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Dear Steemit,

I am a fucking bank. This is amazing. I am like a transformer, but instead of turning into some truck, I turn into a bank.


(Photoshopped pictures from the internet)

I'm sort of like this...

Incredibly, there is a small handful of people that have trusted me with their hard-earned funds.

justinashby63.528 SBD
silvia60 SBD
ppagoda25 SBD
jznsamuel25 SBD
gee-world25.088 SBD

Holy shit! New customers!

sevinwilson75 SBD
ekavieka26 SBD
steeminator300080 SBD
wix25 SBD
runridefly100 Steem

Ok, so I'm a bank, big deal, so now what? I need to start earning some money for these guys.

These are my main forms of income:

  • Posting
  • Witnessing
  • Curating
  • Loan sharking
  • Delegation Rental
  • Misc services
  • Self voting (but not too much...honest!)

So I would use deposited funds to help me with these activities. This may mean purchasing more SteemPower to rent out and use for Misc services.

Ok guys, I'm going to tentatively promise you the base apr plus 3%. Sadly, the base apr is 0% so my apr is 3%.

Hey Neoxian! Only 3%, that's weak sauce? Come on man!

Yea yea, it's important that I be conservative and cautious. I don't want to promise what I can't deliver. And believe me, in my past I've seen some shady digital online banks that promised crazy interest rates of 30% or more, and..surprise surprise, they turned out to be scams or ponzi scheme. I am neither, so I'm offering a nice, normal interest rate. Hey! It's better than the 0% you get from the system right?

I will promise that I will make a best effort to earn money for my customers, regardless of my quirky nature I take all my business very seriously.

As a show of good faith, I've sent all my current depositors a small dividend, just so they can say they have made something.

Since I know people are going to ask, if you are crazy enough to want to deposit with me, it's 25 SBD minimum, thanks.

Happy banking!

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100 % Upvote , so the Bank Neoxian
Can make more for the investor.
I am very Generous.
With Big Heart - I created #whalepower for the Community Usage.

This is awesome how you keep expanding services. Accepting deposits is a good way forward.

Here is an idea going forward. Instant conversion to usd of smaller funds. For example you want to convert 100 Sbd to Usd, people send you sbd or steem you send them USD via paypal or something.
Or maybe even the other way.

What do you think?


For now, I'd like to operate purely on the blockchain. Interesting ideas though.

Hi @neoxian, apologies in advance in case I've misunderstood - the 3%, is a annual or monthly or weekly rate? and is the interest pro-rated to the day, week? and what is the rough structure like in terms of withdrawing (for example, in case Steem drops and we want to get our SBD back to buy more etc...)

Whats funny is I don't even know you in person, but to me your bank is more trustworthy and legitimate then the scum like chase or JP Morgan .
About to send you my first deposit btw!


Sorry it's a 25 SBD minimum. I don't want to track thousands of tiny deposits. Thank you.


Sorry about that. Lol you literally say that in the post and I totally missed it the first time reading.


Congrats, deposit received. Welcome to the bank and thank you for the kind words.


This is classic! I am right there with you with the trust factor! I just sent some in to the trustworthy bank!


what??? that guys fund your wallet to purchasing steempower?


lol. I wish.

Woo Hoo!!!
I got my first dividend . You the man @neoxian

I like that you are a honest guy about self voting. I would trust you....

I agree with this project, and i am a happy @neoxian customers. i have rent STEEM POWER before with good deal. But i need to Know 3% is for one year?
Thanks @neoxian you are awesome.


Thanks banker

It's great to be able to be a bank :) May I ask what is the projected interest rate that depositors can expect?


3% apr


Thanks, much better than a traditional bank :)

how much will i earn when i deposit 25sbd?


3% apr


very cheap and more services @neoxian

You just might control the world in the next couple of years. @neoxian, I will deposit some after my first power down.

I hope you will not have a scaling problem :)

You post actually made me laugh, lol. You are a bank now, congrats! Upvoted and following ^^

That was a smooth transition from a transformer

How much u charge for loan service

Really useful service......

I believe in new ideas and freedom.

'I am like a transformer, but instead of turning into some truck, I turn into a bank.' lmfao
I converted all my SBD to steem but when I get some I'll be sure to make a deposit.
Keep up the great work @neoxian

Damm you made it :D possible now even bank will fear i am pretty sure.

Always the innovator @neoxianbank.

Wow nice neoxian gratz on beeing a bank :P

How can you garantee you won't keep the SBD? They're yours according to the blockchain after all. Your system is based on trust, while the blockain was built to be a exactly the opposite: a functionning, trustless decentralized network. I'm not sure how I feel about this.


Search your feelings Luke.

What do you get in return for offering such a service?


From the interest rate?


I believe that I can make greater than 3% on their deposits, pay them 3% and keep the difference.

Hi @neoxian! Nice idea!
I would like to know:

  1. How much I earned if I send you some SBD? Per month or per day?

3% apr

Not crazy enough yet to store my SBD in your bank, but I'm working on it lol.


It takes a while to cultivate the crazy.


Cultivating crazy whole my life hahaha :d

I will resteem this post among my followers to spread the word!

And what about the services of the exchanger? Exchange of Steem and SBD for the dollar and euro? :)

So when you launching your Neoxian debit card??
Hehe :)

Saw you delegated my SP through minnowbooster ^^ Cheers!

This is much worth to resteem.. Reboat and set sail again! 🚣

Wish I had 25 SBD to deposit. :(

Good on you for your honesty my man! Good on you!


GREAT opportunity.. you always provided fantastic offers.. collection some fund to delegation.. would like to be a part of the community..
Upvoted and resteemed..

You are the most trusted bank after a paper wallet @neoxian
(Not that a paper wallet is a bank tho)

Okay, I am interested. How does this work for those of us Minnows that can only invest 1-5 SBD? ok

How often are your payouts? weekly or monthly..Compounding investors would like to know :) I'm sure the frequency will depend on the amount of payouts you have to manually manage..Bot time


good question, I'll say monthly.

Collect those funds! Friggin awesome! LOL!

@neoxian you need a big banner [3% APR.!] lol

I wish to be there . Resteemed your post to make more customers

Very interesting @neoxian.

Just send the 25 SBD? Do I need to put any information in Memo?


Yea write that it's a bank deposit.


or it will consider as a Donation


Thanks for complementing @solidgold



Awesome! And I am collecting funds too :D Hope to be at that list or to be at your delegation list soon!
A Big Whale who wish to help others to be big... That big whale is @neoxian!
Salute for your work dude!


Neoximus Prime!

Another member has joined the banking alliance! :D


Deposit received! Thank you!


You're welcome! I have enjoyed following your ride since the first loan you made!

This place makes for some fascinating experimentation. Not weak sauce at all!

what a transformation !!
wow now a BANK

this is a big update thanks for sharing the news.

Hey if you enjoy it, that is cool. It seems like an awful lot of work keeping it all straight. I'm sure you will get it all streamlined. Its like posting for me. Its surely not worth the money, but if you enjoy it, then it is well worth it :)

Happy bank and happy returns :D

You're doing a great job dude. Your business is thriving.

@neoxian your bank is growing day by day. Hope it grows even bigger soon :)

I don't know how you do it, but thanks for supporting Minnows Accelerator Project, peace

Love that you keep expanding your services bro. I'll be back for more loan-shark services very very soon ;)

Now I am in.😃 will send you the SBD
hail the banker. 😃😃😃


cheers. hoping for the best of your business 😃.

İt seems to good opportunity,i'm interesting for

Nice work.
3% is good for Investors.
Minimum amount 25 SBD no problem.
Up-voted and resteemed.

3% not bad. of great deal in this platform...
I think we are really trust our honest @neoxian bank....wel done and thank you so much supporting others....for it money investments...
I wish you all the best @neoxian

happy to see my dividend from the best bank on steemit! more power to you ;)
hopefully one day, customers will be queuing to get in :)

3% is fair enough, plus you're still growing. Who knows you'll be the biggest bank in Steemit.

Depositors reaction be like:

I agree with this post..
Upvoted & resteem..

I am a fucking bank. This is amazing.

We've lost him boys :(




The guy is clueless


The irony of a centralized bank within a decentralized platform is humorous to me, I dunno


Is it like rain on your wedding day?

Upvoted & RESTEEMED :]

Great idea , keep up the work , thank you for sharing

very nice post @neoxian sir full of knowledge and information extremely helpful.

Good services. I will take benefit of the service offered.

Hey @neoxian can i add up my savings with you, or do i have to do another savings and wait for another three months....

common i would prefer to add up my savings.

@neoxain what about you selling shares to your bank, maybe you take it public