SPOKEN WORD ART: Thirty Dirty Birds Sittin On A Curb - Surfyogi

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This is a short limerick my father taught me. I think it's old, and has been reused many times for popular music, and goes back to Brooklyn New York, from the 50's or even older from my brief research.
It must be spoken in a Brooklyn style accent or it won't sound correct and is no where near as funny. My accent is not entirely correct but it's pretty close. My father actually does it better.. ;-)

My video is at DLive

Thirty dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms
Along comes Herbie
From thirty-third
And third
Saw the thirty
Dirty birds
Sitting on a curb
Chirping and Burping
And eating
Dirty earthworms
Boy he was

This is my entry to the ARTzone spoken word contest!


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Lovely one sir.
Never heard that anywhere before.

Wonderful music rhythm.....@surfyogi..
Classical sound....


Yes, I agree, the pentameter is very nice.


I don't recall the names of this poetic rhythm..

Great sounds..@surfyogi..
I love accents - I wish I could find an accent for every one of my characters. It makes it so much easier when I don't have to hear my own voice..

Sorry sir but i didn't understandwhat you told in the video...😐 Can you tell me clearly? if you don't mind ... 🙂


Oh now i understand!!! 😁 Thanks for the update lyrics of limerick sir @surfyogi
Sir can you told me how is the art of mine?

Excellent pronunciation, my friend @surfyogi and this text about birds sounds in you distinctly and rhythmically. Well done!


So heartwarming to hear your acknowledgements and cudos!
To @megafart !

really very wonderfull video of Thirty Dirty Birds.i like your speaking style and explantation skills..its always my heart touching.i am attracted them.specially your voice sound very fantastic.its creating a good fresh mind and keep strong my heart.. quite funny and nice though that really enjoyable, Thanks for the update lyrics of limerick .my dear friend .. @surfyogi

A great limerick, my friend and I did not hear it before, but it sounds pretty interesting and you say very well! Thank you @surfyogi

Wow really sir i enjoyed your d- tube video and speaking style Thirty dirty birds that really wonderful accent , quite funny and nice though that really enjoyable, best of luck.

This is really funny and a nice video to watch , the accent sounds unique and wow

Good morning sir @surfyogi. I enjoy your beautiful dlive video. Your Brooklyn style accent is so lovely. I like it.

Wow, that was a really funny accent you got there.
It's really nice though


Today you looking very hot and I like your spoken style. Thanks for the update lyrics of limerick .

@wafrica flag my photowork

Hmmmm i love it though it sound old not bad at all

Haha yeah I can hear the Brooklyn accent at the end of the words, nice limerick =)

You still remember the limerick your dad taught you, that's good because I bet most of us won't.
And the starting of the limerick reminds me of a nursery rhythm back to when I was little tilll now, which is titled "twinkle twinkle little star."

But would love to know, is your dad still around.

Much of my playing is rhythmic and choppy. A singers should use a lot of double stops. The wah just accents all those stops and chops and brings out the rhythmic aspect that much more.

Cant stop laughing, but its f**king good boss, but thats way too far. Nice one sir @surfyogi

Hey, @surfyogi, try out reciting these limericks on DLive, I bet it will be fun watching you:

There was an old man from Peru
He dreamt he was eating his shoe
He woke in the night, in a terrible fright
and saw ... it was perfectly true!

And this one:

There was an old man from Lime
Who lived with three wives at a time.
When asked "Why the third?" he replied
"One's absurd. And bigamy, Sir, is a crime!"

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I had to watch the video about four times to pick out the words... Thirty dirty birds sitting on a curb....eating dirty earthworms...along came a boy...

Your facial expression though...it's so funny.😂

Wow! Short, beautiful, and full of life's meaning.

It is a lovely video sir, just that i cant really comprehend....

I like your spoken style. I think you are accenting a poetry.

Impressive, i must say.

You were right the accent made it really funny!
You were struggling a bit though

The accent though, kinda funny but really nice...
@surfyogi, it's a lovely one...

Okay,this was really nice watching.
I love the way you twisted your tongue and say 'em words in a funny way.
I'd do mine soon too.

@surfyogi father always teaches us a lot many things. And this video is awesome.. great to see your video

yupee...... am so glad i participated although i know i was too much trouble.

Greeat job to the perfectionist @surfyogi ,you are a rare gem.....and the lady with all the qualities @gee1 for coming up with this.
Amazing it is!!

Congratulations to the participants. But I agree, steem can rule cryptoverse. It has the capacity, no doubt!..

@eurogee of @euronation and @steemstem communities.

nice poem...love to read

Such a wonderful blog post thanks a lot for sharing.

Awesome video,great lyrics,you have won my heart.

What an amazing lyrical work from you.

We shall compose a funk song and put on it something like this as a rap section :-) Can you imagine it at a medium tempo? @surfyogi

Hope all is well in your world

Hope you'll enjoy my latest blogs, expecially the one with Samuel L.Jackson and the one with the turkish ney on My saba saz semaisi


I'm inspired by your poem and the way it sounds. I can't wait to bring in my entry.

Your work was featured in @ARTzone!

Courtesy of @web-gnar of @artzone.curators

What a song ! I love the song so much that I keep on listening it in a loop..@surfyogi