I'm All in on DLive, Are You?

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Hey DLivers / Steemians,

It has been a while since we have had an update from the Development Team. The whole team has been hard at work and since we are approaching DLive version 0.8.0, I wanted to give the current users, and future users of DLive something to look forward to.

My team and I are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience. This has always been one of my highest priorities. I want every person that uses DLive to feel a sense of ownership and to be proud, to be apart of this great community. I also want to welcome all genre's of content, there seems to be a status quo of gaming attached to live streaming, when that is not the case anymore. I love seeing a wide variety of content on DLive and I hope that this will continue.

Here are some of the features and upgrades that will be coming soon.


Video Storage

Have you ever been to a site and your video did not load or was missing? Video Storage and Performance is so critical for all of our users. DLive values all videos contributed to our platform and we strive to offer the best service. DLive will never delete any of your original content. We will allow you to control whether or not you want your content to be viewed on our platform.

DLive hosts an IPFS node and the video playback performance was not where we need it to be. This leads us to the decision to move away from IPFS, to a better performing video service. You will never have to worry about videos not loading when using DLive.


I want to cater to all of DLive's users, regardless of what your native language is. In the upcoming versions you will be able to change the language of the whole site. This will assist in helping us expand in all markets.

This leads me to a program that I have been working on, the DLive Ambassador Program. We will be looking for individuals of all languages to help us expand in different markets. If you think you can help DLive grow in your country, we want to hear from you in the comments below! The DLive Ambassadors will be rewarded based on, the impact of the newly onboarded user. There will be more details on this coming soon.

The Next Big Thing - Fanbase

We have a new feature called Fanbase that is coming soon. I don't want to say too much as the full details will be explained in an official post from @DLive. What you can you expect from Fanbase is, the ability to create your own community within DLive, whether you are a live broadcaster or video author. Some of the features include a new chat system with group chats and private chats.

I've included a few teaser pictures.




Site wide notifications are coming soon! You will be notified directly on the DLive website when, someone you follow uploads a video, you receive an upvote and much more.


Live Stream and Video Categorization

In the coming version, we will be changing our categorizations of live streams and videos. I want to thank everyone who took the time to do our survey. Your opinion matters to me and all of you are part of the reason for the re-classfication of categories.

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am, about the future of DLive.
I'm ALL IN on DLive, are you?

Sincerely Yours,
Founder and CEO of DLive


@wa7 I applaud you guys for the amazing growth this year. Keep up the great work!

Yes.and me.

The chat function at upcoming Fanbase on Dlive - one of the biggest missing links! Great stuff guys!

Artakush plays games in the bush...

Dtube has deleted all of my videos from a few months ago, never happened with dlive!

DLive will never delete any of your original content.


The Ambassador programs sounds exciting and I've been sharing some of my plans regarding promotion in Korea with Lin on discord. I hope more people learn about how cool Dlive truly is. The shift away from IPFS will destroy anything that's out there in direct competition with dlive (none!) - and soon new users will have the smoothest, easiest experience signing up for a service built on top of a blockchain. This is what mass adoption will look like - ease of use and dlive #dlivers ;)

I'm all the way in! #inKentWeTrust 💯

Super News @wa7. They are constantly improving. He goes up one level every day @dlive. I was alone all 5 months ago. Now I am a big family. I am ready for any kind of help and support. Best regards... #inKentWeTrust #inDliveWeTrust

This is crazy, every day that passes I'm more confident Dlive is the best choice to share videos and stream live. I can't wait to see how the fan base works in practice! Keep kicking ass DLive team!

It is like this, it is the best current option to share videos in real time, it gives a kick to several sites, greetings !!!

On time for this announcement. :P

With 149 broadcasts and 8 videos I think you could say that I'm pretty much all in on Dlive, wouldn't you say? The only times I missed out on a stream was when I was sick or just wasn't in town or something. Awesome platform with a loving community and nothing bad to say about it. The onlyaspect that needs to be worked on is engagement.

The amount of development you put out is simply admireable. I never had problems with loading videos on Dlive which I can't say about Dtube where every other video I try to load doesn't work.

Have you considered implementing a designer marketplace for overlays and animations? Made a video suggestion about it but sadly no one replied. This is how I envisioned it to be but I'm sure you will have a better way of going about it.

#inDLiveWeTrust #ALLinOnDlive

Couldn't agree more. I think this is a brilliant idea. A lot of people struggle to get started in this community. It would be a great way to do something for the community and make a name for themselves.

we have a really amazing experience in DLIVE! surely, this will boost our profitable scope within the community :)


Me too. Wooouu I think this is really amazing. This is a really incredible platform, it is notorious that you do a great job. I am eager to read the next post with more details. Thanks for sharing the information @wa7.

DLive to the moon!

Wow, exciteted to see how much DLive has grown in such a short amount of time. I want to thank you and your team, if it wasn't for DLive I would have never started streaming. #inDLiveWeTrust

I am very happy because these advances are an incredible group and I am willing to join to expand the market in my country Venezuela. The world is changing and you are part of that change.

Good news bravo kent #inDlivewetrust

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