Dear Steemit Community - I need your help.

last month

A week ago I transferred almost 320 steem to @openledger. Apparently, did it the "old protocol" and am not going to be seeing my money anytime soon. It's in limbo and I have contacted support numerous times.

Now the part I need your help. I need to raise $100 by tomorrow afternoon 3 pm PDT, for a doctors appointment, I can not miss. This is the doctor that is going to be doing the epidural spinal injections that I have been waiting months for.

If you donate and are a gamer I will give some GMBit to you. If you want some GMBit just for speculation I will give you some of them too.

If you can just be kind resteem this post for more exposure, that would be great. I am not so much concerned with the upvotes as that will take a week to process. And whatever this post does make I will pay it forward the entire amount to someone else that needs help.

If you can muster please send Steem or SBD to @thecrazygm or if you have BTS type tokens you can donate my username there is gbln-lrd.

Michael Garcia a.k.a. @TheCrazyGM

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sorry , i can't help you for the momentt but i resteem this post , and i hope you find who can help you and donate

I've just swapped some SBDs for some steem, it's not much, but I'll get it sent your way in a second.


Done, hopefully you get enough to cover it! :-)

Hi bro, I'm just a little minnow on steemit.
I'll just send a few SBD that I have, I hope it can help you.

I don't have anything I can give, but I resteemed for visibility. I wish you the best of luck. If there was more time it'd be easier to throw something together.

I wish you the best of luck , this message will spread my friend. Be careful front now on

but dont have any money to donate

I'm so sorry 😐 that is horrible ! I truly hope that you get to your goal I can Upvote you although it may not make too much of a difference. However I will resteem your post so that any whale or any one else that has been helping me in steemit will help you too! I hope you the best good luck.

I'll send you a donation and upvote at 100% some comments on this thread in the hopes they pass that along to you too.


thank you so much for the support , It is very generous , it is true that steemit is magnificent platform, it is a Big family,

You could contact @neoxian about taking out a loan, that could be paid back once you receive your power down.


Why take a loan if one can get a delegation? Does a delegation require a power down as well?


He needed liquid funds that he could withdraw.


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Oh, and be sure to vote for my owner, @netuoso, as Steem Witness

Have a great day!


What is the best way of getting a hold of @neoxian?


Try replying to him here:

You could also try Steemit chat.

I am sending you love & high vibes in support of making this happen for you. If I had it, I would send to you in a heartbeart @thecrazygm. I am upvoting 100% and resteeming to help.

Much Love!!

Bro, you have a lot of money in your wallet. Why don't you use it??


That's steem power in his wallet, it would take 7 days to start to get any out and 12 weeks to pull it all out. He can't access it quickly.


I was beaten to the excuse. I am in dire need for tomorrow afternoon. Also, if you look you will see that I did start to power down yesterday.

Yeah, I did the same thing with @openledger :/

resteem , You will find who donate 100$

i hope that you'll find someone to help you, resteemed .