LMAC #9 - The Finalists! Vote for your favourite entry and help decide who the winners will be!

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LMAC #9 - The Finalists! Vote for your favourite entry and help decide who the winners will be!


Greetings Steemians

Welcome to the final dPoll on the finalists of the latest round of Let's make a collage:


I encourage every Steemian to browse through these great entries under the #letsmakeacollage - tag and to show your appreciation by leaving an upvote and maybe a comment at your favorite contributions. All entry posts are still in active payout!!

Also, consider to follow the @letsmakeacollage account which will always resteem all shortlisted submissions. Often, the artist provides some interesting information around the creation process, like a Making of or highlights special details of the artwork.

So here they are, please join me in applauding the three finalists of LMAC #9 (in chronological order of submission time):

@rionegro: The Awakening of Pt.I

@bidesign: Crane Centipede

@ranakatty: Apocalypse

Original Image:


Please vote for the submission which you like most! Note that I will close the poll 24h after posting!

❗️❗️ Make sure to cast your votes through dPoll using the link at the end of this post! To mitigate multi account voting, a miniumum REP of 39 is required to have your vote being considered for the final result!

Thank you!

Answer the question at dpoll.xyz.

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Sorry @bidesign, I do not use steemconnect, and it is necessary for dpoll.

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By far the most creative entry and a totaly deserving winner imo. Combining the Centipede with the trash seems fitting :D



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The steel centipede, great!


It has passed but thanks for support

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Ouups! You are welcome!

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If I could vote on dpoll, it would be for @ranakatty. Each of the three is remarkable, but this one captures my imagination and pleases my eye especially.

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Congratulations @shaka!
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