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RE: DLive is Leaving Steem, And This is My Last Blog Post on Steemit

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Would have been a lot less scummy to tell the participants of your logo contest your intentions. Maybe host the competition after you left.

You literally just had people spend their time working on something they believed in, only to radically change shortly after.

I wonder how many designers worked on logos only to feel betrayed now. Kinda shitty of you, tbh...


Logo contests in generals have always been a cheap way to have a ton of proposals and only pay for one. But yeah doing that just before leaving the whole blockchain is even worse...

true, I was a lot more forgiving on this contest though since it was all tied in through the steem community. Idk, it felt more friendly. Guess I was wrong about that though, lol.

Also, I just remembered, they asked for submissions through Disqus, instead of through Steem. Getting logo submissions as Steem comments would have at least allowed those who entered to have the potential to earn a little through upvotes... what the fuck dlive...

I was going to design a logo for that contest but ended up not having time. I'm glad I didn't.

scammy? 500steem doesnt look like scam or? and even the ones who didnt won have gotten some Upvotes on the next posts. You guys can just bash bash bash. Is it your buisness? are u an employee from Dlive who dont like that step? or did u Invest big Money in Dlive? I GUESS NOT!, what the fuck are you saying? I didn't say scammy, I said scummy. There's a difference.

I'm not claiming that the logo-contest was a scam, I'm clearly saying that having passionate designers create something for a secretly changing platform is scummy.

Don't get fanboy-vision on me, re-read what I wrote.

EDIT: Hey man, I just saw you type in someone's stream that you apparently don't speak english well. Just in case english isn't your first language, it might be beneficial for you to know that scummy is not the same as scammy.

Scummy can be read as "rude", "dishonest", "mean", "unmoral / bad".

ah sry i apologize my englisch is not so good. Sryyyyyy xD

Apology accepted, no worries. I get how learning a new language can be rather difficult. Hell, I sometimes have trouble speaking just my one :P