Feeling good (Weekend #Freewrite 4/7/2018, Single Prompt Option)

This is my contribution to the single prompt option of weekend freewrite. by fabulous @mariannewest. I have randomly picked the prompt “lace” and – as I do most of the time with freewrites – immediately started writing without thinking about it.

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Feeling good

He tied his laces. She was gone. Finally. He could breathe again. He opened the door and stepped out. A perfect day. The sun was glaring, the sky bluer than he had ever seen. Birds chirping, butterflies playing catch. He smiled. Feeling good.

He took a few steps forward. No one else was in his sight, so he decided to turn right and see if the Millers had already gotten up. The turmoil of last night might have disturbed their sleep, he thought, and he was still amazed that they hadn’t come over at some point to see what was going on. All these screams, the roaring in the middle of the night. He had done all this in his cellar, of course, but he had never been sure if it was really soundproof. He walked past the Miller’s house, and Mrs. Miller just appeared behind one of the windows. She smiled at him and waved. He lifted his hand and smiled back at her. Friendly as ever. They have had a good night’s sleep, obviously, he thought, and kept walking. So, all his efforts hadn’t been in vain, all the rides to the hardware store far way. He would never have gone to the local store, everybody would have asked him what he needed all the foam and other insulation material for, why he had bought a new heavy steel door with a security lock and a table saw.

He knew what he had needed it for. And now he knew that he could continue what he had just started.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by, and thanks to everybody who is contributing!


Wonder if he was able to score any good sales in the hardware stores out of town? I'm sure his neighbors simply think he's the best! If only they knew...

Attention Freewriters! Today's prompt is flying on a flag down at the Rec Center. Inside, there's a fierce checkers competition happening between Gil Fishe and a pangolin (who rolled in, demanded a match, and never gave us his name). Come pay us a visit and place your bets! (FYI, I've $20 on the pangolin.)

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I'm sure it was screams of glee and the roaring of adorable baby lions, right?

Haha, right! Or maybe cheerleader practice with AC/DC's Thunderstruck in the background, lol!


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