This is great!!! So glad that you joined in!! stopping by with votes later - when the voting power is up!!

Huge thanks!

Wow! Amazing fiction and I love the reading. I adore your accent, too!

Thank you so much!

You're welcome!

It was very good reading, drew me into the story. A nice little escape while I sat on the train. :)

WOOOOOOOOOT!!!! You did GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

Creepy story to hear before bed :D LOLLLL but I finally got to see it!!

Listening to you read this story brought this to another level! tip! I'm going to be suspicious of all of my neighbors now! (On a personal note, my neighbor across the street constantly goes to the hardware store and comes home with his truck full of lumber and insulation and what not. I know the "official story" is that he's putting an addition on the back of his home but now I can't help looking across the street to his house and wonder...LOL!)

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Very nice. You did a fabulous read. Congratulations!

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