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RE: DLive is joining the Lino blockchain, moving away from Steem

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I think it is despicable that dlive are leaving Steem as well as poaching Steem's users to a different chain, no less after so many Steemit users have put their time and effort into helping dlive become what it is today.

Ultimately, I think the decision to leave is only going to do harm to dlive and not Steem itself. A network effect can only be achieved if projects like Dlive build on Steem - the first and most established blockchain for social media applications. Taking the dapp else where is just fracturing value.

If it's not built on Steem then I can't support, or use it. As such, I will no longer be a dlive'er. Disappointing yes, but as others have pointed out, Steem is much much bigger than dlive.

Good luck, good bye, and good riddance.


For the first time in 2 years I fully agree with you. Well said. There's always the option to bridge rather than exploit and "poach" and it's evident which route the Dlive team has taken.

They can't poach anything more if you disconnect them from your authorized apps via steemconnect.

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How do I disconnect my Steem from my Dlive using Steem Connect? Right now, I have not logged into Dlive in a few weeks. So, I have to manually log in. So, do I need to change my posting keys or what?

They left due to they failed at streaming, still unable to code their way out of a paper bag they instruct you to download OBS to stream with dlive. @vimm is a streaming project released with real developers, you are correct Steemit is better off!

I liked Dlive over Dtube but yeah, too bad Dlive is leaving. Yeah, this may hurt Dlive in the long run, more so than they know. Hard to say exactly but I feel like I can't trust Dlive now. That is how I feel, subjectively. I like Bitchute.

But steem is full of people like you who are selfish and only a fraction of the people who live on the planet are like that which is why it didn't grow. Most people are kind and have compassion. This is what happens when people like you get voted by arrogant selfish idiots. Influencers who are like them killig growth and getting rich while doing it.

Yeah, that may be true.

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