DLiveRewards Announcements | Upvote Bot , Bid Bot and @drewardsresteem service.

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Hello DLivers!

Hello DLive streamers, vloggers and lurkers!

Today we're implementing yet another exciting feature!


Weekly Feature!

From now, until Monday, 3rd of April, we will be upvoting for 2% every post that contains #dliverewards in the tags. This is a test feature we are implementing and will surely come back in the future!


Bid Bot and @drewardsresteem Service!

From now on, we are also offering you exclusive DLive Bid Bot and Resteem Service.

Whether you're looking to promote yourself or your best friend, this service is a great way to support both the DLiveRewards project and the DLive content creators!

If you would like to support the project and get a daily share of the bids, you can delegate to us at
SteemBotTracker's Delegating Service



  • Posts can't be older than two days.
  • Any bids unrelated to DLive or DLiveRewards will be blacklisted.
  • Beware that this is on a testing phase. If you did not get your upvote or resteem, contact us through Discord and we will send you back your SBD / Steem.



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  • For anyone to use my resteem service, send 0.1 SBD to @abasinkanga + post link as memo.
  • Upvote this comment if you like this service.

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