Launch Binance FUD, Dump it... [cryptomeme- cryptololz - pwn] [CloudConnectStudios]

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You have received a @GrumpyCat flag because you or someone else sent money to buy votes from an irresponsible non-GrumpyCompliant service.

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I like the memes. fuck off

if you live life grumpy you'll get constipated

aku suka-aku suka



  • You are flagging innocent people and calling them "collateral damage"!
  • You are trying to impose your rules by using your SP on ones weaker than you!
  • You have rejected all the diplomatic proposals we have brought so far!

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To your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

In a market like this, sometimes FUD is just right thinking.

what is Binance FUD and what significane it has

I want to know too, but meme and dmania tags make it seem unreliable.
I hope he will explain once he is rested from the bot shopping binge, but I assume he is in or on his way to another one.

WOW @stimialiti what a

gender discriminating, sexist comment

How can you possibly know what pronoun they prefer or what the gender identity of @cloudconnect is? You should be careful what types of pronouns you throw around. I'm here to jester you.

you dont think this is news do you?? lol

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Rumor that binance was hacked


ahahahah thanks for your contribution to steemit @squeegee

I hate FUD with not enough basis.

hahah for real... that's why we all need to take a step back and laugh sometimes

welcome to the circle jerk

Great meme on an excellent video haha

Screenshot 2018-03-08 at 06.43.30.png


You are bullied by @grumpycat on your post.
We are resisting this.

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@GrumpyCat, to your tyranny WE-RESIST

The Resistance

yeah thanks @the-resistance @grumpycat 's flag is completely irrelevant to this post, plus he has a massive multiple account circle jerk going feeding money to himself. The steemit whitepaper sanctions and guides all our activities here.

LML-love my life

@cloudconnect will always work to make a great place

Good meme binance fud

Hahaha... they makes there own ghost... time to buy while its red.


Hi. I liked your post, keep it up. I wish you good luck and have a good day. :)

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If there was an award for meme's , then you sir , have won it

People should stop reacting to FUD's. They are hitting their own legs with axe.

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