DLive | Transparency Report #2 - May 1, 2018

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Welcome to the 2nd Transparency Report from @DLive.

The month of April will always be one to remember for the DLive Community and Team.


DLive Community

We wanted to start off this report with a mention of the DLive Community. In April the DLive Team witnessed something amazing. Our Community rallied together showing their support to, not only DLive, but to each other. During the 5 days when @DLive was not upvoting content, @wa7 distributed 1000 STEEM/SBD to be donated to our users. Aside from @wa7's contributions, there was a ton of users showing their support to each other, by using the donation feature. In the month of April there was 1448 donations sent out totalling 860.498 STEEM and 638.915 SBD.

This was mentioned in @wa7's post on Steemit titled "With Great Power Comes Great Responsiblity #InDLiveWeTrust" but we thought we would mention it again. Thank you to all the users of our platform. Without you, DLive would be nothing and we are greatly honored to be building this platform with you.



It has been a busy month for the Development Team. DLive v0.6.0 was released on April 10th. With this release came the soft launch of the DLive Stream Servers. With the feedback provided from the Community we have been adjusting and upgrading our stream servers as required. We are hoping to do an official launch in the not so distant future.

We have exciting news coming in the world of Development in the next update, watch for a post from @wa7 and @DLive in regards to this.



We will be releasing monthly reports on our team upvotes as part of this report. Our management team is still working towards that 10% goal that was published in the first Transparency Report. Unfortunately we have missed this target for the month of April.

For the month of April the team upvotes accounted for 13.6% of total rewards. 4982% of 36567%. Below you will find the break down of how many upvotes each team member received as well as the total weight.

Team MemberUpvotesTotal Weight

April Curation Statistics

Total Upvotes: 5962 Upvotes
Unique Users: 1277 Unique
Average Weight: 6.13%
Average Upvotes per day: 198.73

Despite not being able to upvote for 5 days, the DLive Team was still able to exceed their target of a minimum of 120 votes per day.


Aside from the daily duties of each team member, this is what each team will be focusing on in the upcoming months.

Content Management Team

  • Raising curation targets from 120 daily upvotes to 140.
  • Live Streaming outreach program targetted at engagement.

Community Team

  • Re-Designing the Help Center.
  • Creating new articles in Help Center.
  • Updating previous articles in Help Center.
  • Resolving support tickets submitted by users.
  • Designing and implementing a Community Website, more details on this project will follow.

Marketing Team

  • Design of the Official DLive Sub-Reddit.
  • DLive Campaigns.
  • Social Media Outreach.
  • Promotional DLive Videos.
  • DLive Graphics and Branding.

Business Development

  • Reaching out to users within Steemit to have them try DLive Services.
  • Reaching out to users outside of Steemit to introduce them to DLive.

This concludes the 2nd ever transparency report. If there is anything that you would like to see in future reports, don't hesitate to leave suggestions in the comments below.

Thank You,
DLive Team


DLive hype!

love these reports. if you are looking for any help or team members, drop me a message if you think i can help anywhere.

Keep crushing it guys! We appreciate you and everything you guys do here on the blockchain....5 months in, and I'm still more excited than ever for apps like Dlive. Just can't be beat!!!

Hopefully one day I will be able to help you guys as much as you have helped me and this community.
I plan on streaming DLive until I die.

Have already thought up stream titles for long into the future:

Exhibit A: [Midlife] Crisis [DLive]
Hopefully by then my computer will be able to run Crysis.

Jokes aside, thanks for the great platform.
DLive is truly a godsend!

Lets keep growing!

Amazing work guys and gals! UX is top notch and super smooth sailing! Stream servers seem to be handling great, the quality is amazing and video uploads have been butter. Thank you so much, best steem dapp experience so far! :)

Dlive one of or if not the best platform currently on the steem blockchain and its quite sad that most of the steem user from Africa have no or little access to it, due to our poor network coverage here

Its nearly or if not impossible to come live without having lag here and there.

But although I still enjoy watching other users streams keep up the good work team dlive

and all the streamers who come online daily to provide quality content to watch, never a dull moment @dlive.io


Seeing the DLive transparency report with upvotes for over 1200 people gives me hope that we will continue helping make it easier for live streamers to earn something here on DLive whereas earning anything elsewhere is extremely difficult.

Thank you @teamdlive for working together so effectively that you are distributing the upvotes to so many DLive users and also consistently making upvotes for the daily users like me!

I intend to resteem the transparency report soon with the hope to promote @dlive and encourage more applications to see the value in showing where votes are going as well as helping us get to know each team member working on them!

Viva DLive! 💜
Thanks for your transparency, your outstanding engagement with the community, your creativity, your professionality and thanks for your inspiration!

DLive is a solid reason to join the Steem blockchain and never leave it again :-)

Loved and resteemed

While I think this is awesome, since the point of this post is to prove you're not upvoting yourself and abusing, I suggest you lower the self upvote on this post by quite a bit (or just refuse payouts in the first place) - will make you look a lot better in everyone's eyes.

Always great to hear from the Dlive guys and gals!

Can't wait for the new UI :)

All would be nice guys, but I think that you have to do something with the system of rewards. Ordinary people almost do not have a chance to get a good reward, because all the big ones are ALWAYS distributed among several groups of people.

For example - @jimmylin and @imjohnnymills , @cheech-oz , @desolator , @redjepi etc. I have nothing against these people specifically, but most community members do not understand how these people get huge maximum payouts (90 - 150$ and more) EVERY day for ordinary gameplays, while ordinary users creating similar and even better content can count at best on a minimum pathetic 5-10$ :))

Another group is the guys from Turkey. You know what I mean. They are upvote each other, comment on each other, thereby manipulating the system and receive huge maximum payouts.

All this is ABSOLUTELY NOT FAIR and you have to do something with it before the perfect platform turns into a corrupt system, where everyone is "ruled" by several people, and the rest who are not involved in this "mafia" have virtually no chances.

I conducted several investigations, and if DLive team is interested, you can contact me at any time. Also If I find the time, I will write a detailed article on steemit with all the investigations of how the "system of "elected"" works.

I apologize for my tone and for my English language, but it hurts me to watch at this injustice.

@legko, as a user of our platform for a over a month now, have your views changed on our platform, curation methods and team? I am interested to hear your thoughts now, feedback can be good or bad I would like to know what it is.

I really like that transparency report. Dlive is the fairest and strongest platform on steemit with great team members and with us ! #InDliveWeTrust we love you guys keep doing what you are doing ❤️❤️

DLive is great and I've advanced my account with the help of the live broadcasting service offered by the team! Thanks so much for everything!

Thanks for the upvote!

Thanks dlivee❤❤

Thanks for the support! I've only recently started posting on DLive and I find the platform a joy to use and view.

Thank you for the Update and Informative report DLIVE :)
Glad i can stream on DLIVE its a blast !! :D

Awesome job.Thank you

Great job DLive thanks for the support showed to me so far<3

I appreciate what y'all are doing very much, having a strong strategy to have a fair and transparent distribution of votes is awesome. I plan to bring some of friends back to steemit who've quit in the past after not getting votes by getting them on Dlive. Thanks guys

DLive is currently best and most effective platform on Steem blockchain.
You think how DLive is so successful?
Definitely with its team; @teamdlive

Thanks to Dlive Team!

What's happening if a platform doesn't have such a management team?
With your permission, I want to give a sample here; just see dmania..
It had only an admin with low communication skills, who makes what he wants or how he wants. And he made lots of mistakes. You know what happened after that...

Thank you @dlive for everything

Awesome! Hope @teamdlive always doing a great work for community 👍🏻

Dlive always great for me❤

all is transparancy :) good job

Dlive the best for Live Streaming, I'm willing to spend a lot of time streaming games on Dlive and I believe I can succeed with Dlive, thanks @dlive for support and always given to us

Thank-you so much for D-Tube!!!! I spread the word to whoever will listen and post on D-tube. I really appreciate all that you do!

excited with this new design

Wow Dlive is a team made up of incredible persons. You good works deserve commendations and our promotions.

I am a Korean. Through DLIVE broadcasting, STEEMIT is promoting a lot to Korean people.

in Dlive we trust🙏

Keep up the good work guys! Bright things ahead :D

That's awesome news! i am really enjoying this platform. Thank you @teamdlive for allowing me to be a part of your community.

Amazing report...! It is very transparency.

Nice job! I started to use DLive recently. It’s cool and fun!

Greetings from Moldova! I just want to thank you for your support of our blog! It's nice when someone likes what you do. Prosperity to your team!

Love the positive direction we are heading in :) Is there anything planned for the refresh bug boosting peoples views. Seems a lot of people are doing it and it should be addressed.

keep going guysss :)

Tolle Arbeit freu mich hier zu sein.Vielen Dank für alles lg
Great job being here. Thanks for everything.

Awesome job ! Keep up the great work ! :D

I like to dlive, always successful greetings for you

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