Get doodling for Doodle Doodledayeo!

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Doodle on Steemit!


There is only a couple more days left to submit a doodle for this weeks Doodle Doodledayeo challenge!

The deadline is Saturday 11th November 11.59 pm GMT. This week's challenge has a slight SteemFest 2 theme, and is inspired by Estufa Fria the magical location of the SteemFest Lisbon's closing dinner. The 3 words for this week's Doodle Doodledayeo's are starlight, jungle and dinner.

dinner sml.jpg

The SteemFest 2 closing dinner at Estufa Fria, Lisbon

I have created my own doodle for this weeks challenge- A starlit pastel de nata -Doodle Doodledayeo!. Why not give it a go too?


Remember, all you have to do is make a doodle inspired by the words starlight, jungle and dinner. Post your picture in the comments section of Doodle Doodledayeo! Round 5, and I'll share your images in next week's results post. If you make a post about it make sure you tag it with #doodleon .


The deadline is Saturday 11th November 11.59 pm GMT.

I'll give out 10 SBD to my favourite doodle.

Doodle Doodledayeo is all about sharing your creative ideas, so come and join in the fun!

Have a great day and Steem on!

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A wonderful doodle- thank you for joining in!


Thank you. I rushed it till i forgot to erase the pencil marks


I wanna be like you oo ooo!


xxxxP ^. .^ Here you go! I hope Im not too late :) I doodled a teddybears jungle picnic for you all x


Great doodling!


Superb, thank you for this doodle!


So creative!!! What a doodle :D

this week is a very complicated week for my lady who makes the drawings, it will be almost impossible to present any work for your initiative, we will be supporting the next one. congratulations for creating this fun challenge
I wish you a happy day dear friend @opheliafu

Perfect. I will try, I have a creative mind at this time.

Nice art @opheliafu . . . I really enjoy, thanks for sharing

I think I might be giving this a try :D

How have I missed this awesome doodle thing, what a fantastic idea!! I'll participate next time, I LOVE to doodle and welcome the chance to do more.