BREAKING: My Thoughts On DLive LEAVING Steem!

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Whatssupp Steemians!? 🤙🏼

Just found out @dlive is leaving the Steem blockchain in favor of Lino.

Here’s my thoughts. Share yours in the comments!

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Lol I'm done 😂

IDK i never got down with dlive...I streamed once over there and that was it....all in all dtube is still home for me.

Yeah I wasn't really using DLive that much myself. I've always been leaning on the DTube side of things.

It is shocking for everyone I guess. Well as I see somewhere. Just wish them the best Luck and probably will still be posting some content there. And also I am thankful for all the support they gave me. It will be interesting for sure to see what is going to happen.

Yeah we'll have to wait and see how it plays out

It will be funny to see all the creators that talked shit about Dtube coming to beg for the Dtube support now lol that will be the funny part to watch eheheh

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Dlive didn't give you any support, Steemit did. All of DLive's support was delegated to them from Steemit Inc in the form of 2 MILLION SP. DLive played our platform and our community, cashed us out, and left us. They also ICO'ed on ETH for $20 Million USD, so they no longer have to care about anything. They're greed driven psychopaths.

Hum yeah I guess when you put it that way. Specially if the people there had it all planned from the beginning I guess You are right. :/

We shall see what happens. At least Dtube can do live video now too if I remember correctly.

Yeah a lot of people seem to have forgotten about DTube's DTV...

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Right now my plan is to post to both DTube and DLive. I've read their reasoning for leaving and I understand and support it. It's a business decision. In the end will it be a good one? It's hard to say. But I do know they've been quite supportive of me since I started on the Steem blockchain and found out about DLive. I started on DTube. But DLive was upvoting more often for me. So it's clear to me where my content seemed to work better. But that's not to say I'm giving up on the Steem blockchain either.

And that's a dangerous thing for me to say right now. People are getting flagged for sticking up for DLive. And there seem to be some crazy conspiracy theories as to what DLive is up to. And I wish people wouldn't go all into that. But that's going to happen, and that's fine. Whatever.

The people who are on DTube have also been very supportive of me and my channel. But yeah, no whales were upvoting or anything (and that's fine). DTube upvoted me once in a while but again, not as often as DLive would.

I'm not going to jump on the conspiracy theory bandwaggon, or the hate bandwaggon that some are doing. Both are great platforms. I personally never cared whether the video/streaming service was decentralized or not. That just wasn't, and still isn't, a big concern to me. If it is decentralized, great. If not, well that's fine too. I don't have an agenda either way as far as that goes.

But I know I've found DLive has worked well for the most part for me, so I'm not going to abandon them just because they're leaving the Steem blockchain. At the same time, I'm not abandoning DTube or the Steem blockchain, either. As a content creator, it actually makes things better for me because I can post the same video to both platforms without making it look like I'm spamming on my Steemit blog. :) is just starting, you should investigate them.

I may try them out too. But right now the site is down.

I feel ya, they're under a lot of strain for a just starting group. I just F5 it (refresh the page) a few times to mitigate the "502 Bad Gateway," error, but after a few times, she works :). Good luck!

I'm going to sleep right now, it tomorrow if you need help, feel free to hit me up and I'll do best.

Fuck DLive and fuck Lino. Lino is garbage, well, not even garbage because it doesn't even exist.

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