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FlashBack Moment ..

I was digging through the thousands of pictures in my phone, like most of us do from time to time, looking for one in particular. I had exhausted the search feature and had to resort to a manual effort. I could even remember exactly where I took it, so viewing them as locations on a map wouldn’t even be of any help.

It was then..

Back in September of 2013, six years ago, that I came across this picture. It was also then that I lost track of what it was I was on the hunt for, and began the reminiscing phase.. An endless hole in which I never fully recovered from. September 2013.. I remember taking this picture but would have never guessed that far back. I was perched on the sofa, minding my own business and eating some Lay’s Potato Chips. When off to my right, out of the corner of my eye, I notice movement. Sure enough.. Pop Pop! Two heads with eyes resting and becoming fixed on my actions. Fixed on the crinkling of the bag and the crunch of the crisp chips being tossed into my watering mouth. Not a single muscle was being moved by these two onlookers. They were determined as ever to mooch some salty goodness from me.

Photo by BDMiller
This is a young Molly (5) and her big brother Pepper (7)

I remember fondly ..

This picture and how I shared it with friends and family. I also remember that the staring eyes, yet annoying and pesky, were also soft, lovable and successful. They won out that day and had several chips between the two of them. Shortly after inhaling my handouts, they would jump from their perches and begin to rub their faces around the floor like they were in an olympic freestyle swimming race. It was at that point that I realized the consequences of my actions of being a “Sucker” for those eyes. Now we get our faces wiped after things like this, and after their most sought after treat.. Ice Cream!

I suppose the point of this post ..

Other than sharing an (in my opinion) incredibly cute photo, was to express that it was fun to dig through the old images stored in the image files of my iPhone. It helped me re-live a neat moment in my life, but also reminded me of how fast time gets away from us. It also reminded me that I should probably schedule the carpet to be professionally cleaned.. Hahahahaha…

Forgetting About The Future ..

Today I needed this picture. It helped me to take my mind off of some bad news my wife and I recently received. A tragedy unfolding around us, in which we have no control. A tragedy that strikes close to home. A tragedy that does not come with a handbook full of advice. A tragedy with some certainty and lots of tearful unknowns. A tragedy that is in and out of my thoughts, all day long. I needed this moment …

I Needed This Moment To Smile and Chuckle.. Briefly Putting The FUTURE On Hold.

Thank you for listening.

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you had mentioned in another post that this was your screensaver or background or something and it is easy to understand why. I've never met Pepper and Molly but I am tempted to save this photo haha. Another winner.

You mentioned that people have said you are crazy for taking too many pics of your doge-pals but those people can suck eggs man! Your dogs are so photogenic what else are you supposed to do? Take pictures of humans? pffft PFFFT! .

"Suck Eggs".. HAHAHAHAhhahahahahahah.. Awesome! I haven't heard that one is a while. Now It's in my head and I'll probably drop it from now on. hehe. Yea, heck with them.. I am not going to be taking photos of Humans, that's for sure. I'll stick with the pups!! Yup I found this pic and fell in love with it agian, so its now the screen saver :-)

Thanks for the support @gooddream!

SO Good! 😂😂😂😂

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