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scribbling and drafting, curling paper balls, hit the paper bin. Never hitting writer's block, I really spend INK from my PEN, I buy them by the dozen and also notebooks like we had in school.

I do so many different things, to just show you my steem-side or some stories from the past, Here is some lyrics for something I working on in the present with @mrsanchez @mrviquez .

Unconditional love those who forgot about your many wrongdoings and gave
you more than you deserve when it comes to chances.
Unconditional love when you spit out the most horrible things you can think
of to your elders, because they call to often and bother you constantly
while you seek a castle of solitude, and yet give you a place to sleep,
a meal, transportation or even money when you really need it.
Unconditional love when you dont only share 50/50 because of an agreement,
but because of heart.
Unconditional love when you turn over shares in the company to those that
built the company to where it is today.
Unconditional love when you write a will to not complicate things for those
that come after you.
Unconditional love, when you do the right thing because it is right and it
also feels good, but it is so hard to fight the demons and get it done,
but you still overcome
Unconditional love A grandmother that had time for you more than you
had for her, but you still called and visit her to say goodbye.
Unconditional love, those that fed you when you were hungry
Unconditional love, those who corrected your wrongs and adviced you right.
Unconditional love, you, when your neighbors tree is bothering you, but
instead find a way to use the shade of the tree that actually benefits you.
Unconditional love when you are willing to allow mercy come upon the guilty
one ready to be slaughtered for what he did with his evil hands and an evil
Unconditional love, when your enemy is no longer a threat, and you share
food with him and heal his menthal wounds
Unconditional love, when the far right and the far left walks away from
rhetorics and focus on the far future instead of the imminent global
Unconditional love is hard to describe.

Written by

So here lies the foundation of something that will be soundable somewhere in some genre or another... And maybe you too are melody/singer person and want to impress us with your awesome worming/wordsmithing around the lyrics and perform it.

Next stop: Audible Sounds.

Funfact: I have been a sewingmachine nerd since 1994 and I made these:


I also make T-shirts, no, not printing them - making them from like... material...


Like this t-shirt

WIN_20180721_00_47_10_Pro (3).jpg

I guess that is not a V neck or an O neck... I call it the square... but I also call it a vagina neck so, I dunno, what would you call it?

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I like your writing style can't wait for the audio portion to this. Amazing job ! @fyrstikken

curling paper balls, hit the paper bin…

…pushing Dirk Nowitzki out of NBA history… and all Star game ;)

I love unconditional love
Unconditionally lol.
Love your writing style

Brings back memories....

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The lyrics are good. Looking forward to hearing the song with a beat. :)

That is quite beautiful. I think I needed to read these words today. Thank you for writing them, but mostly for sharing them.

I've notice you being following me lol

Unconditional love A grandmother that had time for you more than you
had for her, but you still called and visit her to say goodbye.

This kind of hit home for me. I was blessed to have experienced the death of my father when I was a teenager. I say blessed because it gave me perspective to be able to prioritize time with my grandfather when he was dying. Their love was certainly unconditional for me. Nice write.

time to start using the studio in a creative way once again :D

just make sure it has a beat you can dance to ;)