I'm All in on DLive, Are You?

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Hey DLivers / Steemians,

It has been a while since we have had an update from the Development Team. The whole team has been hard at work and since we are approaching DLive version 0.8.0, I wanted to give the current users, and future users of DLive something to look forward to.

My team and I are constantly looking for ways to improve the user experience. This has always been one of my highest priorities. I want every person that uses DLive to feel a sense of ownership and to be proud, to be apart of this great community. I also want to welcome all genre's of content, there seems to be a status quo of gaming attached to live streaming, when that is not the case anymore. I love seeing a wide variety of content on DLive and I hope that this will continue.

Here are some of the features and upgrades that will be coming soon.


Video Storage

Have you ever been to a site and your video did not load or was missing? Video Storage and Performance is so critical for all of our users. DLive values all videos contributed to our platform and we strive to offer the best service. DLive will never delete any of your original content. We will allow you to control whether or not you want your content to be viewed on our platform.

DLive hosts an IPFS node and the video playback performance was not where we need it to be. This leads us to the decision to move away from IPFS, to a better performing video service. You will never have to worry about videos not loading when using DLive.


I want to cater to all of DLive's users, regardless of what your native language is. In the upcoming versions you will be able to change the language of the whole site. This will assist in helping us expand in all markets.

This leads me to a program that I have been working on, the DLive Ambassador Program. We will be looking for individuals of all languages to help us expand in different markets. If you think you can help DLive grow in your country, we want to hear from you in the comments below! The DLive Ambassadors will be rewarded based on, the impact of the newly onboarded user. There will be more details on this coming soon.

The Next Big Thing - Fanbase

We have a new feature called Fanbase that is coming soon. I don't want to say too much as the full details will be explained in an official post from @DLive. What you can you expect from Fanbase is, the ability to create your own community within DLive, whether you are a live broadcaster or video author. Some of the features include a new chat system with group chats and private chats.

I've included a few teaser pictures.




Site wide notifications are coming soon! You will be notified directly on the DLive website when, someone you follow uploads a video, you receive an upvote and much more.


Live Stream and Video Categorization

In the coming version, we will be changing our categorizations of live streams and videos. I want to thank everyone who took the time to do our survey. Your opinion matters to me and all of you are part of the reason for the re-classfication of categories.

I hope that everyone is as excited as I am, about the future of DLive.
I'm ALL IN on DLive, are you?

Sincerely Yours,
Founder and CEO of DLive


@wa7 I applaud you guys for the amazing growth this year. Keep up the great work!

Yes.and me.

The chat function at upcoming Fanbase on Dlive - one of the biggest missing links! Great stuff guys!

Artakush plays games in the bush...

Dtube has deleted all of my videos from a few months ago, never happened with dlive!

DLive will never delete any of your original content.


The Ambassador programs sounds exciting and I've been sharing some of my plans regarding promotion in Korea with Lin on discord. I hope more people learn about how cool Dlive truly is. The shift away from IPFS will destroy anything that's out there in direct competition with dlive (none!) - and soon new users will have the smoothest, easiest experience signing up for a service built on top of a blockchain. This is what mass adoption will look like - ease of use and dlive #dlivers ;)

I'm all the way in! #inKentWeTrust 💯

Super News @wa7. They are constantly improving. He goes up one level every day @dlive. I was alone all 5 months ago. Now I am a big family. I am ready for any kind of help and support. Best regards... #inKentWeTrust #inDliveWeTrust

This is crazy, every day that passes I'm more confident Dlive is the best choice to share videos and stream live. I can't wait to see how the fan base works in practice! Keep kicking ass DLive team!

It is like this, it is the best current option to share videos in real time, it gives a kick to several sites, greetings !!!

On time for this announcement. :P

With 149 broadcasts and 8 videos I think you could say that I'm pretty much all in on Dlive, wouldn't you say? The only times I missed out on a stream was when I was sick or just wasn't in town or something. Awesome platform with a loving community and nothing bad to say about it. The onlyaspect that needs to be worked on is engagement.

The amount of development you put out is simply admireable. I never had problems with loading videos on Dlive which I can't say about Dtube where every other video I try to load doesn't work.

Have you considered implementing a designer marketplace for overlays and animations? Made a video suggestion about it but sadly no one replied. This is how I envisioned it to be but I'm sure you will have a better way of going about it.

#inDLiveWeTrust #ALLinOnDlive

Couldn't agree more. I think this is a brilliant idea. A lot of people struggle to get started in this community. It would be a great way to do something for the community and make a name for themselves.

we have a really amazing experience in DLIVE! surely, this will boost our profitable scope within the community :)


Me too. Wooouu I think this is really amazing. This is a really incredible platform, it is notorious that you do a great job. I am eager to read the next post with more details. Thanks for sharing the information @wa7.

DLive to the moon!

Wow, exciteted to see how much DLive has grown in such a short amount of time. I want to thank you and your team, if it wasn't for DLive I would have never started streaming. #inDLiveWeTrust

I am very happy because these advances are an incredible group and I am willing to join to expand the market in my country Venezuela. The world is changing and you are part of that change.

Good news bravo kent #inDlivewetrust

#YouAreOurWorld! 😎 Longlive Kent!

You're an incredible human being @wa7!

@DLive & the whole dev team are making 🌊WAVES🌊 for the @Steemit user base.

Keep killin' it you guys!!

Hope to post to DLive sometime soon...just gotta find the time. haha

Your Art is very welcomed on DLive. We hope to see you join the community soon :)

Woohoo! I look forward to it, @mehdibca. :)

Thanks to your words of encouragement, I finally took the leap, @mehdibca! Thanks for being so welcoming. :)

We will wait for that bro, @rigaronib! 😎

The fanbase feature sounds so interesting!
Community within a community, I really like this idea!
DLive you guys are progressing so fast, Keep it up!


I knew months ago that you were a team of leaders that would stick with your community and continue to deliver massive... absolutely massive ....benefits to everyone that uses Dlive.

Loving the journey so far...Keep crushing it!!

Wow. Thank you for the great platform @wa7 mr kent.

I really impress how the upload time that ease my job with just using phone.

You really have a great platform and team. Cheers

That's insane, really ! Thanks for all you do for Dlive and Dliver, I trust in Dlive since I'm part of it and will continue to trust you , doing my best to help this awesome community growing everyday :D

step by step to summit #Dlive

I am sooooo hyped about this Fanbase thingy. :-D

I am ALL IN on DLive sooooo hard... 👍

Extraordinary news, I would love to be an ambassador of dlive in my country Peru if there is the opportunity

Hard to beat. 2 ❤ ❤ for the update
Ambassador me me me. waiting for more info!

Cheers ❤

OMG! I'm so excited!

I'm considerably new to DLive (cause I had icky internets), but I'm ALLLL In!


Absolutely stellar update. As someone that uploads and streams tons of content every single day, I can't tell you guys how invaluable this platform is, and how excited I am for the future. Keep it up!

Wow, what an incredible update! I'm particularly looking forward to the "Localisation" and "Fanbase" features to be added. You guys must be working tirelessly in trying to evolve this platform into the behemoth that DLive will soon be. Congrats, DLive team. The future of this platform is looking very bright indeed.

Thank you to each and every one of you!

Legend KENT ! <3 We Trust and Love YOU

One if the most important things that steemit is missing are notifications. Like phone notifications.
Would be nice if there was a dedicated phone DLive app where you could watch the stream and get notifications on your phone that someone you follow just went live.
Sure that (on Android) you can use Chrome browser, click 3 dots and "add to main screen" and it will look and work almost like an app but... there are few thing missing like notifications and...
Even though I am trying to use only 2500MBps so that people wont have lags, they do. If there as an ability to reduce the video quality for those who are watching (like on that phone) to let's say 480p, that would be amazing.
Oh and "PL" language :D

DLive will never delete any of your original content. We will allow you to control whether or not you want your content to be viewed on our platform.

This is awesome!
But I will still do my best to make the file as small as possible

This is something I definitely agree with - the ability to change the quality of the stream. I spend a lot of time on the train going back and forth from my home to the city. There is WiFi, but it's usually not the greatest. If I would have the option to choose the quality, I would be able to tune in to my favorite streamers on DLive as I'm taking my 40 minute ride on the train.
And yes - PL as a language, please! The massive following from Poland out there is incredible! Not only on @carrioner streams, whenever there is a Polish stream going, there's tons of people tuning in. Give Poland some love ^^

Hey @wa7, I love all up the upgrades that have been going into @DLive. As someone who streams twice every Monday, once Tuesday, once Friday, and usually at least one other impromptu time per week, I have been surprised at how often it is that DLive noticeably makes an enhancement that improves both my experience and that of my viewers.

Lately, I hear many thanks for how fast the chat has been working and how the latency seems improved (even though I'm on the same broadband connection as before).

It's been nice to see the support from your tech team on discord chat. I have also been very happy to get upvotes directly from DLive! That was completely unexpected and it's been cool to be someone in one of those lesser viewed genres that is also receiving support from the community!

I was on DTube constantly, before, but now I only use DLive and I just don't see that changing.

Thanks for all you do!

I want every person that uses DLive to feel a sense of ownership and to be proud, to be apart of this great community.

I don't even feel a sense of ownership on my own content. I can't delete my streams, so I'll pass until you fix it.

Awesome news! 2 way chat will be a super nice feature.

#dliveforever very excited! can't wait.

Awesome news , keep up on your great work 👍

This looks amazing! I'm all in on Dlive :)

This is awesome!

@wa7 WoW this is great! I have never tried vlog but this might just be the time to give Dlive a try :D

Best wishes to you.

Yahoo Dliver

As always, solid post!
Thank you for everything, DLive

Very Exciting! Awesome contributions to the Steem blockchain!! I am so gonna brave my fears and get doing some dLive videos!! Woohoo! 🎉🎶🌻

wow das klingt super, und lässt hoffen das die deutsche Streamer-Community weiter wächst und gedeiht.

This is amazing

I think the changes that are going to be in version 0.8.0 are very interesting, congratulations for your hard work.

Mr. @ wa7 I have a proposal to make an alliance between dlive and an event that will take place in a few months called: https://expoblockchain.co/site/. I would like to know how I can communicate with you to talk in depth about the subject.

Me parecen muy interesantes los cambios que van ha haber en la version 0.8.0, felicitaciones por su arduo trabajo.

Sr. @wa7 tengo una propuesta para realizar una alianza entre dlive y un evento que se realizara en unos meses llamado: https://expoblockchain.co/site/. Me gustaria saber como puedo comunicarme con usted para hablar a profundidad del tema.

Sounds realy coooooool. #inKentWeTrust. Fanbase looks realy amazing

So if you like random stuff, welcome to the club guys.

I am as excited as everyone out here about the future of DLive! I have found my home on the Steemit blockchain, and it's you guys.

I have been ALL IN since the very start of DLive existence and I don't intend to stop. DLive has allowed me to fulfill the livestreamer dream. It is one of the best things that has happened to me.

Also, I would be more than happy to volunteer for the DLive Ambassador Program and help doing translations and more! My language capabilities are limited to Latvian (my native language) and Norwegian. I would be honored to help out translation-wise and even proof reading English articles, should there be a need for it.
Heck, I can even send my resume to get approval :)

Keep rockin', DLive!

When we are able to stream on Dlive usiy our smartphones.

I have not tried it myself, but I know for a fact that there are lots of people streaming games they play on their smartphones, if that's what you meant.

This is the help section link about streaming from an Android Phone:

And here's one for iOS:

Sorry if you didn't mean game streaming, my knowledge here is limited. As I said, I have never tried streaming from my smartphone, but these are the guides available on the official DLive Help section.

I'm patiently waiting for that day too, my friend!

Fan base sounds fun. Not that anyone is watching my stream, but at least there is a possibility..

Yeah, yeahy, yeah! Great job guys, your are doing awesome. It is simply amazing the amount of effort you are puting into dlive platform. Proud to be part of it!!! See ya there!

Grat news!
I have never been more pleased with DLive post :)
That's what I am waiting for

Awesome news , The Ambassador programs sounds exciting i realy like to be in Ambassador programs. i will be waiting for more details. Fanbase Chat will bring a new excitement to @dlive #inDLiveWeTrust #inKentWeTrust

Dlive evimiz Kent babamız

bu iyiymiş aga dgjhnfgjfg :D

Wooow that sounds great.
Honestly I have to say that I never gave Dlive much attention, but from now on I will keep an eye on this.

Great update @wa7! I love the emphasis on @dlive's storage abilities. To me this is one of the platform's key feature implementations compared to competing services. For anyone considering a platform choice this should be a key function they explorer.

Wow, that sounds great!
I wrote a German aggregation for the German speaking community.

DLive is my home on the steem blockchain.
Without this platform I would be crypto-dust.
Thanks for everything you and the Dlive team have done and continue to do.
I'm all in!

You guys are killing it. I switched from dtube a few months ago and not looking back.

Please upvote my commend and subscribe my profile.

thx u & keep up the good work !

the decision to move away from IPFS, to a better performing video service. You will never have to worry about videos not loading when using

interesting, but this step l requires biiiiig storage servers with fast network connection - a lot of money ;) or another distributed web ?

Yenilikler iyidir.gelisimi sağlar

I've already mentioned it somewhere. Steemit, I love DLive

I'm Hyped For This Update! Keep Up The Good Work!

Incredible update @wa7!! I feel like every line I read kept getting more and more exciting. Long term storage and playability is everything. I am very excited to hear that you are moving away from IPFS. I think this has been the biggest issue in attracting more content creators. This change alone gives me so much faith in the future of Dlive and your ability to attract a larger user base.

Then communities with chat features?? SO cool! I think the Dlive community already feels really close knit, and so this will just help strengthen those bonds between users and make it easier for new users to get plugged in.

The language features/ambassador program is awesome too. Great to see that you guys are working towards a more global reach. And then notifications too? Damn... killing it.

All around, I have to say that this makes me SUPER stoked on the future of Dlive.

Enjoy it if always UPVOTE my livestream...

@wa7 I am ready for all kinds of help and support for the DLive family.
#inKentWeTrust #inDliveWeTrust <3

Thanks for the Super platform ,every day I am getting more into it I’m Polish 25 years in the USA, let me know if I can help with some translation

We will support you Kent

Great Updates

Excuse me, I do not speak English, this is translated.
I love DLive and I need it with my feet on the ground, the reality is that it has competence and very strong.

For example bit.tube promises a fairer monetization than the power of saving steem dollar, here it is more logical to make 60 video of 5 minutes of content than one of 300 minutes.

I wonder, when the shared browser technology is spread like rabb.it, what will be the duration logic of the live streeming?

Good work is legendary, go! excellent, THANKS for sharing!

keep this up . if i may ask are you going to do an SMT token in the future? if it's a yes will you hold an ICO ? after all your platform is amazing !

Very awesome! DLive is constantly improving and I am very excited for it's future. :)

Would be willing to help in French langage

hell ya!! DLIVE is the future!

good work guys. would like to see better support for longer/perma streaming (e.g. switch to not save recording, or warning that only last X hours wuold be saved). beside being an option for streamer, that might save the bandwidth / storage for dlive. also, some kind of url addition that would directly open active live stream on channel would also be nice.

also, as i already do with my stream, supporting local artists, i would like to participate in Ambasador program, representing serbia and ex-yu (balkan).

cheers and keep it up!

I'm looking forward to the changes coming up! #inKentWeTrust

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Kent this s amazing...thnx for upgrade and information...l love dlive... l'm n here everytime... l love dlive l love dlivefriends...
See u next with upgrades

#InDliveweTrust! The Team from #keepinitsteem would love to help Dlive grow in Germany.

I would love to work as an embassador in the UK and Lebanon. I switch back and forth between the countries.

That sounds great that DLive is moving away from IPFS to a better hosting solution...

DLive hosts an IPFS node and the video playback performance was not where we need it to be. This leads us to the decision to move away from IPFS, to a better performing video service. You will never have to worry about videos not loading when using DLive.

Disappearing videos is a real problem on certain other nearby video sites.

What service will DLive be moving to?

And when will it be implemented?

Many thanks and keep up the good work.

Host of The Alternative Lifestyle Show on MSP Waves Radio.

Editor of the Weekly Schedule of Steem Radio Shows.

Founder of the A Dollar A Day charitable giving project.

Friend @wa7 from #Venezuela I want to tell you that your work will reach a high level in the #steemit community. Remember that the most important thing is to feel confident about what you do and the only way to do it by loving what you do, regardless of the money ... If you have not looked for it yet, keep looking ... Without further ado, there is nothing to say that evolves and improves in what you do friend ... From here of #Venezuela I will always support it;)

Your profile is very interesting !!!!!!

It sounds cool!! I am looking forward to the fanbase feature. In addition, It's wonderful that Dlive will never delete our videos. It's really important to me.
Thanks for your effort on improving Dlive!thank06.gif

All in totally !!!!

I have never used Dlive before but I feel that it is a great platform and I will try ti upload a few videos on Dlive.

And as many people here have complained about dtube, even I had felt that videos don't play many times.

The Dlive Ambassador Program will be a good judging from the Prom-Steem Ambassadors.

I can help Dlive grow in my country. I am pretty much interested in this Program. Dlive is so unique and easy to use. In my country people spends most of their time watching videos than reading texts. This is where Dlive comes in, a decentralized site where they can also share their videos of either make-up tutorials or singing and gets watch quality contents from other Dlive users. Promoting Dlive in my country will be fun for me.

The updates on Dlive are cool and much better now. The notification feature will be nice.

I await to hear more about the Dlive Ambassador Program because I am interested in promoting Dlive

Kudos to @wa7 (Kent) and all Dlive crew.

This is awesome, thanks for the updates!

This is the first time I've seen you around, I set up my stream for the first time earlier this week and since my first time visiting the site, a lot has improved about the UX.

Sucks I missed your survey about categories, I really appreciate your community involvement!

Thanks for your work, I look forward to being a part of it!

Dtube is the best video platform

Sounds good Kent

Great update, I love DLive :)

That new features sounds amazing! Especially Fanbase.

I'm glad and appreciated that you will still support vloggers with videos as well. I'm always happy when I've got upvote from @dlive :)

no IPFS anymore? perfect!

Thank You @wa7 !

I am very new in Steemit. I am only a day old here so with time i will join you in DLIVE soon.

By then i hope i will have learnt how to use most of the features

I think the shift away from IPFS until either it is mature or another technology is developed is probably a good option. Although I would really like to see the back end p2p decentralized like the steem blockchain, these things are not always possible or easy .

DLive has outstanding playback performance compare to the Dtube. I guess IPFS is the root cause of the slow loading speed. And Dlive is the only dapps on Steem that I think with top quality. Cheers!

I will giving ma best to this awesome platform. doing as much as i can!

Thats #DLOVE rite there, @wa7!

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