With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility #InDLiveWeTrust

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 A Summary of Last Nights Events

As some of you know, DLive’s internal upvoting management tool was maliciously attacked yesterday. During this 1 hour window, roughly 100 Steemit posts received a 100% upvote. This resulted in the voting power being brought down to 13% from 90%. This caught the communities attention immediately because the @DLive account is one of the most active and influential accounts on the Steem blockchain. In the past 30 days, our team and the @DLive account delivered 5800+ upvotes to curate good content on DLive.io.

See https://steemit.com/dlive/@paulag/march-18-dlive-analysis-blockchain-business-intelligence by @paulag

This was easily the darkest day for DLive and it's community and our management team was very frustrated and sad.

The second we were notified of the malicious attack we had an emergency conference call to determine our next steps and to start investigating the issue. As a damage control measure we did two things immediately:

  1. To prevent the scenario from getting worse. I changed the master key for the @DLive account immediately.
  2. @jimmylin started to manually unvote the posts to return the rewards back to the rewards pool.

After further investigation into the root cause, we narrowed it down to our upvoting management tool being compromised. This tool is only used by the DLive Team to curate content efficiently and effectively. This tool does not have any of the @DLive account keys programmed into it. The @DLive account and it's keys were not compromised at any point during this attack.

Today (Within 24 Hours)

Despite the frustration and anger of the whole DLive Team, especially me, we took the time to reflect back on these events and come up with a strategy to prevent anything like this from happening again.

The idea of having an internal upvoting tool is to allow our curators to identify and propose quality content found on DLive for an upvote. However, the tool is not perfect and unfortunately the hacker(s) was sophisticated enough to find a loophole to attack us. To tighten up security and ensure this will not happen again we will be:

* Upgrading our upvoting tool with an enhanced security system while the voting power of @DLive is restored.

* During this period, I am reserving up to 1000 STEEM directly from my own account, @WA7, for our team to directly donate to quality content on DLive.

* I will also delegate 40000 STEEM Power in total from @DLive account and my account @WA7 to the @DLiveForever account temporarily. This account will be used to curate content on a regular basis.

April 6th, 2018 was the darkest day for DLive but it proved to be one the best days for the DLive Team and Community. Why?

In the past 24 hours, I have witnessed how determined my team is, in making this platform one of the best experiences the Steem blockchain has to offer. It is my honor to be apart of this team. All team members have been pro-actively communicating and coming up with ideas to improve the experience of all DLive users, regardless of the voting power situation.

As for the Community, I can't believe the support and love that I am seeing. We have all of our users upvoting and donating their hard earned Steem to other users of the platform while our @DLive account is powerless. The positive energy that flows through our community is what makes DLive special. This is a very special thing to see during such a difficult time. The DLive Team and myself appreciate all the support from everyone.

DLive is still in its infancy stages but we are lucky and blessed to be a part of the Steemit community thanks to @ned. This is only a small bump in the road, we hope to continue our momentum to bring the best experience to anyone looking to livestream, upload a video or even be a viewer on this platform. 

We will never underestimate the importance of security again, we will be continuing our investigation and be as transparent as we can during this process. 

I am offering my sincerest apology to all of DLive's users for any inconveniences this event may have caused. I hope that the community still has faith in our team and this platform.

With great power comes great responsibility! #InDLiveWeTrust

Thank you!


Founder of DLive


They say that 'Being positive in a negative situation is not naive. It's leadership.'

During the whole incident you perfectly demonstrated that leadership, Kent @wa7. You didn't try to hide any information, you faced the problem and focussed on solutions, transparently and determined.

You've got an outstanding and strong team where everybody is pushing into the very same direction. All members of the DLive community are able to experience that on a daily basis. It's hard to find similar vibes in any other community on the Steem blockchain. DLive is A++

The positive energy that flows through our community is what makes DLive special.

I couldn't have said this any better!

#indlivewetrust - count me in.
Loved and resteemed

why have so many comments been flagged on this article exactly??

the evil senator from vermont has attacked us all

Thanks Kent! I really appreciate the spirit of this update.

Thank you so much that you can make such a beautiful post. Please you vote for me

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#indlivewetrust Dlive is our Home and Family, be brave you are not alone Dlivers, Together we Strong :)

We're Here for You DLive !

We are with the @dlive and the team but the question is are they with us?,there are many genuine commenters here who commented without spamming or writing something irrelevant including me, we even took a flag for it not just a flag but 7 flags, idk what’s going on between you guys, but atleast we should have got a response or a upvote but nope, nothing. I even waited till now thinking you guys must be working on something. I believe in speaking out if i feel there is a need to, I don’t mean to be rude. But when i see someone getting so many upvotes when i also commented genuinely and even taking flags for it but didn’t even get a response doesn’t seems righteous, I believe in dlive and many others who commented does too so I believe you guys will do the right thing too. It was also my first comment on your post,so far the experience has been disappointing but i hope some measure will be taken cause you guys are whales and it’s within your power cause like you said, “with great power comes great responsibility”.

@indlivewetrust thank u dlive! We'r big family. i hope our family grow up and be strong for everything.

May be unlucky to have such a huge support as [email protected]
Thinking of the dream, I'm pleased, @Dlive will be good

thank you for this update, and for responding so quickly. I will keep all this in mind when i am doing the analysis for this month.

Hey friend: don't want to pester, but my recent DLive post went up on the site, but it didn't go through to Steemit, and I also can't vote on it!

I deleted the post for now. I'll try posting again a little later. Let me know if there's a glitch of some kind?

Thanks for all of your work - I'm enjoying DLive in a big way so far.

Second try worked!

on no that's so awful!!! dlive is so badass that's such a shitty thing to do! and what for?? just so now you guys can't upvote quality content for a while? shame!!!!

Wow, this is enraging as Dlive is one of the most valuable services on the blockchain and has helped so many people get exposure here on Steem.

I am sure it was political to try and make you look bad because in the end they didn't actually get any $$$ out of it....

I actually only recently found out about your team because the recent transparency post, which I quite liked.

You guys have a great team and you have not lost any of my support.

Stay strong and continue to improve~

∞§∞Full Steem Ahead∞§∞

Awww!!! So happy to be a part of the dlive community. Your team has been so kind and helpful!

❤️❤️❤️ Rooting Dlive on! Sending you more love.

You have worked hard. Thank you Dlive and everyone

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Awesome community! Makes me feel secure to continue to bring content to this platform when I see a team respond to something so fast. You guys are all-stars! Thanks for getting this taken care of and continue protecting the platform!

What an incredible gesture by not only you, @wa7, but by the entire @Dlive team. you guys have done everything you can to mitigate a really bad situation and to turn a negative event into one that was something we could all learn from, especially you and your team.

Thank you for your transparency, and for still doing what you can do maintain the service and reward users for streaming. I've personally received 2 donations since the incident from your team, and I have to say that I was not expecting them, at all.

You went above and beyond, and as @surfermarly mentioned, demonstrated total leadership here in this situation.

Being transparent and accepting responsibility for events that maybe weren't even our direct doing, as a leader, demonstrates rare qualities that few possess. Well done my friend. You've just gained another follower and a huge DLive supporter for life, simply because of this post.

Keep up the amazing work.



I'm glad you got it under control so quickly. And the hackers couldn't take over the account. @dlive for ever ;-)

@wa7 and the @dlive team have handled this bump in the road very professionally and you all reacted so quickly. Also @jimmylin that would have taken ages manually taking the votes off. This is the reason i really love dlive. I'm so grateful to be part of this amazing community. What has happened to you guys will only make you stronger. Keep up the amazing work <3 <3

My son Adil & I have benefited from DLive in so many ways! Thank you for all you have done for the community! We Love DLive! #InDLiveWeTrust


Every cloud has a silver lining and this is a minor setback, hackers are getting good but because of this new measures are going to be taken and the things that you have mentioned sounds pretty much it which is going to secure @dlive even more cause only those who fall can stand up again, it’s no wonder that you guys are getting immense support from the other steemians cause you get what you give and @dlive has given soo much and been kind to soo many, one of the users upvoted during this attack was my brother. I know you guys are going to make it safe as a concrete and once again you have given a great example that being a developer developing the site is not your only job but supporting it and making it a great place is also your job like you are doing by using your steem to support the posts for the time being dlive upvote power is drained out. Keep up the good work and i am more excited to post on dlive because of you people calm and kind reaction. #indlivewetrust

Congratulations on everyone! We have a great community now.
We have seen that by living. We enjoy Dlive very much, and thanks to you we can earn something from Dlive, besides the other projects that keeps voting the same people...

Thanks for your hard work for the community!

#InDliveWeTrust Full Support .... Dlive is best.... I know its tough time but you people just rock and Solve everything within the time .. hats off to all ....

Wow! Very smart reaction from you @wa7 and your team @dlive

  • If I were you, I couldn’t have done any better !

Respect ✊

Thanks for the detailed explanation as to what has happened. Pretty sure everyone appreciates the update and information as I do. The last one did not really get into the nitty gritty of the whole situation.

Dlive will go far and hopefully more developers will join the cause.. Fee less live streaming and video platform will be huge... It will come...

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Sick of seeing a certain somebody in the comments. WE ALL KNOW WHO. buuuuut anyways DLive forever!!!!!!

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