Do we forget about those who buy STEEM in the market? we want to kill small and large investors with the flag war spreading like a wind on Steemit now.

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I came to Steemit July 2016 and bought my first 16000 Steem
because I saw this as an incredibly good project to invest in Steemit.
Since then I have invested a lot of money
in buying Steem and building my SteemPower
My inventory today is at 125962 Steempower

Here's what I've earned since July 2016 that you can check out for yourself

Rewards All Time
Curation SP 8,169.84
Author SP 21,522.19

I have at that time when my inventory was approx. 25000 SP made only one powerdown and after that I have always run PowerUp. During that time I have helped support many minnows in the community and previously made competitions with good prizes to the winners in SBD and STEEM.

I also support @ art-venture "Art-Venture Magazine" and SPUD,
which I also sponsor for both

Now I feel that my heart for the platform is about to split

heart-1952347_1920 1A.png

I have helped several investors spend larger amounts on the market and invested in Steem. They invested because I told them the concept of supporting others on the platform they could also make some profit from it themselves. After HF21 I told them that it was possible to earn more now (50/50%) by voting on even more. They liked the feedback and were on their way to invest more in steem from the market.

But they have read my post

A major flag downvote war is spreading on Steemit

The questions that came from investors were:
Flagg should be there to stop Spam / plagiarism and stop scams
I answered yes to that, but now it is also used to curb payments on posts even though they have quality, but they earn too much get a massive downvote. I was also asked if this happened to me and yes I replied it has happened and with several of my friends at Steemit.

This is very negative for other investors who buy steem in the market and invest them in SteemPower to give others their support. Remember that as long as there are buyers it is possible to sell. It is small and large investors who keep it all going. Now I am afraid that those who give massive downvote can damage the platform in the long run, but they themselves state that it is for the good of the community on this platform.

There is a double moral here:
Many of those who use downvote have large accounts and poll others who they like with good voting power. Whether those posts make $ 40 or more doesn't seem to matter to the rewards pool they are talking about. Clearly, priority will be different


somehow investors and newcomers are forgotten here

This post has been included in the 201st edition of The Steem News - a compilation of the key news stories on the Steem blockchain.

I'm glad you do, thank you for that @pennsif

Hope more can see what I want to shed light on what is happening here now

I actually went through a few of your post to check whether you are getting flagged and I may have found none on those posts.

I also clicked on the highlighted post you included up there and read, sorry I haven't really checked on that, I guess I got conditioned that most of your posts are purposed to challenge the creativity of the community to create stories out of your images.

If you are getting flagged I'm sorry to hear that. It's good that you have asked those people who are flagging you (only the ones flagging you pls) why. They may or may not answer though.

Am not a fan of that flag, it kind'a have that "whip that slave" appeal. Unfortunately, everything is allowed here and it seems that the ones using the flags are either hitting what they call a "circle" or balancing the rewards. I wonder why the rewards need to be balanced? Is the reward pool almost empty? Do we have a standard of how much a reward one may have? If we do now, since when?

For as long as I remember, when I first came here I've been told by the person who invited me and the many others who were already here that it's up to people whether they would cast an up on your vote or not and since it's up to the voters how much of a %age of a vote they want to cast on your post, I thought it was alright to get as much as you can perhaps, many people are happy with you or your post or you so they decided to cast more on you. I don't think it's your fault that you earned as much up as you do. After all, you can only cast as much as you want for yourself, the only reason your post would earn much is because some casted their votes for you - perhaps not necessarily your post and most probably it's because you reciprocate while others act with some entitlement mentality - going around with attitudes that kind'a exude that "my post is so dern great I deserve to get to trending" (rolling eyes).

If we are to want to appeal to the masses then perhaps we should live and let live. Too much flagging is going to (surely) kill the system. It would even scare any newbie to join, nowadays. That flag has been there three years ago and was heavily used but it was used to combat abuse. It wasn't used to lower any author's rewards. This has a very negative appeal to it and a screaming negativity on its purpose alone, Odd that it has that function nowadays but I also question the amount of rewards an author may have. Are we allowed a certain amount per day now? I don't remember reading anything like that but I haven't been around much so I may have missed it. Since when did we have a standard of that?

I understand that it would pain an investor getting flagged whilst some like I did earned our SPs from curating and posting and it's alright (am being flagged, too but they seem to be weird accounts probably just tripping or so bored of their lives - idk) ..if those who did not even buy a single cent of Steem are allowed to earn that, why aren't the investors?

Just keep going, remember, this, too, shall pass ;).

Hang on in there! Sending you the warmest cyber hugs!

The reward pool is limited and shared between all users. When someone assigns a reward to himself or his friends, that part isn't available for others. There needs to be a balancing to be able to really reward the best content instead of the biggest wallets.
Downvotes have been a part of steem from the beginning mainly to achieve that balance, it's the reason that's given for them in the whitepaper. They have been mainly used for serious abuse like plagiarism or spamming because they cost something for the one giving them, so there were only a few people willing to do this in the most serious cases. That's why we got a free budget now - to have them be used for their original purpose, the balancing and to get closer to the goal of giving higher rewards to better content.


Have you read the whitepaper? Downvotes have always been thought as a tool to go against self and group voting behaviour. It's a basic part of the concept of rewarding the best content, not the people with the biggest wallets.

Don't worry about the investors. I know quite a few who buy exactly because they finally have a way to do something against the self rewarding which has become a habit in the last years. If we can turn this ship around and start to care about content instead of people, steem will have a chance to grow again.

Hi @pharesim

yes, I read it when I joined in July 2016
after that, I relate to Steemit FAQ

It's nice to hear that there are investors buying now

Don't worry about the investors.....


Hi @xpilar, thank you for this post and for opening the eyes of an usual user showing how the investors who were in the beginning came to their SP. For many maybe it feels like that people did posts without anything paid in, but it is a truth many of you, guys who paid into the system to build it up and also supporting the little accounts in order to have a life in it like in aquarium feeding little fishes to help them to grow.

With new system of Downvotes everyone if a "police" and will be punishing anyone who they think do not deserve, but we are all different if one person does not like something then the others may like it.

There are few Big acocunt holder who randomly going around and downvoting those whose payout will be above 10, I even am not sure if those guys looking through the blogs and reading them, most likely not. They just do not care.

They just want to show that they "policing " today you and tomorrow me, but who will check the "police". Many people now give their votes to trials for downvoting as I heard because they "trust" those persons, but in real life in police made something wrong there is dep-t of internal affairs who checking if that was right or wrong. Here in Steemit there is nothing and even those guys do not bother to leave an explanation for their action.

There are many factors that contribute into low Steemit activities like low Steem price, downvote war of even Big accounts without explanation, that can make the smaller users as well as new users scared and I do not think new people will decide to join Steemit.

From your point of you, you have done so much for many users and communities, awarding the efforts of people to create the stories and see that support that sometimes more than their own posts, without your support of @Art-venture Magazine we probably have not gone so far. I am glad you did this post as not many know what is behind the scene and on and off we should remind them.

Wishing you nice Sunday

Thank you for your feedback @stef1

Unfortunately, some of the police officers here have a different agenda and it is decided without a trial in the back room for closed doors.

And there are only a few of those who answer me about what's going on

I have gotten in the way of those with my statements and it is clear that they do not like it.
I want to continue to shed light on what is happening for the way it is now I am afraid they are killing investors and users

Hi @xpilar

I'm impressed with your faith in Steem blockchain. You're surely one of the largest and most human stakeholder I've met here so far and I really am glad that we had a chance to get to know each other.

I also share similar worries about future of both: Steemit platform and steem blockchain.


Thank you @crypto.piotr for your warm and kind words about me

When I see that there is revenge and other problems on this platform, I want it to be highlighted.
I still have great faith in our community on this platform

Hello @xpilar, I have known you about 4 months ago. and at that time I was very amazed at you. because you give a lot of support to other people. you are very much doing good.

I also agree with your thoughts. downvotes should not be given in order to limit payments. I think this is like seizing the property of others who have painstakingly made quality posts.

I see already 3 days you did not make the latest posts. I beg your heart not to break with this platform. I do not want you to stop from here. Very rarely there are people like you here. I dare say, we as small fish have the spirit here because of your influence. however, if you stop, I'm sure, many small fish that are here will lose their spirits.

I beg you not to stop here. we love you here.

Thank you @aulia1993 for your warm and kind words about me

I'll be posting soon again.

My time now has been very responsive to many people here and also to other posts about what I have illustrated.
hehe, it also takes time to read so many posts others are writing about this on Steemit

I agree with you.
Downvotes are not the solution.

Thanks for your feedback @oldtimer

and especially not when used as a revenge

Long time no see.
Where have you been ?
I missed you.

I'm still here but I don't want to participate in this shit show.
I still read your posts and like your photos. It's very sad that after your investment and hard work you can't reward even your own mother anymore.
Newsteem police live in delusion. They created new circlejerk groups and named them curation trails. For upvotes and downvotes.
It's beyond my understanding how they can't see and understand that they changed steem into a ghost town.
I don't want more steem if I can't have some fun.
Thanks for your response.

I do not want to fight against the downvotes.
In my experience, the rewards I receive are strongly influenced by the amount of SP I have.
So I am powering down my SP, then I could diminish my rewards in my guess.
In my opinion, there must be the limitation of having SP amount in Steemit in the current circumstances.

So Steem (per its FAQ) thinks downvotes can be utilized to help reallocate rewards to be more beneficial to the community??Really?! Who gets to decide what is beneficial for the Steem community? The whales, mob rule, the Illuminatti? Isn't that very Communistic of them comrades! Who gets to decide what is beneficial for the Steem community? Steem isn't powered by unicorn farts and fairy dust, it's powered by people willing to invest funds (i.e. real $$$) into the platform most likely because they believe it is a good concept (be realistic people, there are other more profitable blockchain opportunities out there for investors). Use downvotes(or flags, bitch slaps, ass kicks or whatever the fuck you want to term them) to curb abuse (spam, plagerism, people being assholes) and let the "community" grow and prosper instead of flaming each other. Otherwise it will stagnate. But at least the downvote police/commissars will get their jollies. in the end if you subsidize something, you get more of it and that is certainly true with the down vote - just my Sunday morning rant

hi @ultratrain

It was a clear speech you have here

Steemit FAQ says

What are the valid reasons for downvoting?
Users are allowed to downvote for any reason that they want. There are many users in the community who recommend only using the downvote on posts that are abusive. It is up to you if you want to follow this etiquette.


Does a downvote mean that I did something wrong?
Just because you received a downvote does not mean that you did something wrong. The downvoting person may have just been voting to reallocate the rewards in a way that they felt was more beneficial to the other active posts in the platform. Often users will leave a comment explaining why they downvoted, but sometimes they might not. If they left a reason, it is up to you to determine if you did anything wrong, and if there is anything you want to change.

But unfortunately there is also an abuse of downvote from those who have a different agenda

The community as a whole decides, by balancing up- and downvotes. It's called swarm intelligence, and it's the basic principle steem was created on. Did you read the whitepaper where that is described? If you don't believe in what's laid out there, what's the concept you invested in?

Good post, I'm glad you pointed this out.
Sometimes I wonder why people fail to see
the relationship between cause and effect.

Thank you @thoughts-in-time

It is for others have teamed up and have a different agenda
and they have a double morale in this game

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