ZERO CODE Virtual Reality Builder - Publishing Test - Experience DLUX VR

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This is a test of the dlux vr IDE

Make WebVR with ZERO CODE required.

For this example I set the environment to egypt and added an arcade model by Bruno Macena downloaded from Sketchfab.

I scaled the model, then added a blog description which you're reading now, and clicked publish.

All within the dlux Glitch XR builder - without doing any coding at all! Posting was easy thanks to keychain integration.

Hello future. Welcome to Virtual Reality!
Build your own by following this link

View in VR @dlux-io

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Cool, your link works and the VR mode runs smooth. In your example the arcade machine is not functional but it could this VR mode actually run a game in it? So, that I can play the arcade machine?


Yes the model is just a dummy pulled down fro Sketchfab. But we could easy add collision to take you into another video game or activate secondary controls that would influence whatever is on the arcade screen and update it. Anything is possible in here, all wired up to STEEM ready to go for creators.



Thanks, you should give it a try and create something! Join our discord if you have any questions:

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Wait so how does keychain work with this?