Nailed it. Honestly I wish I could live 2 lives simultaneously. One life which is 100% dedicated to my passion for art, and another which is committed to living an active lifestyle, keeping up with the day to day and building healthy relationships... But unfortunately I'm only human, so gotta work with what I've got haha

They were fun while they lasted, but no use trying to force your art. Daily practice is good, but you're not under any obligation to upload every day. Relax & enjoy :)

Exactly! Glad you understand :) Daily uploads were really just something I wanted to try out for the experience, and it was great for a short while - but as you say, I shouldn't try forcing my art, and with daily uploads sometimes I really did feel like I had to force it...

What a beautiful drawing to finish the challenge. It's fully understandable that you don't want to make a new drawing every day. Balance is everything in life. Certain things should not be rushed and art is one of them.

I am eager to see what you do, when you don't feel pressured to deliver deadlines. I bet you are going to gift us some wonders!

Keep up with the good work. It's a joy to see your drawings! 😃

Thanks for your encouragement, means a lot ^-^

I completey agree with your sentiment. Drawing everyday will improve the artist, but at the expense of other parts of your life then it's perfectly reasonable to step back and enjoy being an artist in moderation, just like everything else. From one artist to another, no judgement from me. :)

Waaahhh, no more cute / pretty girl drawings from you!! xP
Will be missing them!
Enjoy your snowboarding trip! :)

Ahaha don't worry, I'll have plenty more cute / pretty girl drawings, just not quite as many of them ;)
And thank you, I definitely will :D :D :D

Beautiful, amazing details

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Thanks artzone! I know you're just a bot, but I love this community :D

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Love this one so much!!!🌹

MOAR upvotes!!! 🎨🌊

If this is just a warm-up, you are truly amazing.

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Maybe I'll include this part in my post, which I periodically compile on the basis of studying blogs.

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I like this place. I'm inspired to write a post based on this quote.

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