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RE: Campaign | IRL Content Creators Wanted

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Dear @dlive and @mehdibca, just to let you know that apparently playing around with the Tags set by DLive in Busy or Steemit after publication seems to break the link between the post on the blockchain and the video.

I have the problem for this video

which was working fine before I thought I'd rearrange the tags from busy ...

Could yuo please maybe have a look and try to fix it ? I promise I won't touch the tags anymore ! :-)


Apologies for the inconvenience, we are currently aware of the issue and working on a fix. We thank you for your patience @sorin.cristescu. If you need any further assistance, please feel free to get in touch with me at anytime.

hey, @mehdibca, I see that now at least the first image of my video is displayed (better than a grey rectangle) but there is a message "This video is still processing, please come later" - and that, since about 2 days now.

It's a pity because I have more than 1000 professional connections on LinkedIn and I wanted to share this post with them but I don't feel like sharing a post where the very first link is broken ...

@dlive, can you please help?

Hi @sorin.cristescu. It is unfortunate that this happened with your video. What I recommend is that you try uploading the video again, it should work this time. Please let me know how it goes, thanks and sorry again for the inconvenience.

But if I upload again it will create a new post on Steemit, correct ? I would rather not duplicate my posts, it's not doing anything for my image.
There's nothing you can do to correct this on your side, @mehdibca ?

Unfortunately the only solution is to upload the video again, but the good thing is that you can edit your previous post and add the new uploaded video link instead. I hope this helps!

Tried to:
it doesn't work, I get a GraphQL Error 2703: Post not found
I don't know how to upload a video without making a new post on the blockchain

Thank you very much and apologies on my side for messing with the tags, I didn't know it will break the link. I would like to promote that post because I think that it's quite useful. And it would be a pity to promote it while it has broken links - instead of showing DLive in a positive light it might well do the opposite ...

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