DLive | Transparency Report #1 - April 19, 2018

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Welcome to the very first @DLive Transparency Report.

DLive is constantly listening to the feedback of the Community, whether it's positive or negative. Our teams are always looking for ways to improve your overall experience as a user and bring new users to our platform.

The purpose of this report is to inform, not only the DLive Community but the Steemit Community as well.

We have never done a formal introduction on our Teams and its Members. We wanted to start off with the organizational structure in our first report. The DLive Team is split into 2 Business Units.


DLive Executive Team

The DLive Executive Team is lead by, none other than our Founder, Kent (@wa7). This team also includes Cole (@nassarme) and Olivia (@killerannie). The Executive Team overlooks all Products, Development, Research and Public Relations.

Development Team

Development is lead by @nassarme.

The primary focus of this team is to develop The Next Generation of Live Streaming, and Video Community on the Steem Blockchain. We strive to offer the best experience as a content creator and a viewer. This platform was built for the community.

The team has been working around the clock to improve your overall experience as a user. Some of the features that are currently being worked on are:

  • Off-Chain Live Chat Room.
  • DLive Streaming Alert Functionality.
  • "Gifting" Features.
  • "Make Requests to the Broadcaster" Features.
  • User Interface Upgrade.


DLive Operation Team

All Operations are overseen and lead by @redjepi (Admin) and @jimmylin but this Business Unit is broken up into 4 smaller teams.

Content Management Team

The Content Management Team is lead by @jimmylin, and consists of 3 members, @imjohnnymills, @cheaky, and @r3mr3m.

The primary focus of this team is to manually curate live streams and videos. The Content Management Team has committed to deliver a minimum of 120 upvotes per day.

In the month of March, the team delivered over 5500 upvotes to over 1000 unique users. For the month of April, even with the minor set back of not being able to vote for 5 days, the team has delivered over 3200 upvotes to over 950 unique users.

The Content Management Team is in the process of launching a community outreach program. The goal of this program is to help our users improve the quality of their live streams or videos and drive engagement. The team is working diligently to work out the details of this program and hope to launch it in the near future.

Community Operation Team

The Community Team lead is by @kassixo, and consists of 3 members, @clasicktv, @tidos, and @tidylive.

The primary focus of this team is to provide support to all the users of our platform. The quickest way to receive support would be through our Discord server, which is monitored 24/7. The team listens to all of the feedback provided and passes this information to the appropriate teams.

The Community Team is also behind the Help Center. Since the launch of the Help Center, we have responded to and closed over 90 tickets, while helping countless users on Discord. If you have not visited the Help Center, it is filled with informative articles and guides. The focus in these up-coming months is to publish new articles and add additional features to this site.

Marketing Team

The Marketing Team is lead by @seacactus, and consists of 2 members, @cheech-oz, and @mro.

The primary focus of this team is to make DLive's services as approachable as possible, while increasing the footprint of DLive. This is currently being done through Steemit, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter and soon Reddit.

The Marketing Team is also responsible for the weekly Campaigns and developing the Media Kit for new and existing users to help brand their content correctly.

Business Development Team

The Business Development Team is lead by @travelgirl, consists of 2 members, @mehdibca, and @desolator.

The primary focus of this team is attracting users, not only from the Steem blockchain, but also from the outside, to utilize our live streaming and video platform.


A hot topic as of late, is the rewarding of our team members. We have read all the feedback in regards to this topic and have made changes to our team's rewards structure. The goal of our management team, is to keep the team rewards to 10% of total rewards through upvotes. DLive does not have a beneficiary reward. We truly feel this method benefits the users of our platform more than adding a beneficiary reward (10% - 25% of all rewards). As of April 19, 2018, have lowered the overall percentage reward for each team member. We will be watching this topic closely and post updates as needed.

Keep in mind that all development costs are financed by @wa7 directly.


We have seen Community Initiatives start up, which we think are fantastic, but we wanted to advise everyone that there are only 5 accounts that have been created and are managed by the DLive Team. These accounts are:



This concludes the first report of many.

DLive has been adored by many people, since day one we have had an overwhelming amount of support from volunteers, friends and people who have showed their support from a development standpoint. We can not thank everyone enough. We had a minor set back earlier in the month and the support and love during this hard time was unreal, we are truly honored to have all of you using our platform. If there is something that you would like to know or see, don't hesitate to leave a comment on this post and we hope to address it in a future report.

Thank You,
DLive Team


If you guys launCh an SMT one day, you freaking bet I would invest! I used your service yesterday for the first time and the #1 reason was because of the benefiaciary reward.

You guys deserve a larger delegation from steemit.

Hello @cryptoctopus,

Thank you for your kind words. We're so happy to see you on DLive.

Recently I was thinking about using DLive for my future videos because it seems to have many advantages.

However, as you ask for "feedback of the Community, whether it's positive or negative", I would like to ask you, why it is not possible to log in into DLive by using ones private posting key? In my eyes this is the safest option and DTube offers it as well ...

Hello @jaki01,

We would love to see you on DLive!

Regarding your question, we will implement it in the future, Steemconnect is also safe since no sensitive information is stored on DLive.

Thank you for your feedback!

DLive has such an amazing team!
I really appreciate all the updates and information you guys put out in each of these blog post. It has been exciting to see DLive grow.


Keep up the awesome work! The DLive team is awesome.. I just love how much you all work together and when ever i go on discord i just feel so welcomed by you all and when ever i have a question you are all so helpful.. i think you are an awesome team and are such a great community.. so glad i found out about you guys and can share my music on your platform daily :) Thanks DLive keep up the awesome work! Xx

Thank you Melissa. It's a pleasure to hear that people feel welcome on our platform and amongst all of us. We are lucky to have you as well! : )

aww Thanks so much @kassixo Xx

Do not even lower the teams payments. That is the key of dlives success. In steemit, dlive is the only one who truly serves to attract people in here. Best wishes.

Thank you @wa7 and dlive team for being so awesome with this project. You guys are a shining star.

Regarding outreach it would be cool of we find a service like restream so we can stream to other platforms at the same time without having to pay extra - in order to stream to custom platforms like dlive services lile restream need to be paid for. Now I can stream to twitch at the same time because I have a 2nd laptop but not everyone has one. If there is a service you know of, please let us know.

@jumowa with the new DLive servers, they do not require authentication so it is possible to create your own NGINX RTMP server to push your stream to multiple platforms. It uses a negligible amount of processing power and can be run on the same machine you stream from. There are pre-compiled NGINX servers for Windows available on the internet which is what I am testing with at the moment. ****EDIT**** I just tested the NGINX RTMP server now that DLive has addressed some of the initial bugs with the DLive servers.... and I must report it works very well!

Ill look into that. thx! 👍

God, DLive is consistently awesome. Transparency is the biggest factor in community connections and you guys nailed it. Keep up the good work!

Agreed. Well done and nice to "meet" the team members responsible for the platform!

Yeah I think DLive is definitely undervalued right, but soon could be bigger than Snapchat!

Would take a while, but I'm hopeful :D

You have said words that identify with my thinking towards this project, they are wonderful

The sign of a good business model comes from taking feedback and being transparent. @DLive managed to give some extremely important details for how they work as a company and that should be applauded! We don't see that enough and the fact they take feedback quickly and are quick with support shows that DLive is a great company. I want to thank them for all their hard work. Keep it up my friends!

Thank you for saying what you did. We believe in the same things - transparency makes a great company and builds a community everyone feel they can trust in. : )

Thanks for the clarification @teamdlive I strongly feel like the community needed one because many didn't fully understand your bussines model and that caused frustration amongst certain members.

The Content Management Team is in the process of launching a community outreach program. The goal of this program is to help our users improve the quality of their live streams or videos and drive engagement.

Great idea and I strongly feel I was the main reason behind this, bugging @tidos out every other day with my silly problems, lol ( I ran into a ton of problems with OBS, mostly because of my odd laptop with 2 graphic cards) . He wen't so far once that he fixed my issues through team viewer, where would you get that kind of support? Nowhere.

Kudos to @tidos for everything he has done for me and to the rest of the team for offering the needed support every single time I needed it.

A hot topic as of late, is the rewarding of our team members.

People get butthurt over this easily, especially if they see moderators getting big votes and they get none yet they don't understand that you guys are working your ass off daily to improve the state of the platform and offer needed support to it's users.

No one should be asked to work for free and I don't get it how people are so rude to assume that you should. 10% is a fair and deserved cut for the and a much better solution than cutting all of it's users rewards by 25% and then splitting it amongst the team.

Anyway, keep up the good work. Cheers!

This is soo awesome that y'all would publish this. Dlive is great and not to mention each one of the crew members are awesome peeps on the discord 😊 thanks dlive.

Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!

Click the Image Below to see the Video!

Thank you very much for sharing this transparency report because we enjoy getting to know your team better, seeing where the funding for this amazing team comes from, and knowing which accounts are official @dlive accounts because @dlive gives us clear proof to have hope and faith in Steem by empowering live streamers and anyone uploading a video to have a place where effort and rewards come directly together!

I love DLive and will resteem this to help more of us discover and continue visiting https://www.dlive.io/ every day!

Thank you Jerry for your consistent support!

@jerrybanfield yeah!!! you are awesome too. I am learning so much from u.
I come to DLve because I learn that Dtube takes 25% commussion and DLive does not.
😄 Yaay!!! DLIVE! Dlive! all the way!!

Since the day I started using this platform, I use it every single day!

I think the answer why is self explanatory.

About the Transparency, people who knew more about Steemit-tools know everything about your transparency since day 1 :)

But this is really good move, to bring it to public like this - root of efficient communications with your internal & external public :)

Enjoy your day!

I really appreciate the transparency. I think this will boost content creator confidence in the DLive platform going forward. Well done guys and gals.

I love dlive hopefully more advanced and growing all over the world community, thanks all the founders and team dlive already allow me in family dlive community

love you family "dlive"

YO @teamdlive thanks for the report, and well done to the whole team, marketing/business dev and curation, (thanks @jimmylin for the help!) and of course the community operation team and the help center that is always so quick and eager to fix our issues! LONG LIVE DLIVE

On so many levels....Dlive is the epitome of community! You guys have been a shining example for your community members and the entire blockchain on how to treat people and how to encourage and support your community!

Huge fan and will be for the long haul! Thank you Dlive for everything you guys have done so far!

Thank you so much for your comment! The support of the DLive community is amazing!

Thank you for the continual updates @dlive! I know I talked about it in a previous post of yours but an API for the upcoming systems like the off-blockchain chat, etc., would be great! wink wink nudge nudge

Yes. Once the new off-chain chat room is released, we will share the API of the chat room with the community.

I hope that comments will still settle to the steem blockchain for Steem registered users. I think the potential for comment upvotes will strongly encourage engagement.

That is very exciting to hear @wa7. Thank you. :)

I am pleased to learn more about the Dlive team through this report. Also, I am very happy to share my content through your platform, I am immensely grateful for your support, every day I want to do a better job and publish it through Dlive.

That is awesome! We are always here to help if you have any questions :)

Thanks for the support and guidance. You are excellent. I like being part of this.

Everywhere I go now it's so much easier to explain DLive to people vs. 2 years ago trying to explain Steemit.. I really think @dlive is the future of social media!

@stealthtrader You my friend are correct! Hope your time on @dlive has been great man, and keep spreading that good word!

Haha. I've had my fair share of complications when introducing Steem Blockchain. Great to hear that DLive in the mix has made that easier for you. :'D

What a adorable report ! Every single @teamdlive member doing their best. I think community also like to get informed by you Dlive. #dliveforever

Thank you so much for your comment :)

We always loved you @teamdlive!

Artakush plays games in the bush...

I am really surprised by the capacity they have as a project, they show a confidence that will make each day their growth is more solid, I have been active in their discord server and I like it a lot.

I can say that I am a different person since I met Dlive, it has allowed me to dream.

Thank you so much! We love seeing you in the Discord :) The community we have is amazing, it's great that you are part of it :)

Thank you for appreciating, and saying that I am part of it. It fills me with emotion..

The DLive community is amazing. Great people all around, keep it up all!

We appreciate that ;) @epoc

Thanks for the explanations. Over 5500 upvotes look realy good. I am proud of being in this community. Love you DLive

We are always with you dlive , this community has provided us a lot , we should always show our support , love you dlive :)

Come on power. What a lovely family. ❤

Although have not used dlive before but I feel like the community is really transparent enough owing to their strong information dissemination and accountability

hmmmm recently i have learn about dlive i really love singing iwas think to be a youtuber but now i am little confused that which platform i dhould choice because i want to share my voice to the whole world through videos
bud now i think i should choice dlive because steemit is full of the posts about dlive and i think this platform is quite well
so thanks for solving my problem u did great job andi am really greatfyull to u really really gratefull
thabks for sharing suxh a useful stuff
keep it up

Transparency is always a good sign. Can't wait to see what happens in the future of DLive.

I am new to steemit, I use both OBS and Mirillis Action for my streaming. Can you advice me in how to set these two programs for doing live stream on here please.
I hope that my messgae may be of benefit for everyone starting new in Dtube and Steemit.

Warm regards,


Confused... Please what is the difference between Dlive and dunite?

@dunite is a community of content creators, who support each other. We also have tools you can use for live stream and hopefully some more tools in the future that will help you out with steemit in general.

Ok, thank you si much, now a question again; if I wanna use your tag which is better between dunite and Dlive

I freaking love DLive!

Thanks for being my #1 go-to for sharing on Steemit these days! I love the community and all the great technology.

Awesome to hear and welcome to the #community! Glad that we could be that #1 goto :)! @intuitivejakob

felicitaciones Dlive seguire apoyandolos siempre 😍

@jimmylin nnnnnnn ! Hahaa now you're wondering 'why on Earth she's yelling?' same here ! LOL But hey, your help always appreciated since the very first time you helped me through every single step when I didn't know shit :-):-):-)

Thanks all the team and crew also. Been helped before so I know, you guys DO care.

con amor ❤️❤️❤️❤️

Cheers :-)


@tipU upvote this post with 0.1 sbd :)

@Dlive Thank you for the awesome transparency and communication. We as a community cannot thank you enough.

I do have one burning question; can you touch on howthe @DlivePay blog will be utilized? What can we expect out of it?

Again, thanks so much <3

amazing report. I am proud to be a part of this community.


Transparency reports will make you more attractive to investors!! Very nice!!

Nice, thanks for the information

Welcome to Steemit @teamdlive!

I wish you much success and hope you find Steemit to be as rewarding and informative as I have.

Here are some links you might find useful.
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Your stats on SteemWorld
Your stats on SteemD
How to use Minnow Booster
How does Steemit actually work?

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Oh yea, I have upvoted you and followed you. Many blessings from @introbot & @bycoleman

Saludos, gracias por unirte a Steemit.

Thank you so much for the precise breakdown. Transparency is key with these new projects. Take it from someone that has the name "White-Lie-Living", no white lie will make Dlive thrive.

Steemit, Dtube, and Dlive will be my new promotional backbone for recording moments of wonder, fulfillment, and splendor.

Plus, I really do want to play old school TSR, D & D with my mates.

1989 is the print date on this magazine that I actually purchased. we or I should say I thought this was cutting edge. What happen next? It start being talked about, there were more users, mass adoption!


excited for the Dlive stuff you guys are working on.

awesome! I am posting my very first vidoe on Dlve today!!! AM SUPER EXCITED!!!

The dream team!

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The internet never forgets - Dlive hasn't be fair at all smh

I rarely vote on posts that are already worth 100+ bucks...I cant afford not to vote for this one though lol. This is just an epic report. We in @sndbox-alpha could definitely learn from you:) Anyway keep up the good job and also keep us posted!

Optimism, ambition and a bright future all gathered at steemit

omg i love dlive so much ... cannot live without them even for a day ...

great job,keep it up!!!!

Very informative, useful and upbeat! Thank you!

The commitment to transparency is paramount to success (imo).

One of the best books that supports this is:
The 15 Commitments of Conscious Leaders

In a way I think many of us on Steemit and the associated developing platforms are dedicated to many of these sound principals!
Horses for Everyone,
Darcy @fieldsofgold


I am an artist, writer/editor, photographer sharing my muse and advocating blockchain technology and communities!

Dlive team are really awesome.

Although I don't know much about the DLive the way you have written this report is quite enlightening and informative.


This is good news overall. But if there is no beneficiary cut, then how will it be possible to maintain servers and keep videos hosted in the future as the platform expands and marketshare is potentially lost to apps that provide longer storage of videos for "free"? There is no free lunch as far as content storage goes, and the only foreseeable way to do so would be to either have people pay for it themselves, which consumers simply don't ever do in an age of abundant "free" hosting from other services, or to have the team pay for it out of pocket, or implement a cut in the future that goes directly towards server costs.

Hello @charitybot,

In the future DLive will be funded by our own SMT token structure and offering premium services.

Thank you for your feedback!

I have been wondering about this as well, and would love some transparency on this subject. Dlive servers cant be sustainable off of just the curation reward from upvoting people. This is something that worries me as well.

Hey @teamdlive, you do a great job and beneath the LIVE stream from the monthly steemit meetup aachen I will start to move more content into your platform, as another one with "d" does not work with my stuff. The videos just don#t play anymore.

I did a test yesterday with a short one and will redo my speech from SteemFest2 later on today or tomorrow.

As being a speaker, moderator and content creator, I like to come into closer contact with the team, as I have tons of ideas.

AND YES - You guys deserve a larger delegation from steemit!

I have been using dlive since almost the very first week and have seen the continual progress. I see great hope for Dlive as the number 1 video platform on the Steem Blockchain!

This team member beneficiary reward system, will it carry through in the future? For example, the move to a SMT or EOS.io or its still being discuss?

Yes. We will have DLive Token once the SMT launched.

DLive Token sound really nice :) Looking forward to it!

That's great to hear. Love your work.

Your posts are very good
I follow you
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