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I have already uploaded so many videos to Dtube and was never rewarded! And my videos are not bad, I would say. DLIVE gave me the first REWARD! THANK YOU :-)

Ich hab schon so viele Videos auf Dtube hochgeladen und wurde nie belohnt! Und meine Videos sind nicht schlecht würd ich sagen. DLIVE gab mir die erste Belohnung! DANKE :-)

Schaut euch auch meine Bilder auf Steepshot an:

My video is at DLive


Your videos are great in my opinion. To me, it seems like Dtube rewards more contents where the people talk, like vlogs. I'm glad you got rewarded from Dlive, i think this video deserve it and maybe this platform suits better for videos like yours. You are doing well @unique.esprit, you have a fantastic page, congratulations.

Wow I feel very honored, thanks for the great compliments! I also think that dlive is better for me than dtube because my videos are not vlogs.

Congrats on your first reward

Thank you a lot :-)

You are welcome

Any good thing must be rewarded
Your hardwork paid off

Thank you very much for your support you sooo wellcome :-)

Your videos are good.

Thank you very much!

One question, which is better and why?
Dlive or Dtube? give me your sincere and factual opinion ...

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